Ozarkland, Kingdom City, MO

From Saint Charles, we took Interstate 70 westbound to Kingdom City, Missouri. I had read about Ozarkland, but had never seen it firsthand, so we had to make a stop and check it out. Katherine got a few souvenirs for family members.

We then stopped by Brian Hoselton's place of business in Fulton, Missouri, and picked up some church-owned audio equipment that needed to be returned to Cincinnati.

We then went to dinner at the Hoseltons' home and spent a few hours with Brian, Carole and Faith.

On our way to Columbia, we stopped at Walmart to get a replacement tube for my bicycle tire. At some point during the trip, the front tire decided it would just deflate through a hole in the valve stem. What caused that to happen at that time is unknown--we just started hearing a big rush of air from the back of the van and figured that is what it was.