The US-53 bridge over St. Louis Bay was closed in Duluth, so we were detoured to the "Bong Bridge" and US-2.


We picked US-53 up again and continued northward. A short post-luncheon nap (Katherine’s) into the afternoon, we followed directional signs for “Big Stick” to find the World’s Second-Largest Hockey Stick in Eveleth, Minnesota.



It wasn’t one of the more well-kept-up attractions, and there wasn’t any signage. The boys have now begun to categorize attractions by their size in comparison to Hiawatha, and they reached the conclusion that this hockey stick was probably too big even for Hiawatha.




We had planned to visit the World’s Largest Floating Loon on Silver Lake in Virginia, Minnesota, but the bird had flown the coop—er, lake. The lake was placid and scarcely ruffled, but yielded no loons at all, let alone the World’s Largest Floating Loon.


It wasn’t the World’s Largest Disappointment, but it was a sad moment in the Rowland Car.