We had been invited to go back to the Teetaerts’ for dinner. I hate to be an empty-handed dinner guest, but having searched the hotel room I only had half-and-half and coffee grounds as an offering. We decided, then, to pick up our laundry on the way and then stop in somewhere and buy some flowers.

Ha, ha, ha. Travel tip: the groceries in Regina close at 6 p.m. Parking lots looked as though they belonged to movie sets themselves, surreally empty to those of us who are used to 24-hour grocery stores.

Finally, running out of time and stores, Chris pulled into a drugstore parking lot, and I hurried in to try to pull together some sort of hostess gift. Fortunately, I found it in the form of a Willow Tree figurine. Yay!

Dinner was fabulous. We sat outside while the burgers and chicken cooked and then enjoyed dinner, dessert, and lots of conversation inside. It was a lovely wrap-up to our day.