We were a little wary about restaurants boasting large portions, but the Chocolate Moose in International Falls looked attractive enough, so we decided to give it a whirl. The experience restored our faith in food and restored any weight we might have lost in jumping off fish.


The waiter was friendly and said, “Thank you,” at almost every opportunity, including when he set things down, picked things up, or was himself thanked. While disconcerting, it seemed to stem from friendliness.

The food was plentiful and really, really good. There were fresh fruit garnishes with everything, and the fruit plate side dish with the kids’ meals was made up of fruit that kids would most likely eat, including berries and mandarin oranges.


Katherine was rewarded with the largest mound of hashbrowns that she has ever (to date) eaten in one sitting, and Chris’s dinner salad was the size of Rhode Island. Katherine and Steven split a piece of lemon meringue pie, and Andy and Chris split a caramel sundae. It was a delightful evening meal. Eight thumbs up!