We rose early on Sunday morning, as we had a long and full day ahead of us. We met Chris’s folks downstairs for breakfast. Once I had fortified myself with several cups of coffee, we clambered into the car and headed for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre.



The Centre is very informative and enjoyable. We found the exhibits to be very well-thought-out and easily accessible, while presenting a good deal of information about the history of the RCMP and how they have changed over the years.


We were able to enjoy a multi-media presentation, as well. It was interesting to note how differently Canada has handled its attempt to bring law and order from how the US handled things. On the whole, it seems that Canada did a much better job of working with the native peoples (though I expect there is no perfect way to take land away from those who are already living there). Certainly their record of armed conflict with the First Nations is much cleaner than the American record. It’s also worth noting that the RCMP were founded as a direct result of American lawbreakers crossing the border with illegal aims. Whoops.


The boys were happy to get to meet a Mountie as we were leaving the Centre. We all agreed that the Heritage Centre is very definitely worth the time if you find yourself in the Regina area, and we could have easily spent a bit more time there had we not been on a tight schedule. As it was, we had to hurry to lunch.