This is the Wisconsin Pavilion which was seen at the 1964 New York World's Fair

Chatty Belle lives in a nicely landscaped area just next door.

Chatty Belle's son, Bullet, is a mute.

For the nominal sum of 10 cents, Chris and Sean listened to Chatty Belle's dairy lecture.

This truck hauled the World's Largest Cheese from Wisconsin to the New York World's Fair.

A replica of the World's Largest Cheese sits inside the original shipping truck.

"I am the person who named Chatty Belle. Back I believe in 1966 there was a contest and the person that named the cow in the contest won 100 lbs of butter and a trip through the Grassland Dairy Cheese Factory. Howey Strutz (spelling?) was a part of this and I saw him last year and he remembered my name from this many years ago. I told him I was who named Chatty Belle and he said 'Jody Hartl' My picture is in the basement of the Neillsville Pavilion along with my family. It was a big 'doing' back then and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the 1st grade and because it was such a big event, the teacher had a radio going because they were going to announce over the radio who won. They said my name and I started crying because I thought the 'trip' through the cheese factory was a trip far away and I would have to leave mom and dad. hehe When the contest came out, my mom got my sister a form and she put down 'Buttercup' as the cow's name. Well, I wanted to be in the contest too and put up a stink until mom went and got a form for me. Me and mom thought up the name together. Since the cow talked, Mom said 'Chatty' and I thought that cows wore bells so we came up with 'Chatty Belle'. I'm sure it was more my mom than me who thought up this name but I was the one who was listed on the contest form so I got all the recognition. I just had to email you and tell you this story. You can check this info out if you'd like. My name at that time was Jody Hartl and I was from Loyal, Wisconsin.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you.
Jody Miller"