So far, PTH #2 had been a pleasant and uneventful road. However, as we left Sara and pressed on in the direction of Souris, it briefly joined PTH #10, which was under construction. And unlike Indiana, where “under construction” means “try to avoid the orange cones,” here “under construction” means “try not sink in the mud.” Chris wrestled with mounds of dirt and muddy spots for four kilometers, until we happily branched away from #10 and rejoined pavement.

It was a day of happy surprises as well, as a sign outside of Souris, MB grabbed our attention by claiming “Canada’s Longest Foot Suspension Bridge.” Naturally, we had to stop and see (P.T. Barnum would have loved us)!



The bridge didn’t disappoint, and the informational sign informed us that the town considered anyone who walked on the bridge to be (to our delight!) an official citizen of Souris, MB. I doubt that Canada Customs will accept this as proof, but in my head I now hold dual American/Canadian citizenship.



We were disappointed that the Hillcrest Museum was not open yet—it had lovely windows.