Restaurant Date
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 B C B C B B
Mr. Gyro's 2003-03-25 B B B B B B
MCL Cafeteria & Deli 2003-07-08 A B B A A A-
Arni's 2003-11-11 B- B- B B B+ B
Jersey Mike's Subs 2003-12-09 A A C B A- A-
Gatsby's Bar and Grill 2003-12-23 A A A A- A A
Deli Jack's 2004-01-29 A- B+ B+ B+ B+ B+
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2004-02-24 A A- A A- A A
Champps Americana 2004-03-30 B+ B A- A A- B+
McAlister's Deli 2004-06-22 A- B+ A A A A
Friendly Tavern 2004-07-20 A A- A- B+ A A
Sunrise Cafe 2004-08-24 A A A A A A
East Coast Grinders 2004-09-21 A A- B B B B+
Dooley O'Toole's 2004-11-23 B+ B+ A- A A A-
106 St. Grill 2004-12-21 B B+ B B+ A B+
Houlihan's 2005-01-25 B+ B+ A- A A A-
L A Cafe 2005-02-22 A A A A A A
Gisela's Kaffeekr´┐Żnzchen 2005-04-20 A- A- A- A A A-
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 2005-05-03 B+ B+ A- B+ A B+
Arby's Restaurant 2005-05-17 A- A- A A- A- A-
Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery 2005-09-26 A B+ A- B A A-
Scholars Inn Bakehouse 2005-12-07 B A- A- A+ A- A
Rock Bottom 2006-01-10 A A A A A A
The Rathskeller 2006-04-04 A A A A A A
Big Dave's Deli & Meats 2006-08-01 A A A A A A
Champps Americana 2006-09-14 A B+ A A A A
Claddagh Irish Pub 2006-12-20 A A A A A A
Slaviansky Bazar 2007-01-23 A A B+ B+ B+ A-
Bourbon Street Distillery 2007-04-24 A A- A A A- A
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 A A B+ A+ A A
Eagle's Nest 2007-10-23 A A A A A A
Tie Dye Grill 2007-12-11 A A A A A A
Propylaeum Tea Room 2008-01-29 A A A A+ A A
The Ram 2008-05-14 A- A- A A A A
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 A A A B A A

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : My Reuben appeared different than the Reubens my co-eaters ordered. It had buttery, toasted light bread as opposed to a dark onion rye or pumpernickel bread. The sandwich was quite tasty--so much so that I couldn't put it down. It was also quite messy (20 napkins required on the sloppiness rating). The pickle on the side was appreciated.

Mr. Gyro's : The Reuben combo was accompanied by fries and a pickle, and thousand island dressing was offered on the side. The Reuben tasted good and I would come back for another in the future. One suggestion for improvement is to place the sauerkraut in the middle of the corned beef to keep the bread from getting soggy.

MCL Cafeteria & Deli : The overall dining experience was great and the taste of the Reuben was quite good; Carl R's chicken story added to the experience immensely.

Arni's : I had the Arni's Reuben w/fries. The Reuben was a bit dry; however, the fries were quite tasty. The bit of red pepper on the fries made them very flavorful. The service was a bit slow, but friendly and professional.

Jersey Mike's Subs : The taste was excellent, but in Chris's oh-so-wise words, "the bread was floppy."

Gatsby's Bar and Grill : Very good all around; one half of my sandwich was slightly soggy, but it didn't ruin my overall satisfaction with the Reuben. I would certainly come back for more!

Deli Jack's : I had the turkey Reuben, which came with gouda and coleslaw on it. What a tasty combination! For those who desire to break out of the traditional Reuben mold, try the turkey Reuben as it has a little extra "zip." Deli Jack's was very popular today, so the line and wait was a bit long, but the good food compensated for the wait.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : The London Reuben was very tasty! The marbled bread, the lean corned beef, and the caraway seeds made for a great sandwich. The service was exceptionally pleasant, although there may have been some preferential treatment due to the fact that the establishment knew we were there to rate their Reubens.

Champps Americana : The dark bread on the Reuben was delicious, but the sandwich was somewhat dry due to the fact that the Thousand island dressing was missing. A manager did provide us with individual cups of dressing shortly afer our food was served and that was appreciated. It took quite awhile to receive our individual checks with our group of 10; knowing that people are on their lunch hour and have a limited time to spend dining, it would be helpful to speed up the time it takes for the customer to receive his or her check. Overall the experience was pleasant, but not outstanding.

McAlister's Deli : The Reuben was tasty! The amount of meat, as well as the quality of the meat was excellent. A balanced amount of thousand island, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese made for a complete sandwich. The only thing that might be improved upon was the flavor of the meat; adding some spices/seasoning to the meat could make the sandwich top notch. Also, I chose the potato salad for my side and it was delicious!

Friendly Tavern : I had the turkey Reuben which comes w/a side of horseradish, rather than thousand island dressing. The ingredients on the sandwhich were well-balanced; no one ingredient stood out over another, which made for a tasty Reuben!

Sunrise Cafe : The Sunrise Cafe offers a truly delicious Reuben. I especially like the marbled rye and pumpernickel bread. The sauerkraut was well drained and the thousand island was provided on the side, which eliminated the soggy break factor that is so common among Reubens. The atmosphere at the Cafe is pleasant and quiet and made for an enjoyable overall experience!

East Coast Grinders : Reubens are not on the menu at East Coast Grinders, but if you order one they do deliver. I was exceedingly hungry and the Reuben tasted exceedingly good. Nice distribution of ingredients made for a well balanced, non-soggy Reuben. The pasta salad was excellent and didn't suffer from the dripping in dressing syndrome. In addition, the chocolate chip cookie was distinctively tasty!

Dooley O'Toole's : Tasty Reuben on marbled bread! Reubens on marbled bread are a favorite of mine in terms of taste and presentation. I chose fresh fruit as my side, which was presented very nicely on the plate and provided a healthier choice compared with traditional sides. Dooley O'Toole's offers a wide-selection of sides to complement your Reuben...refreshing and distinct from the common potato-based sides offered at other restaurants.

106 St. Grill : I had the turkey Reuben and it was good but not spectacular. The Reuben came with potato chips on the side, but there were so many chips that it appeared the Reuben and the chips were competing for attention. Serving fewer potato chips would enhance the meal. The service was excellent--very quick--especially considering our group size.

Houlihan's : I had the Turkey Reuben and it was good. The only improvement I would make is to use a bit more thousand island dressing on the sandwich as it was slightly dry. I also had the snicker dome for dessert, which I would highly recommend!

L A Cafe : Excellent sandwich! Beautiful presentation--yummy bread! The balance of the various ingredients was just right and the bread wasn't soggy. Generous portion. Very enjoyable experience.

Gisela's Kaffeekr´┐Żnzchen : Gisela's is a charming European restaurant located off the Main Street in Zionsville in a notably European-style upstairs brick building. Reubens are not their signature sandwich, but I found the sandwich to be quite good regardless. Gisela's specializes in sausages and anything pork and Reubens are provided on the menu as an alternative for those who choose not to eat sausages. The Reuben comes with your choice of home fries or potato salad, both of which are German style and contain pork. Gisela's offers a nice selection of imported beers and their pastries are quite good.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store : The Reuben suffered from an excess of sauerkraut. The marbled bread, generous amount of swiss cheese, and corned beef were all good, but it was difficult to taste the meat because the flavor and amount of sauerkraut was overwhelming.

Arby's Restaurant : Great Reuben for a fast food joint. Marbled bread is good, although toasting it a bit more would make the sandwich better.

Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery : Excellent Reuben! The ingredients were well balanced. Interesting atmosphere too--wooden bar and floors with red walls and a political theme. Smokers will enjoy the atmosphere.

Scholars Inn Bakehouse : The Reuben needs a little more balance. More sauerkraut and thousand island would help. If you put thousand island dressing on both pieces of bread, that would help. Heating the meat and adding just a touch of flavor would improve the sandwich as well. Lovely atmosphere!

Rock Bottom : Excellent Reuben! The balance of ingredients made for a truly good sandwich. I had the coleslaw as a side, and it was especially good with the apples and red onions.

The Rathskeller : The Rathskellar Reuben is one worth tasting! For those looking for an authentic Reuben, rest assured the ingredients used at the Rathskeller will not disappoint. The dark cellar atmosphere of the Rathskellar and the German decor create a sensation of being in Germany itself--decorative beer steins, dark wooden bar with European style decor and detail, soft pretzels and spicy mustard, etc. The choice of sides that comes with the Reuben are unique compared with most restaurants in Indianapolis and make for a meal that is an excellent value for the quantity of food received.

Big Dave's Deli & Meats : A great value for the Reuben; generous portion of meat; fun atmosphere with 50s music & paraphernalia; messy, but good.

Champps Americana : Excellent sandwich and service!

Claddagh Irish Pub : I enjoyed the Mary Malloy, which is the same as the traditional Reuben, with the exception of turkey rather than corned beef. Claddagh's served one of the best Reubens I've tasted. The slaw on the sandwhich was very good and the bread remained crisp and intact throughout the entire meal rather than suffering from super sogginess as many Reubens tend to do. Beautiful atmostphere, outstanding service, and great group of co-Reuben-ators!

Slaviansky Bazar : The Reubens at Slaviansky Bazar are delicious and certainly worth indulging in. Note, that seating is limited in this establishment, but there are several aisles to browse with Russian, Polish, etc., sweets, beer, magazines, and a whole host of other foodstuffs that aren't available elsewhere in Indy. There are also many sausages behind the deli counter available for purchase. Make a point to stop here!

Bourbon Street Distillery : Very flavorful Reuben--the combination of meat, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, and Swiss cheese was perfectly balanced. Great atmosphere, too. The seasoned fries were scrumptious!

Dawson's on Main : Excellent Reuben! The thousand island appeared to be mixed with the sauerkraut, which made for a wonderful and unique taste. The potato salad was mustard-based and well-balanced. The atmosphere is lovely with a waterfall in the main seating area. make time to sample this Reuben and enjoy the dining venue.

Eagle's Nest : The Reuben did not appear to have any Thousand Island dressing on it... still it was extremely good. There was a very balanced salty flavor. The fries were nicely salted and peppered as well. The view, well... need I say more?

Tie Dye Grill : Fabulous Reuben... well-balanced ingredients made for a delicious sandwich. 4 napkins on the messy factor. There is something unusual about the Thousand Island... unusual in a good way... some secret ingredient that makes the taste exceptional!

Propylaeum Tea Room : Lovely atmosphere to enjoy the tasty turkey Reuben. The Reuben was accompanied by red skin potato salad that was delicious. The pumpernickel bread was excellent! Cinnamon rolls post-meal was a nice touch.

The Ram : Love the generous portion of corned beef and the rye bread was exceptional. Very good balance of ingredients. The portion size was appropriate for the cost.

Marble's Cafe : *Overall... very good Reuben... I would go back again. *Despite there being 3 slices of grilled bread on this Reuben, the taste of the Reuben was extremely balanced and I did not feel as though I were eating an abundant amount of carbs. *Indoor atmosphere is minimal, but the establishment is clean. *Outdoor patio seating at Marble's Cafe is nice since it's on the north side of the building... this makes the sun very bearable during the "noon" hour.