On Tuesday morning, we had breakfast, and then got onto our bikes about 11 a.m. We took them from our vacation rental over to Twin Lakes Recreation Area where we followed the County House trail to the M-K-T Nature/Fitness Trail. We followed the M-K-T to its junction with the Katy Trail.

Due to flooding along Perche Creek, we had to take a detour around a wastewater treatment area. Katherine didn't like that very much, because instead of the smoother limestone surface that the other trails had, it was a gravel surface that didn't work so well for our bicycles. But at least we were able to continue our journey!

Hindman Junction on the Katy Trail

Hindman Junction on the Katy Trail

From Hindman Junction, we headed southeast on the Katy Trail past McBaine, to the "Providence Access" on Perche Creek before turning around and heading back to where we started from.

Eagle Bluffs Overlook Trail

We stopped at the Eagle Bluffs Overlook Trail and walked up the enormous number of stairs to the top. With all of the leaves, we couldn't get that great of a view, but we were clearly quite high above the river!

Stairs for the Eagle Bluffs Overlook Trail

Chris on the Katy Trail