Restaurant Date
Union Jack Pub 2003-04-08 C+ B- B B C+ B-
Max & Erma's 2003-04-29 B C+ B B+ B+ B
Kelly's Pub Too 2003-05-13 A B+ B B- A- B+
Trafford Pub and Eatery 2003-06-24 A- A A A A A
Airport Deli 2003-07-22 B+ B+ B+ B A- B+
Paragon Restaurant 2004-01-13 B A B C B B
Bench Warmers Sports Bar 2004-03-09 B D+ B B B B-
Sunrise Cafe 2004-08-24 A A B B B+ A-
McAlister's Deli 2004-11-09 B B B B A B
Kazablanka Grill & Bar 2005-01-04 B+ B B B+ C B
L A Cafe 2005-02-22 A- A- A A+ A- A-
Lincoln Square 2005-03-08 C+ C+ B C+ B+ B-
Claude & Annie's 2005-03-22 C+ B- C C- B C+
Sweet Home Chicago 2005-04-05 A+ A A+ A+ A A+
Gisela's Kaffeekr´┐Żnzchen 2005-04-20 B+ B A A B- A-
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 2005-05-03 B+ B B+ B+ B+ B+
Arby's Restaurant 2005-05-17 C+ C+ C+ C C- C
Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery 2005-09-26 B C+ B B+ B B
Joe's Shelby Street Diner 2005-11-01 B B+ B+ A A B+
Scholars Inn Bakehouse 2005-12-07 B- B- B C- B+ C+
Rock Bottom 2006-01-10 B+ B B+ A B+ B+
Alcatraz Brewing Company 2006-02-21 C+ D+ A- A B C+
Culver's Restaurant 2006-03-14 B A- C+ B A+ B-
Champps Americana 2006-09-14 B+ C+ B B+ A+ B
Propylaeum Tea Room 2008-01-29
Grindstone Charley's 2008-02-26
The Ram 2008-05-14

Union Jack Pub : This was my first Reuben experience and I found myself enjoying the company more than the Reuben. The corned beef tasted like lunchmeat from a cheap deli. The fries were good but our waiter seemed confused and the slow service time did not help. Overall, it was not the best Reuben but not the worst.

Max & Erma's : Good bread, and the meat was very good. A little too crunchy on the kraut. It could have used a little more dressing, but overall a solid Reuben.

Kelly's Pub Too : By far the best tasting Reuben. It was light on the kraut, which I like, and heavy on the dressing--which I like as well. The meat was very good and the bread crispy, yet soft. The service was good--she kept pitchers of tea and soda on each table--nice! Overall this has been my best Reuben experience.

Trafford Pub and Eatery : I loved it! Great service, atmosphere was nice and warm [minus the TV channel, but they did give us the remote]. The sandwich was very tasty--lots of sauce!

Airport Deli : I had the platter (with fries and antipasto salad). The sandwich was soggy and had a little too much kraut for my liking. The cherry crisp was good! Overall the sandwich was good, with fast service--another happy Reuben Tuesday!

Paragon Restaurant : The value rocked! 5 bucks for a mega-meal. The reuben itself was merely adequate. Lots of salad and hot buns!

Bench Warmers Sports Bar : Not a very good value-to-cost on this Reuben. They skimped up on the meat and dressing. The taste was very good though. I especially liked the construction of the sandwich where they wrapped the kraut inside of the meat thus keeping the bread from getting soggy. Overall not a bad place to eat but would have enjoyed a no-smoking section. It was a bar so it could have gotten bad but we were there early and not many smokers were present.

Sunrise Cafe : Great bread and overall great taste! The fries were average. I would recommend it to my friends! Yummy!

McAlister's Deli : Going into this luncheon I was greatly skeptical, I had had Reubens there before and had been let down by soggy bread. I decided everyone should get a second chance and the result... Nice sandwich. This time, the bread was a little softer than I usually like but contained lots-o-meat thus making it a good value. I chose chips as a side but for a buck more could of upgraded to a cup of soup. The "iced" tea there is outstanding. I reserve the right to modify this upon my next visit there, but this time they seemed to get it right.

Kazablanka Grill & Bar : The restaurant had a strange decorative theme: palm trees outside, fish tank inside, and multiple stained glass dividers with odd art and not-so-matching lights in the interior. The service was OK; she forgot my ranch sauce to go with my O-rings so thumbs down there. The Reuben meat was constructed of a pre-fab/pre-built patty. Not a bad thing just kind of odd. The taste was good and the sauce yummy as well. My overall opinion is that I'd go back again just because it was such an odd place and that the food was good.

L A Cafe : What a cool place to eat!! Which is pretty impressive thing to say after you tell someone you're going to downtown Whitestown to eat. From the outside the place looks old and rundown, almost something you expect to see in an old ghost town out west. But once you step through the door you do a double take and you'd think you walked into a hip LA or Miami art deco Harley biker restaurant/diner. Totally worth the trip itself just to see the expression on people's faces when they walk in. The service and food was outstanding. The sandwich was crisp and juicy. The O-Rings turned out to be an excellent side choice as well! Combined the kick ass art deco / Harley (yep.. as odd as art deco and Harley sound together it works!) atmosphere with great food in a totally odd location and you get a highly recommended Reuben eating adventure.

Lincoln Square : The menu was large/Greek in nature with lots of different choices, but we were there on a Reuben mission. The server was friendly and actually got my side of ranch delivered with my fries, which I use as a heavily weighted metric to benchmark service performance. The meat was a little fatty and the portions were large--on the sandwich of course, not the server. Overall I'd say it was an average Reuben and I would not go out of my way to go and eat there just to eat a Reuben but I would go back to try some of the other menu items.

Claude & Annie's : This sandwich had a lunch meaty taste to it so it scores on taste. In terms of atmosphere: it is a bar and a dark and smokey one. Not so good when you're a non-smoker. I'd not go out of my way to score a Reuben here... I'd just keep on driving.

Sweet Home Chicago : By far the beast Reuben that I have ever had!! The taste was outstanding. The bread was lightly buttered and toasted and the cheese seemed to have a provolone taste. The meat really salty, which for me is a good thing! If this place is looking to franchise on the south side, look me up!! You've got a winner of an eatery here and congrats to the owners for doing such a fine job with the recipes!!! I'll be back for more and am spreading the word to head to Brownsburg and my guess is that someday this place will be a famed Indiana restaurant tradition with the likes of Mug-N-Bun and Union Jack's!!

Gisela's Kaffeekr´┐Żnzchen : A very unique Old German luncheon experience! This was my first time in downtown Zionsville and the brick streets and old small town charm pleasantly surprised me. It reminded me of Brown County's downtown area. The restaurant was situated on the top floor of one of the old buildings on Main Street. As I ascended the stairs I felt as if I were being transported to a different time and place and the place being old Germany. It became more evident that this place was a legitimate Old German Restaurant as the waitress (and I believe owner) spoke to us in a heavy German accent. The only thing that I was rather disappointed in, in terms of atmosphere, was that there were no Cuckoo Clocks. So being that I really did feel like I was really in Germany, I did as the natives would have and ordered a dark German stout beverage. The Reuben came with fries as an option of which I selected, so when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised that fries are really German potatoes, which were incredibly yummy. My guess is that the sauerkraut was home made. I loved it. It was very soft and did not have the highly pungent taste and smell that usually goes with it. They also did a great job of draining/straining the kraut, as my sandwich bread was nice and crisp. There is nothing worse than a soggy sandwich. The dressing was served on the side and was rather tasty. My beverage helped bring out the flavors of the sandwich rather nicely. Overall I give it an A- (would have scored higher if they did not run out of Reubens and if they had at least a few Cuckoo clocks). If you are looking for a Old German experience in central Indiana and like tasty authentic German food and beer then make this one of your restaurant stops.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store : It's the Crack in Cracker Barrel that keeps us coming back for more. Must be why we all flock back to this place or maybe it's the laid back atmosphere creating the feeling of yesteryear. Ok--really it must be the crack they slip into the food. (Just kidding of course.) The Reuben was an excellent addition to their menu, a little to sauerkraut-y but oh sooo tasty. The Onion rings were fantastic. Large portions and friendly staff/atmosphere make this B+.

Arby's Restaurant : I must admit that the concept of a fast food Reuben sounded hokey. The issue was how could you create quality product in such a short time. The problem turned out that the bread was not toasted properly. After going back a second time one of the managers told me that the sandwich could be double toasted. That seemed to do the trick. The bread was strange--very spongy, almost tasted like French toast. I think with some refinement in the toasting process and a different bread they'd have much more success with this sandwich, thus I am going with a C rating. Sorry Arby's!

Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery : It did take 20 minutes to get our meals. Once my plate did arrive there was lots of meat to be found along with a large portion of French fries, which were rather yummy. Not enough dressing on the sandwich and the bread could have been toasted longer. The taste of the meat was above average but the thing is that you got a ton of food but I also spent $13 for it, a little pricy so thus my low value rating. On the plus side the atmosphere was cool, lots of neat political items/pictures on the walls. It would have been nice to have a non-smoking section option though. Overall I give it a B and would eat a Reuben there again, but I'd add a side of dressing to sauce it up a bit.

Joe's Shelby Street Diner : One of the best 50's diners in town! But... way, way, way too much sauerkraut, enough to feed a small third world country! A 6 inch tall sandwich and 99% of that was kraut. Should be labeled the Giant Kraut with a pinch of meat sandwich. OK, done ranting. It did taste good (after dumping the 9 metric tons of kraut) and the O rings were tasty as well. Service was above average too. Overall scoring a B+.

Scholars Inn Bakehouse : The contemporary, art deco-ish decor really impressed me for something called a "bake house" (when ya go to a "bake" house in Broad Ripple you don't expect to see something this nice ;) ). Although... there was a side door entrance that was used quite a bit and there was no air lock and it was a bitterly cold day so I spent most of my lunch freezing (that's a REAL bad thing in my book). Otherwise, the atmosphere would have scored much higher--but it was cold enough that I'd not eat there again in the winter. I found the sandwich itself to be rather tasty; while others complained of not having their sandwich toasted/warm, mine was fine. Service was good and friendly and they had free samples of dessert (nicely done there). In summary: go spend some jack on an air lock and I'll think about coming back!! ;)

Rock Bottom : First off, it's a Brew Pub--so that's a big plus in my book. Second was that the sandwich was actually very yummy. There was a nice taste to the meat and the bread was also better than average! Scoring well on atmosphere as the view of the brewing vessels made me feel warm and happy and the fact that you can take home large jugs of your favorite brew scored well with me too. Nice dining/Reuben experience!

Alcatraz Brewing Company : At $10.99, this was no bargain!! I'd expect a drink and a hooker with that price!! It did come with fries but the problem was that the bread was soggy and the meat had a grocery store bought pre-packaged lunch meaty flavor. It was a brew pub but the theme just did not carry over to other parts of the restaurant. Drop the prices and select a better meat vendor and this score goes way up!

Culver's Restaurant : This was my first time at a Culver's Restaurant. The menu was extensive with lots of yummy sounding choices. The very attractive and friendly brunette that took my order made the experience even more enjoyable. Ok, as for the sandwich: very cheesy and the meat had an average taste but it was packed with meat so I score it high in value. I did try the cheese balls on the side. They were bland. I believe it was cheddar cheese. If they would offer a hot cheese ball option would be great, although I'd try the onion rings as well next time. Overall good price, service and side order options make it worth another stop there for lunch or dinner!

Champps Americana : There was no wait during the peak of lunch hour and the waitress was very attentive. She noted that I had a side of ranch, and there was my food--no ranch on the side. A feeling of sadness washed over me but then--like the feeling you get when hearing the sounds of sleigh bells on Christmas eve while nestled in your bed, I saw a plate, with ranch on the side, being delivered to one of my colleagues. I was about to say something but the waitress looked at my plate and noticed the mishap and saved the day. Once again I was happy and ready to munch down a yummy looking sandwich. Indeed the sandwich was yummy and the waitress brought extra dressings. Again nice job!! But, do not get the onion rings unless you're into giant, fat, tasteless foods. Plus, for me the onion to breading ratio was way off as well--way to much onion. Overall the experience was good, but on the pricey side but we were eating downtown and we must pay for that stadium somehow! ;)

Propylaeum Tea Room :