We were super hungry after our visit to Mammoth Cave, and we weren't sure where we wanted to eat. Pasta sounded like it might hit the spot, especially after the tour guide had mentioned "a bowl of spaghetti turned upside down" to describe some of the cave passages.

We drove a while to get to Horse Cave, where we stopped at Turtlelini's. You can read our restaurant review if you'd like to know more about the experience.

Katherine with Fettuccine Alfredo at Turtlelini's, Horse Cave, KY

Chris at Turtlelini's, Horse Cave, KY

Katherine and I both had the Baked Chicken Alfredo, and it was pretty good. The wait for our food, while we were starving, was kind of a pain, though.

After our meal, we drove back to our vacation rental in Bowling Green, where we watched Charlie Chan "The Scarlet Clue" while we ate some snacks before going to bed.