The whining of mosquitoes wasn’t the only whining we were hearing. Further investigation revealed that two boys who were inexplicably strapped into the back seat were complaining of extreme hunger and thirst. We sought to remedy the situation post-haste and succeeded in finding that center whence all Western civilization seems to flow: the mall. Near this mecca of merchandising, we located a place called Kelsey’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill.


It was an excellent choice for dinner. Friendly people, comfortable seating (though the table was a wee bit small), and really good food. Steven found the kids’ cheese pizza to be less than average, but Andrew’s penne with marinara was evidently very good, as judged by how quickly he ate it. Shirley Temples in Canada, though, include orange juice with the 7-Up, and this won no prizes.



Having finished our dinner, we made our way to the Travelodge and checked in. The room was spacious and pleasant, and earned kudos by having two sinks: one in the washroom and one in an alcove off the main room, near the coffee maker. The most exciting thought to the boys was the swimming pool, so we got our swimming togs on and scurried out to splash around. The pool area in the middle of the hotel was actually quite nice. It wasn’t a huge pool, but there was a separate little-kid pool and a hot tub, and there were many plants that gave the area a lush feel.