I was looking forward to breakfast at Tim Hortons, despite the fact that the lack of an apostrophe in the name leaves me feeling unsettled. We arrived about 7:15 a.m., which was the best of times to go (in terms of the breakfast rush) and the worst of times to go (in terms of the Grumpiest Donut Shop Employee Ever). One of the things I love love LOVE about Tim Hortons restaurants is that all of them that I have visited have seemed very clean inside. This one was no different.

We ordered two Canadian Maple donuts (mine), a yogurt (Andy’s), a muffin (Steven) and an Everything bagel (Chris’s). During our entire order, the cashier looked daggers at us. Then she totally ignored Chris’s request for three cups of water (I mean, maybe they don’t do that here, but she could have said something), handed over everything but the bagel, and stood there waiting for Chris to leave. As he lingered, waiting on his bagel, she very rudely said, “You have to get the bagel over THERE.”


Public Service Announcement: not all of us go to Tim Hortons every morning. Some of us, in fact, are not Canadian and are trying very hard to not be an interruption in your day. Considering that we have spent some time impressing upon our children that we are representing not just ourselves and our family but our whole country, it would be greatly appreciated if you could cut us just a bit of slack. When you’re rude to us for no discernible reason, we don’t know whether you’re just having a grumpy day, whether you are launching a misguided display of patriotism by being rude to foreigners, or whether we have somehow done something lame. </ end PSA>

The GDSEE aside, however, our breakfast was delicious. We were glad that we had arrived when we did; by the time we left, the line was out the door and the drive-through lane stretched out into the street beyond.


Before we left town, we filled up with gas and Chris did his best to mitigate some of the bug residue that was obscuring our view.