After our trip through the cave, we were all eager for our lunchtime stop. We took a brief detour from US-52 so that we could reach Gunder, Iowa, home of the Irish Shanti (which is, itself, home of the Gunderburger). The Irish Shanti is a plain enough building, and there were plenty of locals. The lone waitress didn’t get to us for a while, but she was friendly and apologetic for taking so long.




The food was pretty good, not necessarily spectacular, but filling. Katherine had beer with lunch: the Shanti Special Brew was forgettable, but she rather enjoyed the Leinenkugel Creamy Dark. Everyone had dessert: the boys chose strawberry angel food cake (which was reminiscent of Grandma Emrick’s strawberry cake) and Katherine and Chris enjoyed rhubarb cobbler. The cobbler had a caky pastry layer, and definitely needed the offered ice cream. Without it, the cobbler was a bit tart.

Across the road from the Irish Shanti was an old DX filling station.


We got back onto US-52 and headed towards Guttenberg, IA. We stopped at a scenic overlook and took some pictures of the Mississippi River.