Our next stop was the studio where they film all the interiors of the Corner Gas show. Again, it was absolutely amazing the access they allowed. All of these were hot sets, but rather than looking at them from a distance, we were allowed to photograph them, wander through them, sit on the chairs and sofas. We couldn’t imagine having that kind of leeway on an American set.




Better even than this was that the tour of the studio was led by Josh, who plays Josh the Cook on the show. He was an amazing tour guide, personable and very genuine as he talked about the show, the sets, and the people. Unlike many of our big stars in the US, it really seems as though the stars of Corner Gas have remembered that the fans are the reason that they’re able to do what they do. This is reflected in their attitude towards tours as well as in their work with the local businesses. They insist, in fact, on using local people and businesses wherever possible. With a show that trades on quirky but lovable characters, it’s nice to be able to think that the actors are, themselves, nice people.



The boys were very happy to get to have their picture taken in the kitchen of the Ruby with Josh the Cook, and we got his autograph as well.


At the end of the tour, we boarded the bus once more, tired and dusty but really happy to have gotten the chance to see behind the scenes of the show.