Restaurant Date
Airport Deli 2003-07-22 B A B B A A-
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2003-09-30 C B C C C C
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2004-02-24 B A B A A A-
Indy's Family Restaurant 2004-05-11 B- B+ B B+ A- B

Airport Deli : I found the meat very tasty. I highly enjoyed the Russian dressing. The sandwich as a whole was soggy, but I still found it enjoyable.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : I found the sandwich exceedingly bland. The marbled rye bread was good though the bottom portion of bread was soggy. I could not really taste the sauce either. As a whole, it was all blah.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : I found the sandwich very tasty. The corned beef was very flavorful and distinct. I like the marbled bread. I'm glad to see they have kept the potato chips. The chips add a nice alternative to fries.

Indy's Family Restaurant : I thought the sandwich was rather thin. The meat was not all that tasty either--perhaps because it was so thin.