Restaurant Date
Eagle's Nest 2007-10-23 B+ B A A+ A A
Tie Dye Grill 2007-12-11 A- A A A+ A A
The Ram 2008-05-14 B B- A A A A-
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 A- A/B A A/C+ A A-
John's Famous Stew 2009-09-22 A- B A B+ A A-

Eagle's Nest : Tastes great, but thousand island is required for an "A" Reuben, and it was absent.

Tie Dye Grill : Not enough Thousand Island for my taste, and I prefer the corned beef to be saltier. The bread wasn't as stiff as I like. There was more sauerkraut than I needed and the cheese could have been melted more. Despite all that, it was very tasty. Plus CSN&Y on the TV--awesome!

The Ram : Still very good taste, but I didn't really like the Havarti cheese and I would have liked more tang--probably more Thousand Island dressing. At $11, it's very expensive.

Marble's Cafe : The value has two grades because we were charged less than the price listed on the menu -- so one grade each for what we were charged and what's on the menu. The atmosphere has two grades because we sat outside in attractive lawn furniture on a very pleasant day, but the interior didn't have much to recommend it -- so one grade each for outside versus inside. This was one of the most interesting Reubens I've ever had because of the construction -- three pieces of bread instead of two, which I think could be credited with creating a far more stable and more easily eaten sandwich than usual. The quality of the ingredients was great, particularly the very good corn beef and crispy, but not burned bread. There were a few minor things I didn't like -- not enough ingredients overall and the Swiss was underrepresented, but those wouldn't bring the taste below an A by themselves. The A- for taste comes from the inclusion of American cheese, which I don't particularly care for. It's a testament to how good the rest of the sandwich was that it still rated an A- with the American cheese on it. I give this outing an A for service despite the weirdness of no one being there for the first ten minutes because when someone _did_ show up, they made it up to us really, really well. They were apologetic, got the food to us with no fuss and quite quickly considering they were making a dozen Reubens, and knocked a huge percentage off of the price -- all without us asking for a thing.

John's Famous Stew : No Swiss; double slice of American--I'm not a fan of American. Even so, something VERY tasty about this sandwich--perhaps the beef or sauerkraut. Smaller than average, though cheaper, too. The sides cost extra. The place is basically a tavern with a bar and an open floor plan. I like it. Service was bitchy, but fast and fun.