Wooden Shoe Restaurant and Antique Mall

We reached Holland, Michigan by lunchtime and enjoyed a midday repast at the Wooden Shoe Restaurant and Antique Mall. If Ohio is (as we discovered last fall on our way to the Feast) the State of People Yelling at Each Other, then Michigan is the State of Do It Your Own Self. When we showed up to the Wooden Shoe, we were confronted by a podium with instructions to sign ourselves in.

The members of the wait staff were friendly, though, and we didn’t have to wait very long. Chris was excited to see a Reuben on the menu (reviewed here), while Katherine opted for an “olive and Swiss deluxe,” which was a beef burger served with Swiss cheese and an olive tapenade. Both were good, though Chris was stunned to realize that the Reuben was served with no thousand island dressing.

Onion Ring

After lunch, we had a few minutes to look in the antique mall. Katherine found some Victorian earrings and some old books. Chris hurried her out before she could do any more damage to her credit card, and they headed to Windmill Island Gardens.