We developed a new appreciation for the quote from Corner Gas that says, “Oh, there’s plenty to see. There’s nothin’ to block your view.” As we drove across Saskatchewan, we did find little to block the view. The sky is simply amazing, and grain elevators stand out like skyscrapers: you can see them coming for miles (er, kilometers)!


On our way to Indian Head, SK, we picked up PH #47, which would eventually take us to the Trans-Canada Highway again. At home, a gravel road is a little bit charming: there aren’t a lot of them, and they’re a pleasant reminder of why pavement is a Good Thing. 27 kilometers of gravel highway is another reminder of that fact, though I want to be clear: gravel is way better than mud.

That said, we were glad that we’d had a chance to take the other roads rather than just screaming through on the Trans-Canada Highway. It definitely opened up views and experiences that I doubt many American tourists see in Canada.


In Indian Head, we stopped to see (what else?) the big Indian Head. There was a little building nearby with washrooms and information, as well as a laconic gentleman who was presiding over the desk. Also within the area was a big rock with a sign that said “Buffalo Rubbing Rock,” though none of us could figure out what made it a buffalo rubbing rock.