From downtown Moose Jaw, we drove south on Highway 2 to the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum. It was pretty well deserted, and easy to spot sitting in the middle of fields. It was very reminiscent of Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village in Minden, NE, but not as well kept up.


While the buildings were in various states of disrepair and dishevelment, the contents were—by and large—very accessible. Katherine wondered whether the poor condition of exhibits was a discouragement to those who might be tempted to lift the objects. Still, we had fun wandering around the old homes and shops.



As the afternoon wore on, we finished our roamings and headed back to Regina. We didn’t stop wandering into shops, though: we were on a mission to find the first seasons of Corner Gas on DVD. We struck out at the first several places we looked, and decided to break for dinner.

We returned to East Side Mario’s for dinner. It remains one of our favorite restaurants ever, and we are sorry that the one in Indianapolis folded lo, these many years ago.



After a leisurely and lovely dinner, we walked over to London Drugs and managed to find one last copy of Corner Gas Season 1. Katherine also bought two Putomayo collections of French music.

As if that weren’t enough Corner Gas, we caught an episode on TV before we turned in for the evening.