Restaurant Date
Shapiro's Delicatessen 2003-05-27 B C A B A B
Airport Deli 2003-07-22 C C C B B C

Shapiro's Delicatessen : Since this was my first Reuben in 30 years, it is difficult to compare it to my previous experience. The sandwich was delicious and I would get the Reuben again. I gave the value a 'C' because I felt the price was high. The quality of the beef was excellent (lean and a large quantity). I would come back.

Airport Deli : The service was quick (10 minutes) and the restaurant was clean. The sandwich was very soggy, which detracted from my ability to enjoy it fully. Perhaps there was too much sauerkraut. The dressing was a little on the strong side as well, which also detracted from the sandwich.