On Thursday morning, we cleaned up our vacation rental and loaded up our van to move on to the second half of our vacation.

We took I-70 eastbound to I-64 eastbound and crossed the Mississippi River to get to O’Fallon, Illinois. We stopped for lunch at the Culver’s Restaurant there.

Culver’s, O’Fallon, IL

Katherine ordered the Reuben Melt basket with onion rings, and Chris had the Wisconsin Cheese Melt basket with onion rings.

After lunch, Chris took Katherine a few blocks away to the Marcus O’Fallon Cinema—and she still had no idea what was to happen next.

Marcus O’Fallon Cinema, O’Fallon, IL

We went inside and found the theater where they were going to have a special 40th anniversary screening of The Muppet Movie.

Muppet Movie Screening

We got a large sized tub of popcorn and went into the theater. It turns out that we were the ONLY patrons for this special daytime screening. So we had the entire theater to ourselves!

Marcus O’Fallon Cinema, O’Fallon, IL

We took advantage of being alone in the theater so that we could sing along with the soundtrack of the movie as loud as we liked. We had a great time. The only real negative was that the soundtrack for the entire film was about a second behind the visuals, which would have been more disconcerting if we had been watching actual mouths speak during the entire film, but when watching Muppets speak, the delay wasn’t nearly so bad.

Muppet Movie

After the movie, we got back into the van and headed east on I-64 until we got to Indiana. There, we headed south on I-69 and then east on Indiana highway 66 so that we could cross into Kentucky at Owensboro. From Owensboro, we took I-165, which had just recently been signed as an Interstate highway all of the way down to Bowling Green, Kentucky.