Restaurant Date
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 B- B- B- A B- B-

Dawson's on Main : Upon arriving at Dawson's I was pleasantly surprised to see ample street parking near or in front of the restaurant. The location is within walking distance from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway administrative offices--maybe 5 or 10 minutes. It was lunch and the restaurant was fairly busy, but we were seated in what appeared to be a large banquet room. Our large group did not feel cramped at all and the room could easily accommodate 2 large groups at the same time. The overall decor of the restaurant was nice and appeared to be recently remodeled in modern tones. I also appreciated the cloth napkins instead of paper. I ordered my Reuben with a side of cottage cheese. I figured I'd swipe some onion rings from Rachael. The wait time from order to table was what I would expect with a large table. When the orders started arriving at the table there was the normal 'who had what' by the wait staff, but I'll give them a pass since everyone had the same sandwich. After everyone's plates were down I noticed immediately that the bread didn't look the same from plate to plate. I'm not sure exactly what type of bread was used and I'm assuming it was marbled rye, but not every piece was marbled. This left me wondering if they ran out of bread and substituted something else. The other thing that I noticed was inconsistency in the portion of the sides. It appeared that some people had a larger portion of onion rings than others (for example). My side of cottage cheese was generous and was served in a side dish on my plate. The potato salad and cole slaw were also served this way. Not sure if this really was necessary. On to the Reuben. Other than the bread issue I felt the sandwich itself was a little thin or small for the price. The bread was nicely toasted and held up well while eating the sandwich. The meat slices were bit on the thick side. The dressing was a bit messy, but I expect this on a Reuben. As far as taste I thought it had a decent balance, but really didn't wow me. Service overall was decent and refills were reasonably handled. At check time, there was another bit of confusion by the wait staff of 'who had what' which I also expect at a large table. However, I've seen this handled much better. If I had to guess they were a little too busy for the number of staff they had on hand. I don't recall a manager checking on us during the meal. Overall I was satisfied with my dining experience, but I wish I left feeling a little more full. Be prepared to spend around $20 for 2 people if you each order a Reuben and soft drink, which is a bit pricey in my opinion. On my way out I heard someone mention that their tenderloin sandwich was good, maybe I'll try that next time. If I were in the Speedway area and wanted a decent meal in a pleasant atmosphere, then I would recommend Dawson's On Main--you will get more for your money here than at a concession stand at the track.