Canadian Border Crossing - Sprague, MB

Although the border crossing is open 24 hours a day (signifying that it must get a reasonable amount of traffic), it wasn’t busy when we crossed; in fact, there was no line at all. The customs officer was very polite, though he sounded a bit puzzled when we declared our final destination in Canada to be Regina.

“Do you have family there?”
“So what’s the draw in Regina?”
“Well, there’s a studio tour for the show Corner Gas…”


We didn’t see any American tags on cars once we hit the Canadian border. We didn’t see many cars at all, especially once we turned off of Highway 12 onto Highway 210, which is gravel. What we did notice were lots of big black bee-sized flying bugs. They wouldn’t slow down enough or light so that we could identify them, but they looked ooky enough that we photographed a couple of things through the windshield rather than risk a carwide bug invasion.



Shortly before La Broquerie, we were thrilled to be back on paved roads, and the bug population was scant enough that Chris felt safe in getting out of the car to photograph the big cow on Highway 52.


We followed Highway 52 to Steinbach, where we hunted down the big car that was built in honor of Steinbach’s reputation as the Automobile City (I believe they had one of the first car dealerships?). This was no mean feat, considering that we didn’t have an address for it and so went hunting according to Chris’s reasoning that it ought to be near car dealerships.