We decided to try the oddly-named “Humpty’s Family Restaurant.” The place was packed and there was a bit of a line-up to get in, but this seemed to bother the staff not at all. The workers seemed ill-organized and as though they inhabited some serene plane where customers exist as only a vague concept that one can choose to pursue or not.

At last we were seated, and then we began to see the disorganization up close. One pair of diners were served, but had only one place setting. The waitress hurried off and took another order, taking time to turn it in and return at a leisurely pace before finally getting the lady her utensils. One person took our drink order, but failed to tell the other server that she’d done so.

The food wasn’t bad, but the restaurant certainly wouldn’t be worth a return visit. As we left, we were able to enjoy the spectacle of four poorly-behaved children, apparently without parental supervision, fighting over the gumball machines and rolling around on the floor. I am not even kidding—they were all in the pre-teen/early-teen age group, and they were rolling on the floor in a great tangle of arms and legs. I had to step across them to get to the door. It’s indicative of the atmosphere of the restaurant that their behavior seemed to fit right in.

We drove off in search of a laundry, as we appeared to be out of clean socks and other such prosaic things. We left our clothes in the care of the somewhat-shady looking Sunshine Laundry, a small place that also offered video rentals from behind a good deal of metal grating and bars.