The Brass Lantern is located inside the Hôtel La Broquerie. It’s pretty well camouflaged, too, to the point that we weren’t totally sure that there was a restaurant, after all. Fortunately, we spotted a placard in a front window and ducked in for lunch.


We were now accustomed to seating ourselves, and this we did, watched by the eyes of (mostly) men on their lunch breaks. The hostess/waitress was friendly but not overly so, though she did bring the boys kids’ menus and crayons to draw with.

Chris and Katherine ordered the Montréal Reuben and the boys ordered (as is their wont) cheese pizza. Katherine ordered “bottomless” coffee and noticed that the younger man on his lunch break got his coffee cup filled about twice as often as she did. Oh, well!


The food was delicious. The Reuben is reviewed here. Katherine refused to take the requisite Reuben-eating picture, so Chris hopped up to do it, thus attracting the attention of an older gentleman in work clothes who was eating soup over by the window. They exchanged eyebrow raises at the lunacy of husbands in general, and he genially cautioned her that she “should make sure he doesn’t send those to anyone.” The ice broken, he then complained about sales calls to his cell phone. “They call and say, ‘Oh, who’s this?’ and I say, ‘George.’ And they say, ‘Oh, my name’s George, too!’”