Our last sightseeing stop for the day was the World’s Largest Weather Vane in Montague, MI (). When we arrived a couple was trying to figure out whether the vane moved. Reading the informational signs told us far more about the makeup of the vane than we wanted to know, but also supplied the answer: the vane does, indeed, move with the wind.


Twisters Ice Cream stand was located conveniently nearby, so we took the opportunity to indulge in the sweet treat. Katherine and Andrew opted for Play Dough (lemon ice cream with cookie dough), Chris chose blueberry frozen yogurt, and Steven enjoyed Super Rainbow. Well, he enjoyed it until one whole scoop took a leap from the edge of his sugar cone and met its destiny with the concrete below.


After an interval of mourning for the ice cream, we withdrew to a drinking fountain behind the stand and washed ice cream from hands, shirts, cheeks, and noses.