Restaurant Date
Claude & Annie's 2003-01-07 A- A- B B B A-
Bellacino's 2003-01-21 D C+ C+ C D- D+
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 A+ B+ C+ A- A- A
Mr. Gyro's 2003-03-25 C+ B B- B- B- B-
Hornets Nest Restaurant 2003-03-22 B B+ B- B- B+ B
Aramark Food Service 2003-03-26 A A+ B+ B- B- A
Union Jack Pub 2003-04-08 B- B B+ A- D+ B-
Max & Erma's 2003-04-29 A- C+ B+ A A A-
Kelly's Pub Too 2003-05-13 A- A- B+ B A- A-
Shapiro's Delicatessen 2003-05-27 A B+ B B A- A-
Houlihan's 2003-06-07 C+ C- B B+ B- C+
McGilvery's Pub and Eatery 2003-06-10 B+ B+ B+ B- B+ B+
Green Street Pub & Eatery 2003-06-13 B+ B+ B- C+ B- B
Trafford Pub and Eatery 2003-06-24 A A- A- A B+ A-
MCL Cafeteria & Deli 2003-07-08 A A A- A- B A
Airport Deli 2003-07-22 A- A B- B+ B+ A-
Einstein Bros. Bagels 2003-08-05 D+ C B+ B- B C
Perkins Family Restaurant 2003-08-19 B+ B+ A- B+ B B+
Appleby's 2003-09-02 B C- A A- A- B+
Mike's Speedway Lounge 2003-09-16 A- A+ B- B A- A-
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2003-09-30 C+ C+ B+ C+ C C+
Schlotzsky's Deli 2003-10-28 A- B+ B+ B+ B- B+
Arni's 2003-11-11 B C+ A- A- A B+
Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort 2003-11-25 B+ B- A- A- B+ B+
Jersey Mike's Subs 2003-12-09 B+ A- B- B- B B
Gatsby's Bar and Grill 2003-12-23 A A A B+ A A
Paragon Restaurant 2004-01-13 B+ A+ A- A- A- A-
Deli Jack's 2004-01-29 B- C+ B C A B
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2004-02-24 B+ B+ A- A- A+ A-
Bench Warmers Sports Bar 2004-03-09 B+ C- B B+ B B
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2004-03-19 B+ B- B B B B+
Champps Americana 2004-03-30 B+ B- A A B+ B+
Mister Robert's Restaurant 2004-04-13 A B+ B+ B A- A-
Brix - a Zionsville bistro 2004-04-27 B B+ B+ B+ A- B+
Indy's Family Restaurant 2004-05-11 A- B+ B+ A- A+ A-
Kahn's Delicatessen 2004-05-25 B+ A- B B B- B
Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill 2004-06-08 B B+ B- D+ C B-
McAlister's Deli 2004-06-22 A A+ A- A+ A- A+
Elegance Restaurant 2004-07-06 D C- A- B- B D
Friendly Tavern 2004-07-20 A B B+ B- A- A-
Green Street Pub & Eatery 2004-08-10 A- B+ B+ A- C+ B
Kuhn's Delicatessen 2004-08-21 A+ B+ B B+ A+ A
Sunrise Cafe 2004-08-24 A B+ B+ B+ A A-
Boulder Creek Dining Company 2004-09-07 B B- A A A B+
East Coast Grinders 2004-09-21 B+ A- B- B- A- B+
Broad Ripple Tavern 2004-10-09 A- B+ B A- A- A-
Waffle House 2004-10-12 A- A- B+ B+ B+ A-
McAlister's Deli 2004-11-09 A- A B+ A A- A-
Roasters'N Toasters 2004-11-22 C D- C C- D D+
Big Apple Bagels 2004-12-07 C B B- B B B-
106 St. Grill 2004-12-21 B B+ B+ C+ A- B
Houlihan's 2005-01-25 C- C- A- A- B C
Lincoln Square 2005-03-08 B+ B+ B C+ A- B+
Claude & Annie's 2005-03-22 B B+ B+ C- B+ B
Sweet Home Chicago 2005-04-05 A A B A- B+ A
Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery 2005-09-26 A- B- A- B A- A-
Scholars Inn Bakehouse 2005-12-07
Rock Bottom 2006-01-10
Alcatraz Brewing Company 2006-02-21 B- D+ A A A B-
Culver's Restaurant 2006-03-14
Brickers Pub 2006-06-20
Champps Americana 2006-09-14
Slaviansky Bazar 2007-01-23
Bourbon Street Distillery 2007-04-24
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16
The Ram 2008-05-14
Broad Ripple Tavern 2009-07-21 A A A B- A- A
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 A+ A A+ A B+ A+

Claude & Annie's : The only detraction from the experience was the smokiness. I suppose you can't avoid that in a pub-type environment, but it definitely lowered my enjoyment. It was a sufficient quantity of food and the flavor was good, so it was an overall pleasant experience.

Bellacino's : My mother always said "If you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Well, here's the nice thing about Bellacino's: you get a lot of sandwich for your money. Of course, my mother will probably tell you that I rarely listened to her while I was growing up, so why start now. The experience was somewhat less than stellar. First of all, the guy taking orders took a phone call before taking my order. It wasn't a short phone call, either. Then, the sandwich was quite possibly the worst Reuben I have ever eaten. The corned beef was abysmally bland, the sauerkraut lacked a zing, they used incredibly bland mozzarella cheese, and I barely noticed the Thousand Island dressing. In light of the overwhelmingly negative aspects of the visit, I think it is safe to say that my first Bellacino's Reuben is also my last.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : The Reuben was excellent. So far, it's the best of the lot. The corned beef was very good, and there was a lot of it. The sauerkraut, thousand island, and Swiss cheese amalgam served its purpose well, providing the distinctive Reuben flavor without being obnoxious. The sandwich was very sloppy, so napkins were required (several napkins, actually...). Value took a small hit because of the price of the sandwich, but the quality kept the rating high--any lesser of a sandwich would have gotten a D+ for value. Presentation was a bit low due to the lunch being served in a plastic basket. The atmosphere was influenced by the Reuben Tuesday crowd. Due to the fact that 14 Reuben eaters and 3 heretics all showed up at the same time, there was a jovial, friendly atmostphere. With less of a crowd, the atmosphere may be somewhat different. The service was friendly and good-natured despite the fact that they were suddenly swamped with more Reuben orders than they see in the average day, and they managed to get me a sandwich faster than Bellacino's, which had no such difficulties. All in all, I'm quite pleased and would recommend a trip to Reggie's for any Reuben aficionado.

Mr. Gyro's : The sandwich was decent, but was missing the Thousand Island. I also felt that the crusts of the bread were a bit too "rye-flavored" for my taste. I'll certainly go to Mr. Gyro's again, but next time I'll stick with the Gyro.

Hornets Nest Restaurant : The Reuben arrived on a plate with the additional curly fries that accidentally arrived due to an ordering snafu. The sandwich was on some sort of rye that was a bit overpowering at first. Initially I couldn't even taste the sauerkraut because of the bread. Soon I became accustomed to the flavor of the bread and the flavor of the corned beef and sauerkraut became apparent. The sauerkraut was average, and the corned beef was pretty good. On a side note, the onion rings my wife ordered were first rate. Definitely some of the best ever.

Aramark Food Service : Taste and value carried the day for the Aramark Reuben. The taste was excellent. It was far better than I expected from a company cafeteria. So far, this sandwich is surpassed only by the Reggie's Reuben. The sandwich had a very good balance of flavors and ample portions of all ingredients. The value was excellent, as well. Getting that size of sandwich for $2.90 is pretty much unbeatable. In fact, the value was so good that I had to split a second Reuben with Chris. If the Aramark cafeteria serves a Reuben again, I'll certainly eat one. I would recommend that anyone who eats in an Aramark cafeteria to lobby to have the Reuben become a regular fixture on the menu.

Union Jack Pub : The one thing that stood out was that our server was really new at this. Of course, we are weirder than your average lunch crowd, so that didn't help him out, either. The sandwich was adequate. Nothing spectacular, nothing awful. Personally, I would have liked more Thousand Island dressing on the sandwich, as it was a bit sparse. The bread had a nice crunch to it, which was definitely better than the sogginess of some previous Reubens. The presentation and atmosphere were the high points, and I would certainly eat lunch there again. Especially for the seasoned potato chips.

Max & Erma's : There are only two things I would like to change about the sandwich. The first is the price. The other is that their sauerkraut was too bland. There was an appropriate amount of thousand island dressing, and a very generous portion of corned beef. They also did a good job of toasting the bread, but still keeping it soft. I also felt that the service was great. Our waitress was efficient and accurate, and we got our food reasonably quickly.

Kelly's Pub Too : The sandwich had a lot of corned beef, swiss cheese, and thousand island, yet it wasn't soggy. The only thing that it could have used was a little more sauerkraut. All in all, a pretty good sandwich. The generous helping of tasty chips gave the sandwich a good value, as well. We got pretty good service, too. I'd definitely go back there for another Reuben.

Shapiro's Delicatessen : I made the mistake of getting a slice of pecan pie to go with the Reuben. This Reuben was huge. I don't think I've ever seen that much corned beef in one place before. The bread was excellent, the best so far. I didn't notice much thousand island flavor, but that was because it was drowned out by all of the other flavors. The corned beef was good, and the sauerkraut had a good zing to it, all of which combined for an excellent sandwich. They were well prepared for a large lunch crowd and kept the line moving quickly. I'd definitely go back, but the next time I'll skip the dessert.

Houlihan's : This Reuben was pretty average. Nothing exciting, but nothing to really complain about. Well, except for the price. $7.95 was a bit much in my opinion. For heretics, they also have a turkey Reuben. All in all, if you go to Houlihan's, I'd recommend the jambalaya instead of the Reuben.

McGilvery's Pub and Eatery : The sandwich was pretty good, but it would have been better had it been grilled longer. I thought the balance of ingredients was appropriate, as nothing seemed to really stand out as the dominant flavor. The restaurant was a bit smoky, but it wasn't too bad, so it took a bit of a hit on atmosphere.

Green Street Pub & Eatery : The sandwich was pretty good. It had a generous amount of good corned beef. The sauerkraut was worth noting, as well. The pub lost out in atmosphere and service due to the fact that they didn't really have the capacity to handle a weekend crowd and it was a bit cramped. They have moved to a new location, however, so I don't know what it's like now.

Trafford Pub and Eatery : My sandwich was really tasty. The mixture of thousand island, sauerkraut, and cheese was similar to Reggie's, and I liked that. The only thing wrong with my sandwich was that the corned beef was a bit sparse in a couple of spots. The waitress was a bit gruff, so that took off a bit on the service. The atmosphere was the best so far. I'll definitely go back!

MCL Cafeteria & Deli : MCL had a surprisingly nice atmosphere for a cafeteria. It didn't look "institutional" at all. The biggest drawback was that they have the capacity to grill only 4 Reubens at once, so large groups of Reuben consumers will run into a slight delay. The sandwich itself was great. The corned beef had a nice flavor and texture. The balance of the sandwich was really good, except for the thousand island. If you like your Reuben to have plenty of thousand island, make sure to ask for extra on the side.

Airport Deli : The thing that stood out most about the sandwich was the sauce. They actually used Russian dressing, which was really good on the Reuben. The only thing that the sandwich needed was to be grilled longer. There was so much sauce that it got soggy and was difficult to eat. I was pleased with the sheer quantity of ingredients in the sandwich as well. It was a really good value.

Einstein Bros. Bagels : Well, I won't be having that Reuben again. The only flavor on most bites was mustard, which has no place on a Reuben. The flavors of the turkey and the pumpernickel bagel were good, but they were almost completely overpowered by the mustard. I never got to taste the thousand island or sauerkraut, even though they were on the sandwich. So, considering the fact that I was not able to taste _any_ traditional Reuben ingredients, I give the sandwich a low grade on taste. The pickle was good, though. It gets full marks. The sandwich was quite a disappointment, so I can't recommend it to anyone looking for a good Reuben. Maybe someone looking for a good mustard and turkey sandwich would be better off trying this sandwich.

Perkins Family Restaurant : The sandwich was really pretty good, but the sauerkraut was a bit too bland. There was plenty of food included, and the fries were excellent. It was a welcome experience after the mustard fiasco at Einstein's.

Appleby's : The sauerkraut on the Reuben was very good. Unfortunately, it overpowered all of the other flavors. The sandwich could have used a bit more corned beef. Other than that, I was pleased with the ingredients. If you do go there, take a jacket, as the air conditioning is pretty powerful. I don't remember getting any other Reuben on real china, so the presentation has to get an A.

Mike's Speedway Lounge : The corned beef was outstanding. The rest of the sandwich was pretty good, but the corned beef really stood out. I was still a little hungry after eating the Reuben and chips, but a large slice of key lime pie fixed that. Surprisingly, the place wasn't very smoky. I'm really having trouble thinking of something that I disliked. Mike's definitely gets another visit from me. Maybe on a Thursday for some fried rabbit.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : Galahad's London Reuben was the epitome of the English food stereotype. It was bland in every way. The only thing that stood out was the chips. They were excellent. If only they had included a pickle, they would have received a "B-" in value. There was no real barrier between the smoking and nonsmoking sections and the smoke didn't seem to be aware of the fact it was definitely entering the nonsmoking area, which hurt the atmosphere rating. All in all, it was better than the other Reuben we had in that strip mall (Bellacino's), but there are much better Reubens in the area.

Schlotzsky's Deli : The bread was the most outstanding part of this sandwich. The rest of the ingredients were of good quality, but the bread really stood out. The sandwich was much larger than I expected for something on round bread. I definitely liked the Reuben, but I still prefer their pizza.

Arni's : The sandwich was interesting. The fact that it was open-faced and had tomatoes made it the most unusual edible Reuben. The corned beef and sauerkraut were kind of bland. Other than that, the flavors of the sandwich were pretty good.

Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort : The sandwich was pretty small without large amounts of any ingredient. The first two bites I had almost no sauerkraut. Although more sauerkraut was present in subsequent bites, I found the quantity to be insufficient. That served to detract from an otherwise well-balanced Reuben. The onion rings and pickle on the other hand, were first rate.

Jersey Mike's Subs : The sandwich would have been great if it had been toasted. As it was, the bread was just too soft. Maybe a little more Thousand Island would have been nice too.

Gatsby's Bar and Grill : I'm happy to say that the Gatsby's Reuben broke a streak of "B" range sandwiches. The sandwich was very good. The bread was toasted quite nicely, the corned beef and sauerkraut were abundant, and it had an all-around nicely balanced flavor. The sandwich seemed rather large due to the thickness of it, and between the sandwich and included onion rings I was quite full. I forgot to perform the "Reuben flip", so the bottom side of one sandwich half got soggy by the time I got to it. However, there was enough structural integrity that the sandwich held together. I haven't seen that since Reggie's. The only drawback is that there isn't a no-smoking section. If you're a Reuben fan and happen to be in the 71st St. area, don't miss the Gatsby's Reuben.

Paragon Restaurant : If you leave the Paragon hungry, you've got some issues. They give you a lot of food. My $4.99 got me a huge roll, a large salad, the Reuben itself, and a lot of fries. I'm planning on a nap after completing this review. Anyway, about the Reuben. The corned beef was very tender and was basically falling apart. The sauerkraut was of average quality, but of above average quantity. They had an interesting thousand island that was sweeter than typical. Overall, the Reuben was above average, and the value was outstanding.

Deli Jack's : The Reuben wasn't really remarkable. It was really pretty average. Had they heated the sauerkraut and added thousand island, it probably would have been pretty good. They did get high marks in service because they ran out of sauerkraut and sent an employee to the store to get more.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : Galahad's promised us an improvement over our last trip, and they certainly delivered. The Reuben was no longer bland. The sauerkraut had a good flavor, and you could easily taste the Swiss cheese. The only thing that detracted from the sandwich was that the corned beef was a little tough in a couple of spots. I was glad to see that they did not change the chips, which were still excellent. Overall, it was a pretty good Reuben experience.

Bench Warmers Sports Bar : The Reuben could have used sauerkraut and thousand island, they didn't seem to be present. The rest of the Reuben, while tasty, was very small. It was one of the few times that I've still been hungry after a Reuben meal. Everything else was decent, but nothing stood out as remarkable.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : The Reuben wasn't as good as last time, mainly due to the fact that the bread was toasted too much, and half of the sandwich was best described as charred. The half that wasn't burnt, was an "A" level sandwich, but the extra-crispy portion detracted from my experience. Other than that, the Reggie's Reuben experience was pretty similar to the last one.

Champps Americana : The second half of the sandwich was better, because they brought out thousand island dressing for us. With the thousand island, the sandwich was pretty tasty. No sane person would claim this Reuben is made with bland sauerkraut. The potato chips had an interesting seasoning, but we're not sure what it was. I definitely liked them, though. Other than the sandwich being a bit pricey, it was a pretty good Reuben experience.

Mister Robert's Restaurant : The corned beef was excellent. Even though the sandwich didn't have quite enough thousand island, the corned beef made it the best Reuben I've had so far in 2004. The onion rings were also some of the best on the planet. I'd go back to Mister Robert's and just eat a big plate of their corned beef and onion rings. Although the sandwich was a bit small and there wasn't quite enough thousand island, it was still worth the trip. I'll certainly go back.

Brix - a Zionsville bistro : The bread on this Reuben was quite thin, thin enough to earn it the moniker "Melba Reuben". The sauerkraut seemed nonexistent. Nobody else seemed to be able to detect any either. Still, the sandwich was pretty decent. We picked a bad time to go, as there was a very long line. They were definitely not prepared to handle the size of the crowd that was there.

Indy's Family Restaurant : The sandwich was pretty good. The corned beef had an interesting texture. The meal was adequate, but I was still hungry enough that I had to get a cookie on my way out. The service was excellent. The fact that Carl got his extra french fry should allow some extra credit in that grade, but A+ is as high as it goes. A trip to Indy's should be on the schedule of any Reuben fan.

Kahn's Delicatessen : The sandwich was good-sized and had a lot of meat. It wasn't very heavy on the dressing, which was probably because they didn't toast the bread. Had they toasted the Reuben, it could have been a contender. Also contributing to a high value grade was the pickle. The pickle was big enough that you could land aircraft on it.

Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill : The thing that really stood out about this Reuben experience was the waiting. There was really quite a lot of that. Almost record setting, in fact. The Reuben itself was pretty good, definitely above average. Every employee of the place kept trying to talk us out of ordering the Reuben. Strange... They made grandiose claims about their meatball sandwich which the easily influenced members of our group said were valid. So, maybe we'd have not had to wait as much if we'd have had the meatball sandwich. But then we wouldn't have had Reubens and I wouldn't be writing this review.

McAlister's Deli : Overall, I'd have to say I was rather pleased with the Reuben experience at McAlister's. The only thing that really had any room for improvement was that the bread wasn't toasted quite enough. The large sandwich was very economically priced, especially for Carmel. I'm writing this review 5 hours post-Reuben, and I'm still not hungry. The ingredients seemed to be well-blended and of high quality. We ate outside on the patio, and the weather was perfect. (I'm pretty sure McAlister's can't control that, but if they can, they get bonus points.) With all of the factors combined, (great taste, value, and weather), I had no choice but to give the overall experience an A+. Reuben eaters in the Carmel area definitely owe it to themselves to visit McAlister's in mid-to-late June and enjoy a Reuben outside on the patio.

Elegance Restaurant : I really should listen to my parents. My parents ate at Elegance Restaurant some time ago and told me that it was inappropriately named. They were right. The Reuben was awful. There's not really much else to say about it. I don't think I could be hungry enough to eat at Elegance again. To quote my son from when he got car sick yesterday, "tummy owie".

Friendly Tavern : After a horrible experience two weeks ago, we were in need of a good Reuben, and the Friendly Tavern delivered one. The ingredients were plentiful and of high quality, and the bread was perfectly toasted. Definitely a tasty Reuben. I'd recommend something other than the chips, though, they were a bit stale. The restaurant itself was acoustically challenged, which made it difficult to carry on a conversation, so the atmosphere score had to go down a little bit. If you're going to have a Reuben in Zionsville, you should have this one.

Green Street Pub & Eatery : The Reuben was better on this visit than the last. The place was nicer, as well. The service isn't really all that fast, so don't plan on a quick lunch. I'll still go back, though.

Kuhn's Delicatessen : The Reuben was excellent. Absolutely excellent. The thing that really stood out was the sauerkraut. I've never had better sauerkraut. It's worth going just for that. There was a lot of their sauce, and most sandwiches would have fallen apart. However, the bread was so perfectly grilled that it managed to hold together. The corned beef was the only ingredient that didn't earn an excellent or a perfect, but it was still pretty good. The service was very friendly and prompt. There are many excellent restaurants in the Chicago area, and Kuhn's has been added to my list of the ones I must visit.

Sunrise Cafe : This is another tasty Reuben. All of the tastes blended together well to make for a good sandwich. The service was quick, and they handled the separate checks thing with no difficulty at all. I think they're the best so far for handling a large Reuben group. I'd definitely eat their Reuben again.

Boulder Creek Dining Company : The Reuben was above average, but not spectacular. The bread was excellent, but the other flavors didn't come through quite as well as I would have liked. A bit more corned beef probably would have helped matters.

East Coast Grinders : The sandwich was pretty decent, but not great. However, I'm pretty impressed that they were able to come up with so many Reubens despite the fact that they don't have them on the menu. I'm not sure why they would have that much sauerkraut on hand, since they don't have any sandwiches that require it. The main problem I had was that the place was way too narrow and they made very poor use of what little width they had.

Broad Ripple Tavern : Due to an English-language parsing difficulty on my part, my wife and I went to the Broad Ripple Tavern instead of the Broad Ripple Brew Pub. However we still ate there. The sandwich was above average, and probably would have only been a B+ in taste except for 2 bites near the end that were absolutely excellent. Had that flavor existed throughout the whole sandwich, it would have been the best ever. The atmosphere was nice, and got bonus points for the hand dryers in the bathrooms. It's worth going to the Broad Ripple Tavern for the hand dryers alone. They use the XLerator hand dryer from, which is the greatest hand dryer in the world. The stream of heated air coming from the dryer is strong enough to cause the skin on your hands to ripple. The dryers get an A+.

Waffle House : The experience exceeded my expectations. The sandwich was better than most, but was a bit small and got very soggy. I'm mostly interested in going back and trying the Reuben omelette they have for the rest of October.

McAlister's Deli : The only flaw with this sandwich was insufficient toasting. Other than that, it was an excellent sandwich. Between the generous amount of corned beef and the basket full of potato chips, you couldn't really go hungry. If this location takes some bread-toasting tips from the Carmel location, it would be one of the best.

Roasters'N Toasters : I'll start out with the positive. The sandwich was really, really big. Okay, that's all there is for the positive. Now for the negative. There's quite a lot of that. We waited over 30 minutes for our meal. The only reason that's impressive is because I think I set a new record for time waiting for a Reuben. The sandwich was barely toasted at all, so that can't very easily explain the delay. The ingredients were all mediocre. The corned beef was bland, the sauerkraut may as well have not been there, the thousand island was not very good at all, the swiss was average, and the bread was too thin to really taste. Now, on to more griping. The place was packed in way too tightly and it was quite noisy. The waitress messed up our drink order and generally acted as if it were a burden to have us in the restaurant. She can rest assured that this particular restaurant will not be burdened with us as customers again. A sign outside of the restaurant proclaims that they were voted the best New York-style deli in Miami. If this is true, I can only assume that the entire city is devoid of anyone who knows how to make a good Reuben. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Big Apple Bagels : My rating for value is just completely arbitrary, since Reuben number 50 is considered a significant enough milestone that it is provided to you by the group. However, I can be counted on to accurately document the rest of the Reuben features. The sandwich itself was barely average. The pumpernickel bagel was the only flavor that stood out at all. All of the rest of the necessary ingredients seemed to be there, but I was rarely able to taste them. I guess that Reubens don't belong on bagels...

106 St. Grill : The thing that stood out most was that the non-smoking section was fairly smoky. That, and there was no pickle. The sandwich itself was somewhat above average, but not great. There was plenty of food to eat due to the quantity of chips they provided. If you're trying to limit your chip consumption, this probably isn't the place for you.

Houlihan's : Well, that's my last Reuben at Houlihan's. My first review was not exactly positive, and I'm afraid this one won't be either. Typically, I've been quite pleased with the food at Houlihan's, but they really shouldn't make a Reuben. The thing that stood out the most was that the sauerkraut was sweet. Sweet sauerkraut is just not right. The $8.29 was just too much, as well. Sweet sauerkraut... What is this world coming to?

Lincoln Square : The Reuben was above average. There was nothing that really stood out about it. The only thing that really stood out about the place was that they tried to cram way too many tables into the dining area.

Claude & Annie's : The Reuben was satisfactory, it just needed more flavor. Nothing really stood out as bad, but nothing really stood out as good, either.

Sweet Home Chicago : This is my family's favorite Brownsburg dining establishment. We've never had bad food there. The only potential problem is that they wrap carry-out orders up too tightly and the sandwiches get soggy. The Reuben itself is one of the best, certainly the best one in Brownsburg. The flavors were well-balanced. It's rare to find a Reuben that has the ingredients in such harmony. The only part of the sandwich that could have been improved on was the sauerkraut. It was good sauerkraut, but not excellent. It's still an A-level sandwich, though. If you're in the Brownsburg area, you owe it to yourself to try this Reuben.

Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery : The corned beef was excellent and plentiful, and the rest of the ingredients were of good quality and seemed to be in good proportion. It made for a pretty good sandwich, but it was a bit on the expensive side. The restaurant seemed to have a cigarette smoke recirculation system that was focused on our group.

Alcatraz Brewing Company : In keeping with the "theme" of the restaurant, the sandwich should have probably been called the "Grand Larceny Reuben". There was a lot of sandwich, but there was more price than sandwich. There was a lot of price. That's really mostly what I remember. The bread was good, and there was a lot of meat. I never really tasted any sauerkraut, cheese, or thousand island. The meat was really tough, which made the quantity of it not quite so much of a high point.

Broad Ripple Tavern : The sandwich had good flavor and texture. I got too much reflected sunlight in my eyes and it started out a bit smoky. After the air got moving though, the atmosphere was much better.

Marble's Cafe : Presentation and flavor won the day for this sandwich. It was perfectly grilled and quite delicious. I highly recommend this Reuben. Just don't arrive here until 11:45, and your experience will be great.