Restaurant Date
Giacomo's Bread & More 2003-07-16 B A C B A B
Jason's Deli 2004-07-03 B C A B A B-
L A Cafe 2005-02-22 A B- A C B B+
Eagle Creek Coffee Company 2006-11-16 C C C B C C

Giacomo's Bread & More : There was a burnt toast aftertaste, and less toasty would have been perfect. There was a great amount of 1000 island and cheese.

Jason's Deli : Not enough sauce and WAY too much corned beef. Left half the stuff on the plate and at $5.50 a sandwich this is not acceptable. :)

L A Cafe : Servers are a little slow. Small town mentality, but the food was great AND they give you all the extra thousand island you want... is there anything better than that?!! LOL!

Eagle Creek Coffee Company : The sandwich was dry, and I prefer french fries to the options of chips or pretzels. The bread was not grilled, which is what I prefer. It did come with a pickle, which was probably the only thing moist on the plate.