Restaurant Date
Claude & Annie's 2003-01-07 B+ A B C B B
Bellacino's 2003-01-21 C- B- C+ B C+ C+
SunShinE Cafe' 2003-02-11 A- A B+ B A- B+
Penn Station 2003-02-25 B- A C+ B B- B-
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 A+ B- A- B A- A
Mr. Gyro's 2003-03-25 C B+ C C C+ B-
Aramark Food Service 2003-03-26 A A+ A B- B A
Union Jack Pub 2003-04-08 B B B- B+ C- B-
Max & Erma's 2003-04-29 A- C+ B+ A A A-
Kelly's Pub Too 2003-05-13 A- A B B+ B+ A-
Shapiro's Delicatessen 2003-05-27 A A A- B+ A A
Oaken Barrel Brewing Company 2003-06-06 B- B B+ B- B B
McGilvery's Pub and Eatery 2003-06-10 A- B+ B+ B B B
Trafford Pub and Eatery 2003-06-24 A- A+ A- A B+ A
MCL Cafeteria & Deli 2003-07-08 A A- A A A- A
Giacomo's Bread & More 2003-07-16 B- A+ B B A B+
National Museum of American History 2003-07-17 B C C+ B- B+ B-
Airport Deli 2003-07-22 A- A B B A A-
Einstein Bros. Bagels 2003-08-05 D B B+ B- B+ C-
Perkins Family Restaurant 2003-08-19 A A- A- A B+ A-
Appleby's 2003-09-02 B C- A A A B+
Mike's Speedway Lounge 2003-09-16 A- A+ B C A- A-
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2003-09-30 C B- B+ C+ B B-
Ground Round Grill & Bar 2003-10-05 A A B+ B+ A+ A
Village Inn Restaurant 2003-10-08 B- B+ B+ B B+ B
Sharis Restaurant & Pie Bakery 2003-10-09 A- A A A- A+ A
Mrs. Beasley's Restaurant & Lounge 2003-10-11 B+ B C B C B
Pepper's 2003-10-20 A A- A B+ A A
Jane's Home Cookin' 2003-10-22 B- B B- C+ B B-
Schlotzsky's Deli 2003-10-28 A- A B+ A- A A-
Arni's 2003-11-11 B- C+ B A A B
Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort 2003-11-25 A- D+ A A- A B+
Jersey Mike's Subs 2003-12-09 B- A C B+ A B
Gatsby's Bar and Grill 2003-12-23 A A A B A+ A
Paragon Restaurant 2004-01-13 B A+ B+ B A A
Deli Jack's 2004-01-29 B B+ B C- A+ B-
Apple Tree Restaurant 2004-02-10 C+ A+ B+ B B+ A-
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2004-02-24 B+ A A B+ A+ A-
Bench Warmers Sports Bar 2004-03-09 B C B B+ C+ B-
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2004-03-19 A+ A- B- C+ B B+
Flowing Tide Pub 2004-03-22 A A- A- B- A A-
Rick's Delicafe 2004-03-23 B- B C C B+ B-
Champps Americana 2004-03-30 A B+ B+ A B+ A-
Mister Robert's Restaurant 2004-04-13 A B+ B+ B- A A-
Brix - a Zionsville bistro 2004-04-27 B B A B+ C B
Indy's Family Restaurant 2004-05-11 A- B- B+ A- A+ B+
Kahn's Delicatessen 2004-05-25 B+ B B- B C+ B-
Cozy Lounge and Restaurant 2004-06-01 B B+ B+ A- A- B
Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill 2004-06-08 A- A B D+ C B
McAlister's Deli 2004-06-22 A A+ A- A+ A A
Elegance Restaurant 2004-07-06 D+ C- C+ B- C C
Friendly Tavern 2004-07-20 A B C+ B A+ A-
Green Street Pub & Eatery 2004-08-10 A A A- A- B+ A
Dilly Deli Wines & Gourmet 2004-08-17 A A B+ B+ A- A-
Rhino's Billiards Bar & Grille 2004-08-18 B B C+ C B C+
Sunrise Cafe 2004-08-24 A A- A- A- A+ A
Friendly's 2004-09-05 B B- B+ B+ B+ B+
Boulder Creek Dining Company 2004-09-07 B- C+ A A A- B
East Coast Grinders 2004-09-21 B+ A+ B B- B+ B
Princess Food Court 2004-09-26 C B- B C C+ C+
CJ's Deli & Diner 2004-10-06 C B- B+ A- A- B
Waffle House 2004-10-12 A A+ A- C A+ A
McAlister's Deli 2004-11-09 A A+ A- A- A A
Dooley O'Toole's 2004-11-23 A- A A- A+ A A
Big Apple Bagels 2004-12-07 B B+ B- B A B
106 St. Grill 2004-12-21 B+ B- B+ A- A+ A-
Kazablanka Grill & Bar 2005-01-04 B A A- A A A
Don & Dona's Restaurant 2005-01-09 B- B+ B- B- B B
Houlihan's 2005-01-25 B- B A A B+ B+
L A Cafe 2005-02-22 A+ A+ A- A+ A- A+
Lincoln Square 2005-03-08 B+ A A- B B B+
Claude & Annie's 2005-03-22 B+ A B C A B
Sweet Home Chicago 2005-04-05 A A+ B B+ B+ A
Gisela's Kaffeekr´┐Żnzchen 2005-04-20 C C B A B- B-
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 2005-05-03 A- B+ A- A- A- A-
Arby's Restaurant 2005-05-17 A A+ B+ B+ A- A-
Truant's Taverne 2005-06-05 A A- A A+ A A
Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery 2005-09-26 B+ B- A- B B B+
Rathskeller Restaurant 2005-10-19 B+ B B+ B A B+
Fredericksburg Brewing Company 2005-10-21 A A- A B+ A A
Billy Gene's Restaurant 2005-10-25 B A A- A A A-
Joe's Shelby Street Diner 2005-11-01 B A B+ B- A+ A-
Toot's Restaurant 2005-11-25 A- A- B B- A- A-
Scholars Inn Bakehouse 2005-12-07 B B B B+ A- B
Rock Bottom 2006-01-10 A+ A A A A A
Lori's Diner 2006-01-31 A B B+ A A- A-
Alcatraz Brewing Company 2006-02-21 B C A A A B
Culver's Restaurant 2006-03-14 B A B- B B B
The Rathskeller 2006-04-04 A A A A+ A A
Brewhouse Pub and Grill 2006-04-26 B B A- A- C B
Brickers Pub 2006-06-20 A- B+ A- A- A+ A-
Jack's Cafe 2006-07-02 B+ A B- C+ A- B+
Bennigan's 2006-07-09 B+ B B A- A- B+
Shari's Restaurant 2006-07-10 C+ B B+ B B B-
Roosevelt Lodge Dining Room 2006-07-13 B+ B+ B+ A A B+
County Seat Grill 2006-07-17 B+ B+ A- B A B+
Ancient Mariner Tavern 2006-07-19 A A B+ C+ A+ A-
Big Dave's Deli & Meats 2006-08-01 A A+ B B B+ A-
Blue Ash Chili 2006-08-24 B+ A B B- A A-
Champps Americana 2006-09-14 A A- A A- A A
Eagle Creek Coffee Company 2006-11-16 C B B B C B-
Claddagh Irish Pub 2006-12-20 A A- A A+ A A
Slaviansky Bazar 2007-01-23 B+ B+ B+ C+ C B
Bourbon Street Distillery 2007-04-24 A- A- B B A- B+
Noshville New York Delicatessen 2007-07-15 A B+ A- B A A-
Island Grill 2007-07-19 B- B- B A A B
Max & Erma's 2007-07-27 A A A- A A A+
Isaac's Restaurant & Deli 2007-09-28 A+ A A- B B A+
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 B+ A- A A+ A A-
Eagle's Nest 2007-10-23 A- B- A A+ A A
Tie Dye Grill 2007-12-11 A A- B+ B+ A+ A
Cafe Camille 2008-01-21 B A- A- B+ A B+
Propylaeum Tea Room 2008-01-29 A- B+ A A+ A+ A-
Grindstone Charley's 2008-02-26 B+ A- A- A- B B
The Ram 2008-05-14 C+ C+ B+ A- A B-
Broad Ripple Tavern 2009-07-21 B+ A A B A+ A-
Old Mohawk Grill 2009-07-26 A- A A A A A
Erika's Emerald Diner 2009-07-26 A A+ A A+ A A
Water Gap Diner 2009-07-27 B- B+ C C A B
Exton Diner 2009-07-28 A+ A A A- A- A
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 A A B B+ A+ A
John's Famous Stew 2009-09-22 A- B B B- B+ B
The Golden Jersey Inn 2012-06-17 A B+ B A- A A

Claude & Annie's : The Reuben ingredients were in good proportion to one another. The price seemed quite reasonable for the meal provided. The atmosphere seemed a little run-down, but not dirty. Definitely worth a return trip, and a good sandwich overall.

Bellacino's : The toasted bread was a little crunchy around the edges for my liking. The corned beef really didn't have much flavor at all. It needed more salt, or something. It certainly wasn't 'piled high' like the menu stated--it seemed to be only one layer deep for most of the sandwich. The meat was tough in some areas, and I had trouble cutting it with a knife. The Reuben had a strong taste of thousand island dressing with a small sauerkraut aftertaste. The mozzarella style cheese tasted good, but not very Reuben-ly. When we came here about a year ago, they served it with a pickle spear--it sure would have been a nice touch. About the wait time: the first three Reubens came out in under 4 minutes, but the next three Reubens took ten to fifteen minutes before they were delivered.

SunShinE Cafe' : This was a highly satisfatory Reuben--nothing exceptional about it, but a solid contender. It had what I would call a classic "diner Reuben" taste, which is different from a "pub Reuben" or a "deli Reuben". The sandwich's ingredients were very well balanced. The restaurant was in pretty nice condition, but some things such as peeling wallpaper and crayon marks on the wall had been neglected. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sandwich, because I didn't have overly high expectations before our visit. I would be glad to recommend SunShinE Cafe' to anyone wanting a good Reuben value.

Penn Station : The bread was soft and tasted doughy or buttery--the bread seemed to be the dominant flavor of the sandwich. I would have liked more swiss cheese on the sandwich--I could hardly taste a cheese flavor on it. The lemonade was great, and "free cookie Tuesday" was a big hit. I got the feeling that the restaurant basically has a "sandwich" interface, with the different varieties of sandwiches were just the same sandwich with different ingredients; the homogenized flavor kind of made the Reuben taste like just another sandwich instead of a customized work of art.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : The taste of this Reuben was phenomenal! I was disappointed that they ran out of rye bread and that I had to get my sandwich on pumpernickel--not because it tasted bad, but just because it meant a smaller sandwich! It was great to see the line of patrons waiting for Reubens stretched out into the parking lot. Certainly there was standing room only after our group arrived. The sandwich had a very high "sloppy factor", but you can be sure that I found a way to consume the drippings. I thought the sandwich was unnecessarily expensive at 7.69--especially with the smaller bread substitution. I think the sandwich I received would be better priced at 6.25 or so. My only regret is that Reggie's is not close enough to the office that we could eat there more often.

Mr. Gyro's : My overall reaction was that the sandwich was rather bland. It lacked the zip that would come from the thousand island dressing. Some of the others who got the combo meal got packets of thousand island, which seems somewhat inconsistent. The bottom piece of bread was very soggy, but the sandwich still had a dry taste. None of the flavors stood out except possibly for the melted swiss cheese. The flavor of the sauerkraut, corned beef, and bread were almost indistinguishable to me.

Aramark Food Service : This is a very solid contender. The corned beef was very flavorful, and the bread was tasty without even a hint of sogginess. It was good without needing to be sloppy. The thousand island dressing was pleasingly apportioned. Brian and I liked our sandwich so much that we ordered another one so we could each have another half sandwich.

Union Jack Pub : Overall, the sandwich was satisfactory. The corned beef didn't seem to be cooked as well as I like--it tasted like they just ran over to the grocery and picked up some prepackaged lunchmeat--and perhaps that would explain the record long delivery time of thirty-six minutes. Of course one of the high points of eating a Reuben at Union Jack is that it includes a side salad, which they fortunately bring out to you halfway through your wait. The salad was really tasty and kept the value rating for the meal high. I thought the sandwich was a little dry and the bread was overly crunchy. I thought the sandwich was a little short on thousand island dressing--I took the sandwich apart looking for it and found some traces. Fortunately, someone else had requested an extra side of thousand island dressing which I was able to spread on myself to improve the taste dramatically. I'm thinking that our order got somewhat delayed because the one person in our party that did not order a Reuben ordered a well-done steak, and they probably held our ten Reubens until the steak was finished--a practice that I consider somewhat unfair to the rest of us, especially since we had already requested separate checks. The service was less than stellar--starting with giving people the wrong drinks, and when the Reubens were finally ready, he brought each orders out and asked us to identify which one we had ordered, and then after he had collected our checks and walked to the cash register, returned to ask him who had given him which amount of money.

Max & Erma's : The bread was very lightly grilled, and delicious! I think my sandwich was a little light on the thousand island, but there was plenty of meat. The sandwich would probably be perfect if they had been as generous with the sauerkraut and thousand island. The potato salad was really good, but 7.99 still seems like a very high price to pay. I would recommend 6.79 at the most for this sandwich. I must say that our server was great. She never once had to ask the ten of us who had which drink, entree, or check--she really had it together.

Kelly's Pub Too : The Reuben was well-balanced, except that it seemed a little light on the sauerkraut. The corned beef had a strong meaty taste, and you could definitely notice the swiss cheese. There was enough thousand island dressing that it was still able to drip off of the sandwich. We were given our own section of the restaurant, so the smoke was under control. The server's odd style of estimating the cost of the lunch was definitely a new one for me--she quoted me $5.75 for my $5.25 sandwich, which would appear to be an overcharge. It was definitely a nice, clean pub that produced a nice, tasty Reuben.

Shapiro's Delicatessen : The sandwich was expensive, but the its size was proportional to the price. I really enjoyed the swiss cheese, and there was a lot of meat. Although I could have used some more sauce, and the meat seemed somewhat cold, I thought it was an excellent sandwich overall. The dining room was busy, but not too crowded; the line moved along nice and quickly. This was my first time to Shapiro's, but I'm sure it won't be my last--the strawberry shortcake looked worth coming back for, too.

Oaken Barrel Brewing Company : There was a lot of corned beef and sauerkraut on this sandwich, and the Swiss cheese was pretty good. We could not discern any thousand island dressing on the sandwich at all, even though it was advertised on the menu. This was somewhat disappointing. The bottom of the sandwich was very soggy, and the kraut taste was so strong that I thought it gave it a rather briny taste. This was a good place to take our boys, because they were given free "Wikki Stix" to play with while we waited, and to take home afterwards. I was somewhat disappointed that their unorthodox ingredient of "roasted red peppers" were added in such a small quantity that they didn't seem to affect the Reuben taste of the sandwich at all--I was hoping to at least taste a difference. The restaurant itself was like a crowded cave--very loud and very dark.

McGilvery's Pub and Eatery : The first thing I noticed was that the bread was too lightly toasted. I've eaten here before, and usually they are toasted so much that the sandwich will scrape the roof of my mouth. I would attribute the light grilling to the fact that they were preparing nine Reubens in a row. I do like the dressing on the side--and the thousand island dressing was good and tangy. I couldn't taste the Swiss cheese at all, but I thought the overall flavor to be really rather good. I did have one tough piece of corned beef, but I would gladly eat another sandwich here. We did have smoking tables sitting on each side of us, but the restaurant as a whole didn't seem to have any residual smoke smell.

Trafford Pub and Eatery : Not only was the sandwich really big, but the price included a side salad, which is a great value. The meat tasted good, but it was a little skimpy for the size of the bread. The bread was really thick but the flavors were pretty well balanced.

MCL Cafeteria & Deli : This was a tasty sandwich. The corned beef was good, and the bread was very good. The quantity of swiss cheese on the sandwich was good. The 1000 island dressing was a little light, but they were glad to bring more upon request. The restaurant itself is very open and airy, but not noisy. The serving line and dining room are both very attractively designed for a cafeteria, and I would love to come back to sample more of their offerings.

Giacomo's Bread & More : Half of this restaurant is the bakery section, and the other half has seating at small round tables with a white stone tile floor. The bread was overtoasted and masked some of the other flavors. There was a lot of sauce, which was just right. I thought the meat was a little bland.

National Museum of American History : The Reuben was already made as we worked our way through the cafeteria line, so it's hard to tell how long it was sitting there. The bread seemed to be a little stale but was good and chewy. I thought the rye bread had a little too much caraway taste. There was a lot of meat on the sandwich with a nice strong flavor. The Swiss cheese tasted good. The cafeteria setup here is very efficient.

Airport Deli : My sandwich was lightly grilled, and the bottom was rather soggy. There was a lot of Russian dressing on this Reuben. I had never had a Reuben with Russian dressing before, but I really enjoyed it. An employee mentioned that the dressing was homemade and I highly recommend it--but it was applied a little heavily and unevenly on the Reuben. The dining room was very clean--the restaurant looks like a converted house with a lot of posters of airplanes on the walls. The staff was very courteous and accommodating to our group. The sandwich was balanced well, and it's hard to beat the value in terms of sandwich bulk-to-cost ratio, especially since it included a bag of potato chips.

Einstein Bros. Bagels : First, I hate mustard, and it was on the sandwich even though it wasn't listed on their menu board. It just overpowered everything but the pumpernickel bagel I had chosen to put the sandwich on. The turkey didn't have much of a pastrami flavor, but it was good turkey. The swiss cheese had holes in it, which was a novelty, but there should have been more kraut and thousand island. If I had eaten this sandwich without knowing what it was, I never would have guessed a Reuben--probably turkey & swiss.

Perkins Family Restaurant : The sandwich was very good--and quite sloppy, also. Having the thousand island dressing on the side was good, and I applied it liberally to my sandwich. None of the flavors of the Reuben really stood out, it just tasted very Reuben-like. The fries on the side were excellent, but the cole slaw had some seasoning that I didn't care for. The staff had prepared a special table for our party in a side room, and our waitress kindly left us pitchers of iced tea and water so that we could refill our own beverages. I would recommend the Reuben Melt to anyone stopping at a Perkins Restaurant.

Appleby's : The bread was a very strong rye and the taste of caraway was quite noticeable. The sauerkraut was also very good, but the sandwich was a little too sparse with the Thousand Island dressing for me. The meat was good and was in thick slices--but only two slices. I thought that the atmosphere in the Marker Lounge, where they seated us, was excellent. The china plates and the decor made a very nice environment. The "Appleby's Chips" that came with the sandwich seemed to me to be just regular potato chips from a bag. If I were near the Indianapolis airport, chances are I would consider stopping by Appleby's for a Reuben.

Mike's Speedway Lounge : The bread was nicely buttered and toasted--rather tasty. There was a lot of hearty-tasting corned beef on this sandwich, folded thickly and had a very robust flavor. I thought that all of the flavors balanced out very well. The staff was friendly and the sandwich was a great bargain.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : This sandwich really didn't taste like anything at all, but the chips they served it with were wonderful. The atmosphere in the family seating section was still way too smoky to be enjoyable. I would have rather gone to Bellacino's a few doors down. The bottom slice of bread was completely soggy due to putting the dressing directly on the bottom of the sandwich. The only thing that I could make out in the sandwich was a bland meaty taste. I won't be returning to Galahad's.

Ground Round Grill & Bar : The restaurant was cozy and had subdued lighting. The sandwich had a lot of meat which tasted great and was very tender. The Swiss and the sauce was very good. The sandwich was very juicy, but not runny or sloppy. The bread was much darker than the marbled rye that I expected, but it suited the sandwich well. Our server was extraordinarily considerate, bringing refills before asking and letting me substitute onion rings instead of fries. I definitely recommend the Ground Round for someone looking for a good Reuben.

Village Inn Restaurant : This was a very short sandwich. The bread was wide and thin--lightly grilled but with a very dry taste. The corned beef was okay, but the sandwich as a whole was a little bland. The sauerkraut could have used a little more zing, and the ingredients seemed rather sparse and spread out. While not a bad Reuben, I would probably order one of the Village Inn's other offerings on a future visit.

Sharis Restaurant & Pie Bakery : This Reuben had a strong flavor of sauerkraut. The corned beef was thick and rather flavorful, although not very tender. The bread had a nice chewy crunch. Overall the sandwich was a strong contender and was nice and tangy. We just happened to end up in Twin Falls on a day when they offered a Reuben for their special. Our waitress said that it used to be on their menu and is not typically available.

Mrs. Beasley's Restaurant & Lounge : The corned beef was too tough--but it tasted good. The bread was buttery, thick, and excellent. I didn't notice the Swiss--they probably could have put another slice on it. The lack of thousand island or other dressing made the sandwich very dry. However our server was able to bring us a side of dressing to remedy the situation. It was a satisfactory sandwich, and only worth the price because the side salad that came with it was very good.

Pepper's : The corned beef was delivered in thick flavorful strips. There was a good mix of sauerkraut and dressing. I'm not sure the bread was rye because it didn't have any caraway taste to it. Overall it was a pretty good Reuben. The pickle spear that came with the sandwich was pretty nasty; the lemonade wasn't very sweet and almost tasted like straight lemon juice. The atmosphere of the restaurant was an upscale treatment of an old-style Denny's or Sambo's type of building. The wait staff wore bow ties and tuxedo shirts--they were definitely going for an upscale look.

Jane's Home Cookin' : This is the first place I've ever been that offered a Reuben and a Low-Carb Reuben! The Reuben wasn't actually on their printed menu, but it was on their board behind the counter. This corned beef was weird. It was a corned beef patty in a rounded rectangle shape. It was pretty thick and seemed to be cubed or shredded corned beef in patty form--definitely not deli style, but acceptable. The meat was flavorful and the sauce good--however the bread they used was far too wimpy to hold up to the ingredients. I've never seen a Reuben this thin. Everyone in the restaurant kept staring at us while we ate there--a little disturbing but not unusual for such a small town. If I'm ever back in Baker, Montana, I'd be sure to stop at Jane's--partly because it was about the only place to eat, and partly because the food was pretty good, although of questionable quality.

Schlotzsky's Deli : I thought the sauerkraut and dressing on this sandwich were excellent. The pumpernickel rye bun was very soft and chewy, and seemed to be slightly grilled--it was an interesting and tasty alternative to regular bread. The Swiss cheese was good, and the corned beef was thinly-sliced but they put a huge mass of it in the middle of the sandwich. This was a solid and tasty sandwich that I would love to have again.

Arni's : This was an interesting "sandwich"--or maybe it was a pizza wanna-be. I thought that it was interesting that I couldn't really taste the sauerkraut at all, I am assuming it's because the flavor was cut by the diced tomatoes. The addition of tomatoes did make it taste a lot more pizza-like, and not a bad experience--definitely different from your typical Reuben fare. The Swiss cheese was very strong and the bread was good. The meat didn't seem to be overly tasty and seemed to be just a foundation to give some bulk to the pizza/sandwich. I would definitely order it again, mostly because it intrigued me. The red skin potato salad was pretty good, but I still think the price to be a little high.

Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort : This sandwich was tiny! The bread was very thin, also. Despite its size, the Reuben came through with a good balance of tasty ingredients. The architecture at this place made it feel like I was dining in the concourse of an airport. It had a nice view of the golf course, though, and was clean and bright. I probably wouldn't come back for the Reuben (just due to the low bulk to cost ratio, the taste is okay) but the onion rings were wonderful and would be reason enough to come back for something else.

Jersey Mike's Subs : For this sandwich, they took slices of corned beef and cut or shredded them to bits that got mixed with the sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. The bread wasn't cut all of the way through so the ingredients all kind of ended up in a balled-up little flavor tube through the middle of the submarine bun. The sub bread was far too soft--it really needed some sort of grilling or toasting to give it some sort of backbone to hold up to its ingredients. I didn't think the beef itself was overly tasty, but there were ample proportions of the other ingredients. It definitely seemed to be a good value, and I would probably order it again if I go to Jersey Mike's--perhaps to try the pastrami version of the sandwich, which they also offer. The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was clean, and the service was prompt. We placed our orders at the counter, paid, and then they brought out the sandwiches when they were complete.

Gatsby's Bar and Grill : This Reuben had a lot of sauerkraut, and the corned beef was thickly sliced and tasted like corned beef should. The bread was nicely toasted and flavorful. I thought that the cup of Thousand Island was too small for the large sandwich, and probably should have asked for a second cup. The included onion rings were also very good. The negative I want to bring up is that there is no non-smoking area in this establishment. The service was excellent and our waitress was quick and efficient. The sandwich and included side order was also a great value!

Paragon Restaurant : The only place you could get more food for your money would be an all-you-can eat buffet. The meat on the Reuben was very tender and crumbly. I thought that the thousand island dressing was too sweet--I don't think I've ever had it that sweet before--but at least it was on the side. The bread was toasted lightly and didn't taste too bad. I couldn't taste a lot of sauerkraut or Swiss on mine due to the large quantity of corned beef. I highly recommend this place. The staff and management are warm and welcoming and very attentive. If you're hungry, this is the place to go. The $4.99 we paid was the lunch special price--the price only goes up to $5.99 for dinner.

Deli Jack's : As soon as I ordered my Reuben, someone behind the counter said that they had just run out of sauerkraut. They went ahead and took my order. The guy behind the counter then rushes out of the restaurant in search of sauerkraut. The Reuben orders began piling up for about eight minutes until the sauerkraut guy came rushing back into the restaurant with a bag of sauerkraut from the Kroger grocery a few doors down. The staff was also friendly--so I have to give them an A+ for service. I've never had a restaurant run out to buy sandwich ingredients for me before. On the other hand, the restaurant was a run-down eyesore. The walls and ceiling were filthy with splatters above the self-serve drink machine and stained ceiling tiles and stains on the wall-hangings. The paint on the walls was obviously old and peeling. The floor had been painted many moons ago and had worn off to the point where it looked just dirty. The kitchen area itself seemed clean, but the restaurant was disappointing--of course it beat standing out in the snow and eating. Maybe I'm a little over-critical because I spent so much time standing and waiting for the sauerkraut run to complete. Now about the sandwich, there was plenty of corned beef and freshly-purchased sauerkraut. The sauerkraut and beef combination was a little too acidic, though. The Swiss cheese slice was good but had seemed a little dried out. The bread was lightly toasted instead of grilled, but remained soft and flavorful--I really liked it. Some of the earlier Reuben eaters were offered dressing on the side, but they didn't offer any to those of us who came later. I went up to the counter and asked for a couple sides of thousand island, and they went back into the refrigerated room, pulled out a white bucket of something and obliged me. I am not sure what type of thousand island it was, but it had a lot more little green chunks in it than I am used to--at least it was good and helped make the sandwich taste a little better. It seemed to me to be a big sandwich and didn't taste too bad, but I'm not sure I'd try it again if I came back. The Turkey Reuben on the menu sounded interesting with its cole slaw and Gouda cheese. Aimee seemed to like it.

Apple Tree Restaurant : The restaurant was busy, and just like the Paragon, there was plenty to eat here. The side salad was pretty good, and the complimentary rolls weren't bad--hard on the outside but soft on the inside. The Reuben didn't come with any Thousand Island dressing--a big disappointment because it really could have used it. The corned beef and sauerkraut were balled up on different halves of the sandwich--plenty of each but not blended well. The corned beef was thick and had a good flavor. The Swiss cheese was too thin and small to even be noticed. The bread wasn't distinctive either. The bottom slice of bread got really soggy so I had to flip the sandwich over. If you want a corned beef and sauerkraut sandwich, this is the place to go--but for a Reuben, it could stand quite a bit of improvement.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : The last time I was at Galahad's, I said that I wouldn't be returning. Well, based on the information I had at that time, I thought that was correct. But then Bobbie (new Galahad's management) e-mailed us and politely addressed all of the concerns we brought up in our previous review. Since it was new management, we thought we would give them another opportunity. And I don't think we were disappointed. The Reuben was no longer bland! Now it wasn't necessarily a zesty taste delight, but it at least tasted like a Reuben sandwich. The sandwich was large and filling. The sauerkraut was a little crunchier than I have had recently--the parts of the sandwich with the thousand island dressing were especially flavorful. The two slices of Swiss cheese were also good. The sandwich was built differently than last time. This time, they had Swiss and dressing against both slices of bread. I think this helped the flavor a lot. The chips were still very tasty, and very crunchy. The atmosphere is pleasant but tends to get crowded during the lunch rush. The china plates had a nice pattern--much prettier than the plain white china plate from our last trip (compare the photos for yourself). I can now recommend Galahad's for a highly satisfactory Reuben experience--especially one that is still available for less than $6.

Bench Warmers Sports Bar : The bread on this Reuben was delicious, and the corned beef was tasty also. However the sandwich was miniscule, and the other ingredients were so few and mixed together that it was hard to make them out. The bar was rather empty when we got there at 11:30, and it appeared to be a pretty nice bar. The sandwich would have been better priced at $6.35. I did enjoy their french fries quite a bit--they had a good flavor to them.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : The bread had a sweet flavor to it and was wonderful. This bread was superb. However, during preparation the outside got a little charred which didn't taste so good. They didn't give me or my wife a pickle with the Reuben, although our other friends got them. The dressing and sauerkraut was good and liberally applied. I didn't notice the Swiss cheese very much, and the corned beef on my particular sandwich was fatty and somewhat tough. This is still a very good sandwich that is worth the high price they charge. I recommend that everyone give Reggie's a try for a tasty Reuben experience. I have always enjoyed Reggies in the past.

Flowing Tide Pub : The Flowing Tide Pub is in a strip mall on the south side of Reno. For the lunchtime crowd on this day, it was pretty busy. There were televisions over in the bar area, and the restaurant didn't have a lot of sound insulation so it was rather loud but not jarring. The pub has a marine atmosphere with fake portholes on the wall, sailboats, etc. The Reuben sandwich was very good. The corned beef was very tasty, and the cheese was also notable. The bottom slice of bread was pretty soggy, probably because the sandwich was served on a china plate. Even though the place was busy, our server was very prompt, bringing out the sandwich in only 10 minutes. She was attentive, but not intrusive. I ordered the potato salad with my Reuben, and it was good. The "Russian Aoli" dressing was good--it wasn't pungent, and it fit into the overall sandwich taste very well. I definitely recommend stopping here for a Reuben if you are on the south side of Reno.

Rick's Delicafe : Rick's Deli Cafe is in an industrial park atmosphere, and probably not much noticed by the casual passerby. There seemed to be a lot of folks eating there, I presume from the surrounding businesses. The first thing that surprised me was that they listed Havarti cheese on the menu for their Reuben. I didn't really taste anything strange in the cheese department--in fact I didn't really taste it at all. There was some melted white substance mixed in with the sauerkraut, which I must assume was the cheese. This may be the fastest Reuben I've ever eaten--delivered to my table exactly four minutes after placing my order at the counter. The sandwich was very moist and soggy. I don't think the bread they employed was nearly thick enough to account for the drippiness of the ingredients--especially with the dressing applied directly to each slice of bread. The bulk of the sandwich was the corned beef, and the rest of it seemed small in comparison. The employees were very friendly and efficient. Overall, I would consider this a very mediocre sandwich in general, and it seemed quite expensive at $6.75 with no side items, not even a lonely pickle spear. Also, the atmosphere was very utilitarian--the line for the counter snakes through the eating area. There were huge cityscape pictures on the walls--Chicago on one side of the room and New York on the other.

Champps Americana : This is a nice looking restaurant with a nice view. The dining area is pleasant and spacious. This was the largest Reuben I had ever been served. The bread dimensions were large and there was plenty of sauerkraut and corned beef. The first thing we all noticed was that any dressing was not noticeable. The manager came by and apologized for the omission and brought crocks of thousand island for us to use. This helped turn a good sandwich into a great sandwich. The dark Russian rye bread was delicious! I had the onion rings which were delicious, but the price to substitute them for the chips was outrageous. They really should include a pickle spear with a sandwich priced at $8.50.

Mister Robert's Restaurant : Nobody was in the dining room when we entered, and the place was already smoky. Although you couldn't see the bar on the other side of the wall, it was evident that it was there. The place was empty when we arrived at 11:30, but a few people came in later. The corned beef was very original--it was pulled and stringy instead of sliced. The Thousand Island was on the light side, but the sauerkraut and meat blended well. The bread they used was very thin, but it didn't get soggy. The onion rings were superbly delicious--they tasted great and weren't at all greasy. I liked the sandwich and would gladly eat here again.

Brix - a Zionsville bistro : Where was the sauerkraut? Our group ordered seven Reuben sandwiches, and not one of them contained the sauerkraut mentioned on the menu card. Despite this oversight, the sandwich tasted pretty good for what it was. The sandwich was very crunchy, very grilled. It looked like it had little ribs of corrugation on it--and the slicing down the middle was so crisp and precise, as though they used a table saw with a fine-toothed blade. The cheese and dressing were satisfactory. The bread was so hard, it was like eating a Reuben on a Ry-Krisp. The potato salad was light and creamy. It was definitely a lighter sandwich, as may have been fitting for their mostly older female clientele. The dining room was very loud, and the place was stacked pretty full. We had to wait over twenty minutes before even placing our order, and then thirty minutes after that before we got our sandwiches. We should have been heading back to work by that time. We felt oddly out of place as the only male patrons at that time of day. This would be a great place to take Grandma for a Reuben, but if you have a hearty appetite, or like to have sauerkraut, or are in a hurry, I'd go somewhere else.

Indy's Family Restaurant : The Reuben was pretty small. The meat had a heavy flavor and was unusually chunky--it seemed shaved or shredded. The bread was very thin. The taste of the sandwich was pretty good, though. It would have been nicer to have been a little thicker. The server we had was superb; her amusing sense of humor and attentive service (always available but never intrusive) is truly an asset to the restaurant. The lemonade was refreshing and just sour enough. This seems like a great place to take the family and to enjoy a meal together. I'd probably still get the Reuben if I went back.

Kahn's Delicatessen : I want to be clear that the Reuben here is not billed as a Reuben, it's a Reingau, whatever that may mean. My translation is that Reingau must mean untoasted and ungrilled Reuben. The sandwich wasn't served cold, however. There was a whole lot of meat on this sandwich, sliced thinly and packed together. The Russian dressing was applied sparingly and I couldn't really taste it. The bread was pretty hearty, but it probably wouldn't stand up to any more dressing. The lady who took our order was surly: I was the fourth or fifth person to order the "Reingau" and she wouldn't take my order unless I told her what number it was on the menu (#1). She wasn't very nice about that. When the person behind me asked the surly order-taker what the sandwich came with, she said, "the sandwich". This was not really true. It came with a boat-sized pickle that was very good. The cashier was a lot friendlier, though. The sandwich was worth having again, but the atmosphere is very utilitarian, sitting amongst the groceries. I didn't feel welcome here and probably won't be back.

Cozy Lounge and Restaurant : The north half of The Cozy is a bar, and then there is a half wall separating it from the restaurant dining area. The restaurant was decorated with nice framed art and had a feeling of elegance. The sandwich was lightly toasted, and the bread was at the same time both grilled and soft. The bread was delicious. The corned beef itself was cut into thick slices that were a little tough to chew apart. All of the sauerkraut ended up on only one of my sandwich halves. The cheese was nicely melted and was very intense. The sandwich had a nice flavor overall, but I didn't detect any of the advertised thousand island dressing. The sandwich also didn't come with a pickle spear, which would have been a nice touch. I thought that overall the price was pretty reasonable for the downtown Indianapolis location and atmosphere.

Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill : The waitress and the owner basically made us all feel ignorant for ordering the Reuben. "You can't get our meatball sandwich anywhere else, but you can get a Reuben anywhere. You'll be sorry!" The room was full of pool tables, dart boards, and a small stage. The bar was along the back wall of the room, and the tire-shaped ceiling fans and race car-shaped booths were amusing. The restaurant was very dark, but the light through the front windows blinded me so that I couldn't make out the faces of the people across the table from me. The only lights in the room that were on were over the pool tables. Our server brought out pitchers of tea and water. The meat on the Reuben was very thick and difficult to pull apart. I couldn't really taste the Swiss cheese. The bread was very deftly grilled, and somewhat crunchy. The thousand island dressing and sauerkraut proportions were excellent. This was a pretty good Reuben for a pub-style establishment. I would definitely get it again over the protests of the service staff. I thought the side of chips was somewhat small. Waiting over 30 minutes for our sandwiches when we were practically the only people in the dining room seemed excessive. Then we had to wait a while to pay. I think the computer system was down, because when our waitress rang us up, I only had to pay $5.25 for the $5.25 Reuben. She didn't charge anyone sales tax. I don't know whether it's built into the price, or whether they're too lazy to calculate it. If their sandwich weren't so good, I'd suggest the state Department of Revenue might want to investigate their receipts. I'm glad the restaurant was empty when we were there because otherwise the smoke smell would have been even worse than it was. I recommend the Reuben here, but I don't recommend actually going here to get it.

McAlister's Deli : The rye bread was lightly toasted, thick, and stuffed with lots of medium-sliced, light-colored corned beef. The edges of my corned beef had a band of fat that was easily removed. The sandwich was a great volume and quite filling. I had the potato salad and it was very good, also. There were good clumps of sauerkraut on the sandwich and the thousand island was well-balanced. I really liked the outdoor seating at round iron tables on the patio. It was a very pleasant place to sit and eat--the servers were very polite to offer refills and we felt no desire to leave. As this was my 50th Reuben Review, I was pleasantly surprised by my Reuben-reviewing associates with candles spelling out "50" on the top of my sandwich. This place was great. The price was right and the sandwich was top notch. I highly recommend the McAlister's Reuben.

Elegance Restaurant : The Reuben was served open-faced on two separate slices of bread, each with the same toppings. I'm not sure whether they meant for you to eat this with a fork or not, but I was the only one in our group able to successfully complete the sandwich without resorting to a fork. This thing was a little messy. The corned beef seemed to be much more a pastrami flavor than a corned beef flavor. Not a bad taste, but not reminiscent of a Reuben. Also, there was a lot of sauerkraut-type stuff under the beef. Not only cabbage in this sauerkraut, but also small carrot shavings. It wasn't a very pungent kraut, and I wonder whether the carrots were counteracting the other ingredients. The Swiss cheese looked like it had been individually sliced and wrapped before added to the sandwich. They had a strong presence on the sandwich but didn't taste overwhelmingly cheesy. The sandwich, when the two halves were combined, was very thick and the bread was heavily grilled with what tasted like a large quantity of butter or margarine. The thousand island dressing, served on the side, was incredibly thick. When the sandwiches were served, there was an odd powder sprinkled over the Swiss cheese, could it have been cayenne pepper? I'm not sure, but I know that my mouth had a dull, numb, burning sensation while eating the sandwich. The side salad that came with the meal was your typical "salad from a bag" salad and would have been the highlight of the meal, except for the decent rolls served after we placed our order. The pickle that came with the sandwich was another oddity--it wasn't pickled. It was a funny little twisted cucumber. If you're in the Brownsburg area and hungry for a Reuben, be sure to pass this place by.

Friendly Tavern : The Reuben had thick, great tasting corned beef on it. The sauerkraut and cheese were well-balanced. The bread was a good size and grilled just right so that it would hold up to its contents. The chips were passable, but the addition of a pickle spear would have been nice. I was most impressed by our server, who had a great attitude and definitely showed the reason why this is the Friendly Tavern. She was a delight. I would gladly come back and have a Reuben, just as the groups of elderly guys at the surrounding tables were doing. Maybe that's me in a few years... I would have given some review forms to the other tables, but most of them seemed to old to be Internet-enabled.

Green Street Pub & Eatery : The corned beef was thickly sliced, fabulous and hearty! The kraut was noticeable but the 1000 island dressing was very light. it was hard to notice as it was mixed in with the sauerkraut. The sandwich overall was a little dry but really filling. This is a great sandwich. The restaurant was very nicely decorated, with large aquaria and a fireplace on the west wall. This place definitely "out-elegances" the Elegance across the street. The decor was nice and the staff was very friendly. The free drink refills were also a nice touch. I recommend the Green Street Pub and Eatery (or is it Green Street: Family - Friends - Spirits?) for good economical family dining in a nice atmosphere.

Dilly Deli Wines & Gourmet : There is a beautiful outdoor courtyard area in front of the store where you can eat, or you can eat in the store itself. Half of the place is a dining room and the other half is a deli/grocry/bar/wine store selling cheese and other gourmet food. Located in quaint Mariemont along US 50, it is hidden behind the Mariemont Inn. They had a flier on the table claiming "We put the 'deli' in delirium". I had my Reuben with the Russian dressing option, and it was so lightly applied to be almost unnoticeable. There was a huge stack of corned beef on this sandwich. There was a liberal supply of sauerkraut and the Swiss cheese was superb. I think the Swiss must have been one of their gourmet cheeses freshly sliced, so it was excellent. The beef definitely wouldn't be confused for pastrami. It had a sharp corned beef flavor. I was in a hurry this day, and they accommodated me nicely. If you're on the east side of Cincinnati, I suggest a trip to Mariemont for a good quality Reuben sandwich.

Rhino's Billiards Bar & Grille : The Reuben was really salty. The corned beef wasn't sliced, it was some sort of shredded concoction. The bread was grilled to a great extent, but it wasn't burnt or charred. The quantity and distribution of the ingredients was pretty good. The steak fries were also good--and this coming from someone who usually despises steak fries. This place is billed kind of like a family restaurant (kids menu, etc.) but inside it didn't seem like much more than a bar. There was a lot of smoking, and we sat at a tall table in the corner. Fortunatly, most of the smoke was sucked up into the ceiling by a good ventilation system. The bar area was busy with many of the people well-acquainted, so there must be a crowd of regulars here. The south part of the establishment is an array of billiards tables that were all vacant at the early evening time we visited. The server was very kind and kept our lemonades filled--she must have brought us about ten refills apiece as we sat there. I was expecting more of an African motif in the restaurant, but really all of the stunning visuals were on the exterior of the building. If you're here, the Reuben is adequate but not overwhelmingly recommended. The prime rib sandwich that my friend Peter had looked really good, though.

Sunrise Cafe : The dining area had an intimate feeling to it, and was clean. The staff was friendly, bringing the meals quickly and leaving the check so that we didn't have to flag her down later. The bread was really thick and delicious--it certainly tasted homemade. The corned beef was good and the sauerkraut and cheese flavors were well integrated. I appreciated having the thousand island dressing on the side (in plentiful supply) so that I could apply it liberally as needed. I was very pleased by the experience at the Sunrise Cafe and wish it were closer to my place of employment so I could enjoy it again soon.

Friendly's : The restaurant was a typical Friendly's--kind of a colonial look and the only available seating is in booths. The server said that I didn't have to have the French fries with the Reuben, so I opted for mashed potatoes with gravy. The Reuben's ingredients were not well distributed, especially the meat; I believe this was due to the folding of the meat slices. The beef was in a nice thick mass. The Thousand Island dressing was too light--I could see it but I couldn't taste it. The bread was good but easily soggified. The cheese had a rich distinct Swiss flavor. It was a good, albeit uninspired Reuben. I'm not sure I would categorize it as they did as a "SuperMelt", but more like an "AdequateMelt".

Boulder Creek Dining Company : The decor of the restaurant was really nice and fits the upscale name pretty well. The lodge-like interior was intriguing with tree trunk and stone interior columns, and large paintings that looked like cave drawings. They had 80s music playing in the background and the dining room was orderly and comfortable. The Reuben arrived on beautiful swirled bread, which was thick and tasty and overpowered the other ingredients. The beef was quite skimpy for a $7 Reuben (usually it's thick and folded into a heap at that price) and only consisted of one or two slices. The cheese was rather flavorless, probably due to being provolone in place of Swiss. When I tasted the sauerkraut and dressing, they were good, but the balance of the sandwich was all wrong. But the seasoned waffle fries were excellent! I usually do not like French fries, but the flavor on these was right up my alley--they tasted just like the curly fries at Arby's. I would definitely come back to Boulder Creek because despite its shortcomings, it was a decent Reuben, and the atmosphere makes up for what the sandwich lacks.

East Coast Grinders : I thought this was a pretty good sub sandwich. It's definitely not a traditional Reuben, but then they don't really advertise one. We asked whether they made Reubens, and they said they had a Casino sandwich that they could prepare Reuben-style and hot, so you have to cut them a little slack for that. I thought the corned beef was pretty good--it was both chunked and sliced. They had a refrigerated unit behind the counter with a big side of corned beef ready to slice. There was a lot of melted cheese on the sandwich, which I found rather tasty with the doughy white bread. Of course, I'm a sucker for doughy white bread. I thought the sauerkraut was good. The staff was pretty friendly, especially the girl taking the orders, but it was difficult figuring out how to pick up your order. When we saw our orders were ready we went to the "pick up orders here" just to have the lady ignore us, and walk past to where we had been sitting. We then had to run faster than her and return to our seats so that she could give us our sandwiches. Somewhat comical, but also confusing. The restaurant was crowded and as other reviewers have said it was laid out poorly. For just under $5, you won't go away hungry with this Reuben. However, it should just be considered a "Reuben-style" sub instead of a true Reuben sandwich.

Princess Food Court : The marbled rye pretty much "un-marbled" while trying to eat the sandwich: the dark part separated from the light part. The Thousand Island was applied too lightly for my taste. The sandwich was served with the contents so hot that the bread became way too soggy. The pastrami was strongly seasoned, and the cheese flavor didn't come through, so the sandwich didn't really have a Reuben taste at all. It really tasted like a Pastrami and Sauerkraut sandwich. The seating area wasn't too great--most of the restaurant was occupied by a service counter and display cases taking up an entire wall. The dining area opened toward Kalakaua Avenue and you could glimpse Waikiki beach if you looked the right direction.

CJ's Deli & Diner : This deli had a intricately written, pretty and crowded menu board stretching the entire length of the restaurant. They also had great kid's meal offerings and offered wireless internet service. The first thing I noticed was that the dressing had some sort of a mustard flavor to it--probably why it is advertised as "Island" dressing and not "Thousand Island" dressing. The crust of the sandwich was way too crunchy and the bread was very dry, it tasted toasted and not grilled because I couldn't taste any sort of butter applied to the bread. The corned beef and sauerkraut tasted okay, but I couldn't taste the cheese at all. Their potato salad was pertty good. I got their fresh squeezed lemonade, which was delightful! The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was also nice. I would gladly eat here again, but probably pass on ordering the Reuben.

Waffle House : The sandwich was small, but very tasty. The quantities were well-balanced, and like any good Reuben, it was a little sloppy to eat. The beefsteak rye was good grilled just right, but was much too thin for the sandwich. There was a good supply of sauerkraut and cheese. It could have used a little more meat, but for the price, it was probably just the right amount. The restaurant doesn't have a good non-smoking section, just a few tables as an island in the sea of smokers, but fortunately there wasn't a lot of smoking going on when we were there. It wasn't a fancy dining area, but the restaurant was clean and in good repair, the exterior had also been recently painted. Our server was attentive and very friendly. She went out of her way to let us know that we should make ourselves comfortable--change tables if we wanted, or whatever. She was also prompt and got us in and out pretty quickly. Other than a small error writing down one of the orders, I'd have to say that she outshined servers at many a nicer place. I would be glad to return to have the Waffle House Reuben any time.

McAlister's Deli : The bread was thick and very rye. The Reuben was very lightly toasted but still pretty soft bread that I enjoyed. It was packed with lots of medium-sliced, light-colored folded corned beef. The sandwich had a good quantity of thousand island dressing without the sandwich becoming soggy. There was also a good amount of sauerkraut. I enjoyed the potato salad side. At just over $6 for a Reuben of this magnitude, it's a good deal. I highly recommend the McAlister's Reuben.

Dooley O'Toole's : From the exterior, I wouldn't have thought this was a place to eat--the exterior looks more like an attorney's office or something. As for their Reuben, I thought the corned beef had a good flavor to it. The Swiss cheese was noticeable but not overpowering. The sauerkraut was heavy and I liked the flavor. I liked having the thousand island dressing on the side. While I ordered and received my side salad, I also accidentally received an order of fries delivered on my plate at no charge. I have never had the opportunity to choose from so many different side items before. The waiter handled our separate checks without complaint, but took a little long to bring them out. They also moved us to a larger table as more of our group arrived. The staff was very accommodating. The dining room is nicely appointed and comfortable.

Big Apple Bagels : I had my Reuben on a wheat bagel instead of pumpernickel like the other Reuben eaters. I thought the corned beef used on the sandwich was rather high quality. The sauerkraut was drippy and wet, and splattered all over my plate while I was eating the sandwich. The bagel made the sandwich thick and somewhat difficult to eat. I was able to pick out the taste of Swiss and the dressing--they were okay but not stellar. For the quantity of sauerkraut on the sandwich, you would presume that it would overpower the taste, but the sauerkraut was so bland that all you noticed was the dripping. The atmosphere was the type of place where you would expect most of the patrons to be doing carryout. The dining room was comfortable enough and had contemporary decor. If I came back to Big Apple Bagels, I'd probably order their Reuben again, but I don't plan to be in that situation if I can help it anytime soon.

106 St. Grill : The corned beef was in thick chewy slices that had a somewhat "over-processed" quality. I liked that they served the thousand island on the side (as I prefer), and the sauerkraut was good. The Swiss cheese did a good job to line the sandwich against the bread. The dining room was busy and very noisy. The service, however, was quick and friendly. I thought the amount of chips that they put on the side was somewhat excessive--it was at least twice the number I've gotten at other restaurants. It was kind of hard to finish them all. I thought the sandwich was rather average, but the place definitely has speed and friendliness going for it (separate checks and all). It definitely seemed like a good place to stop for lunch. I didn't detect any smoke in our seating section and overall it was a pleasant experience.

Kazablanka Grill & Bar : I must remark that the interior colors of vibrant yellow, green, and purple were unusual. But the decor was rather upscale for a building that used to be a Hardee's restaurant: they had a large fish tank, nice paintings framed on the walls, and good wallpaper. I thought that the thousand island dressing served on the side had a weird tangy taste to it. It definitely had a store-bought dressing taste to it but wasn't quite the right flavor I was looking for. There was a hard chunk of fat in my corned beef--but the corned beef wasn't bad. It didn't look like lunchmeat, but some parts of a brisket all melded together into a rounded rectangle patty. I felt that the bread needed to be toasted or grilled a little longer--it was too soft. The sandwich wasn't loaded with sauerkraut, but there was enough for a good taste. I would have liked another slice of Swiss on the sandwich. Overall, I enjoyed the sandwich. The onion rings were okay, but not the kind that would bring you back to have them again. This place is convenient to the Interstate, the service was friendly, and the decor is worth checking out. If you're driving around the west side of Indianapolis, I recommend a stop at Kazablanka.

Don & Dona's Restaurant : This restaurant on the Franklin town square has a nonsmoking section in the front facing the courthouse; smoke still drifts quite a bit. The restaurant was dim, with most of the light coming from the front windows. The seats, tables, and decor were clean and in good shape. They offered sweet iced tea, which was delicious, although a straw would have been a nice offering. I did appreciate that our waitress left the check when she delivered our meal. The bread on the Reuben was really really thin, so it was good that they used the cheese-lining trick. The sauerkraut had a nice tang, but the lack of thousand island dressing was a strike against it. The beef was in several thin slices, and the cheese was nice and gooey. It was a good, if somewhat small, sandwich. The onion rings we ordered with our meal were excellent--sweet and tasty. I liked Don & Dona's, and I probably could have asked for some thousand island if I wanted to, but the sandwich held up well-enough without it. This isn't the classiest place around, but I liked it and would be glad to return the next time I visit Franklin.

Houlihan's : The restaurant had a very nice interior with expensive-looking decor, including cloth napkins. It was quiet without needing to be empty--the tables had a nice secluded feeling. The Reuben had a lot of corned beef on it, which was great. However the sweet Bavarian sauerkraut wasn't overly appreciated. The waitress made a blanket offer of bringing more Thousand Island to which we all nodded, but then she only brought some out to two individuals--leaving me somewhat disappointed. Our server did a great job with separate checks, and I really liked the variety of side items offered (even though not printed anywhere on the menu--somewhat frustrating). I'd probably come back despite the sweet kraut.

L A Cafe : I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the L A Cafe, having never spent time in Whitestown nor with motorcycles, but I felt welcome and found it an enjoyable place to eat. The black and orange walls with motorcycle themes were attractive and not overly imposing for us non-motorcycle types. The decor had a chrome look which works really well. The bread was beautiful, the sauerkraut was abundant, and there was a huge quantity of corned beef. I would have to proclaim this one of the top 5 Reuben sandwiches in the Indianapolis area. The experience was a little slow, but the quality of the product made it worth it. The only thing I didn't like was the pickle slices which weren't dill but probably bread & butter--not a favorite of mine. It's worth the drive to Whitestown to have this sandwich.

Lincoln Square : They brought out the cole slaw before the meal, as a first course, and it was creamy and very good. The bread on the Reuben was toasted nicely. The corned beef was thick and had a heavy beef flavor--it was cut into little strips and was pretty good. I really liked the sliced rye bread that they used--it tasted like it had been freshly cut from a long loaf. They'll let you order from many different side choices even though the menu only mentions fries. The place was a bit smoky, but not as smoky as it would have been if it were still a Sunshine Cafe. It's a quite adequate Reuben and a good value. The waitress that we had tried a little too hard to joke with us and interject herself into our conversation--she was nice enough, but it seemed a little awkward.

Claude & Annie's : I thought the corned beef was pretty good, and the rye was well-grilled if not a little too crunchy. The sandwich could have used a little more sauerkraut. The sandwich was adequate, but the atmosphere wasn't too interesting. The service was excellent. We came in the door at 11:30 and by noon we had our checks and our plates were cleared away. A great place to get a quick lunch.

Sweet Home Chicago : The first thing you notice when the Reuben approaches the taste buds is the interaction of the bread upon the tongue. The bread is so saturated with butter that you get a nice salty, buttery flavor before even trying to bite the sandwich. This was a big plus for me, a fan of buttery goodness. This was done without causing the sandwich to become soggy. The flavor of the sandwich was well-mixed. The Thousand Island was mild, but it was not missed. There was plenty of sauerkraut and chunks of corned beef. The cheese flavor seemed to carry through well, also--I'm guessing in part to its dairy cousin, the butter in the bread. It would have been a nice token to have a pickle spear to add variety for the palate. The employees were friendly, and the restaurant was new and clean. The sandwich was so good that I was motivated to go back to order a second one to split with Carl before we left--that should be a sign of my satisfaction with Sweet Home Chicago's Reuben rendition.

Gisela's Kaffeekr´┐Żnzchen : Gisela's had an interesting atmosphere--it had a nice loft feel due to being on the top floor with the exposed rafters. The waitress thought we were strange to order so much beef--this is definitely a House of Pork. The Reuben itself didn't have an overly rye taste to the bread, and the sliced bread was much too thin. The corned beef was thickly and densely stacked, however and topped with a lot of sauerkraut that didn't have much of a taste to it. The sauce on the side was okay, but the little shot glass they served it in, while pretty, made it difficult to dip the sandwich in. The potato salad was pretty bland after removing the bits of bacon, and there was no salt on the table to be had. Overall, it's not a place I would recommend to go for a Reuben Sandwich. The price was ridiculously high, and I wasn't too pleased with the service. Besides our group, only two people came in throughout the entire lunch hour. But the waitress waited until we were ready to leave to spend ten minutes preparing our bills. I'll never darken their door again.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store : This Reuben had a lot of sauerkraut--probably too much. The pierced sweet pickles were a bad idea--definitely intriguing as flags, but I'm a dill guy myself. The bread was nicely grilled, and the meat was adequate and rather tasty. The Swiss cheese was excellent and abundant. The onion rings I ordered were enough for two people. The cole slaw was creamy and delicious and the raspberry lemonade in chilled mugs was superb. I wish Cracker Barrel would keep their Reuben on the menu after this special promotion because it's definitely a quality item for the menu lineup. I would recommend it.

Arby's Restaurant : I was a little skeptical of the sandwich because I had heard about it from so many sources before sampling it. However, I am quite impressed by the mass-produced Arby's Reuben. I thought that the corned beef was pretty good and the ingredients seemed to be well-balanced. The only odd thing about the sandwich was the extremely light "toasting" of the bread. But I really love soft bread. I thought the bread was soft and delicious and just grilled enough to give it texture. Call me a heretic, but the bread was a highlight of the sandwich. The sauerkraut and cheese were also noticeable and nice. The thousand island was a little light, but enough to taste. The sandwich was a really decent size, too. Just the ability to get a Reuben from a drive-thru window is a marvelous prospect. And I love how all of the Arby's Restaurants in town have "Try our new Reuben" on their marquee. Maybe we're on the cusp of a Reuben resurgence.

Truant's Taverne : The Truant's Taverne dining room is located in the basement of a building on the main intersection in downtown North Woodstock. The dining room had a definite schoolroom motif. The bread was buttery and it was toasted nice--not too crunchy such that it would scratch your palate. The corned beef was outstanding--rich and flavorful. The parsley flakes covering the fries and the sandwich were an interesting touch that really added to the presentation score. The Thousand Island and sauerkraut were good--they were noticeable and blended well. The cheese added good bulk to the sandwich and was tasty.

Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery : The main thing I noticed about the Reuben was the massive amount of meat in it. It was a little fatty and stringy (I had two bites I couldn't chew) but it was real meat and tasted good. The bread was lightly grilled and delicious. The cheese held up well, and was subtle. The sauerkraut was a bit crunchy and the dressing was mild. So proportionally, there was just too much meat--perhaps that's their excuse for having such an expensive sandwich. I would have gladly paid a dollar less for less meat but more sauerkraut and dressing. As for the chips on the side, it was like they had dumped out the last of a bag because the chips on top were nothing but crumbs. Overall it was a pretty tasty Reuben that I would enjoy again. The dining room is built around a long bar, and it was a little smoky in the room. We were along the back wall where the smoke wasn't too bad. When we arrived, one of the serving gentlemen heard that we were there to have Reubens, and he refused to give us menus (even though he was holding several in his hands), even after I asked politely. Instead, he rattled off the listing of side items a few times, and that was it. Needless to say, this guy wasn't Mr. Customer Service. But the server who actually waited on us was very nice and accommodating and seemed to balance out the menu Nazi.

Rathskeller Restaurant : The Rathskeller is down a narrow stairway along the main street of Fredericksburg. The walls are uncovered stone, lending to a true cellar atmosphere. All of the patrons seemed to be served in under ten minutes. On the Reuben, the pumpernickel bread was thin, but it tasted fresh and delicious, making a more-than-adequate substitution for rye bread. The homemade thousand island was tucked under the cheese and couldn't be tasted--since it was homemade, you would think it would have been featured more prominently on the sandwich. The sauerkraut was delicious, as would be expected at a German restaurant. The turkey was plentiful and tasted pretty good, but not as good as corned beef would have been. The plate was covered with potato chips. A pickle garnish would have been a nice touch. Overall it is a nice quick place to eat, and the food is good, but it wasn't Fredericksburg's best Reuben. I also had to argue with the server to convince her she had undercharged me for my Reuben, and also hadn't charged us for dessert.

Fredericksburg Brewing Company : This restaurant is very loud--not just from the conversation, but also from the hissing of the large gleaming stainless steel vats lining the wall behind the bar that runs the length of the dining room. All of the noice is reflected by the beautiful stone walls and a concrete floor. The place is family-friendly, but I was disappointed that when ordering root beer at a brewery they would bring out a can of A&W. I would have expected at least some obscure bottled root beer to be provided. The sandwich had an enormous amount of folded corned beef in thick pressed slices. The meat and the sauerkraut were both tangy and moist--dipping it in the thousand island mellows it out for a delicious taste. The cheese, while not Swiss, blends well with the pumpernickel to make a good foundation for the other strong flavors.

Billy Gene's Restaurant : This restaurant has friendly service and a nice family atmosphere. The restaurant is situated so that you have a beautiful view overlooking the Guadalupe River. The sauerkraut on the Reuben was good, but the lack of any dressing was noticeable. The corned beef flavor was great. The bread had a strong caraway flavor and the Swiss cheese actually stood out. There was definitely a lot of tang to the sandwich.

Joe's Shelby Street Diner : When you enter this restaurant, you can't help but think to yourself "this is a 50s place." Partly from the big sign atop Joe's stating "it's a 50s place", but also from the working jukebox, Coca-Cola signage, and other vintage decor such as the James Dean-themed men's room. The Reuben was listed on a sign of "giant" sandwiches offered. I must say I was really impressed by the presentation of the Reuben. I have never been presented with one that was pierced by a huge knife, as though the cook had just hunted one down out back--I liked it. All that comes to mind when I think about this Reuben is sauerkraut. I don't know who their supplier is, but Joe's must be their number one customer. We were pleased to see that even though the menu said the Reuben was on French bread, it was on some sort of marbled bread that may have been rye. The Thousand Island on the side was a packet of T. Marzetti's that couldn't hold up to the massive kraut mountain. My wife finished her Reuben and there was enough sauerkraut left on her plate to make several more Reubens--maybe kind of a loaves and fishes thing they have going on there. I was also pleased that we could get onion rings included with our lunch in place of the fries mentioned in the menu, because the rings were excellent!

Toot's Restaurant : We sat in the front room at Toot's, which has a series of tables at the windows, each table having a different consecutive year posted on it. We sat at the table for 1954, which had local Murfreesboro newspapers for that year displayed under the table surface. It was interesting to read some of the articles and advertisements from fifty years gone by. The wait staff was friendly, with half of the women wearing very short shorts (which my wife pointed out to me); the men wore much longer shorts, fortunately. The atmosphere was family friendly and they gave free ice cream and balloons to the kids before they left. The bread on this Reuben was thin, but it was delicious. There was a big stack of beef that had a nice smoky taste--it seemed as though they had grilled the meat separately from the bread and then combined them. The sauerkraut was probably the weakest point of the sandwich--it didn't taste like anything. The cheese could actually be tasted and was very good. A pretty decent sandwich, overall.

Scholars Inn Bakehouse : There was a lot of really good beef on this sandwich, and the cheese was thick and tasty. However, the cheese and meat were way too cold for a Reuben advertised as "(Grilled)". The bread had a strong caraway flavor, and it was good and fresh. The sauerkraut and the dressing were practically non-existent. Why is it that a place will advertise "Scholars Thousand Island sauce", and then put so little on your sandwich that you can't taste it? They should have just bought Kraft Thousand Island and nobody would have known. The chips were baked and delicious. This is the type of place where you order and pay at the counter and they call your name later to deliver your sandwich to you. The decor was trendy--sofas, stools or tables to sit at. The restaurant was very cold this December day, and you could have mistaken the bathroom for their walk-in freezer.

Rock Bottom : The dining room was a little loud, but overall it was a very pleasant place to eat. The bread was good, and the cheese had a wonderful flavor. I liked how the beef was folded with the cheese and sauerkraut inside. The taste of the sandwich was very well balanced with good ingredients, and I really enjoyed the way they put it together.

Lori's Diner : This diner is on the second floor of a building facing Powell Street, so you can watch the cable cars go back and forth. The ceilings are high with hardwood floors, and the restaurant has an airy feeling. The interior is bright, full of '50s memorabilia. The corned beef on their Reuben was in thick slices--a little fatty, but tender--kind of like a sliced beef brisket. The beef had an excellent flavor. The sauce was a very dark orange. The bread was grilled just right, but the cheese that lined it was not so noticeable. The sauerkraut was just about the right proportion, but the sandwich still seemed just a little dry. The onion rings are good and worth the upgrade.

Alcatraz Brewing Company : The best thing about this Reuben was the bread--it was soft, thick, and delicious. There was also a lot of beef provided that didn't taste too bad at all. I couldn't really taste the cheese or the dressing. The sauerkraut was also rather lightly applied. This really was a large sandwich, but not as large as the price would warrant. I did appreciate the allowable substitution of sides--I tried the taro chips which were very good. The service staff was very friendly treated our group well. It was a nice enough place, but with the price range they are advertising, there are plenty of other good places to eat in downtown Indianapolis.

Culver's Restaurant : Culver's didn't start out on the right foot as they delivered my order to my table with the printout that said "Reuben" and what appeared pretty convincingly to be a Ham and Swiss sandwich. After bringing the matter to their attention a few minutes later, I was given the correct order. The bread on this Reuben got soggy pretty quick. The meat they used was pretty decent, and they had flavorful sauerkraut and good-sized cheese. Both the dressing and the sauerkraut was a little light, but the flavors were still able to make it through for a good blend. The bread was very lightly grilled--possibly since my order was a re-do, but it could have sat on the grill just a little longer. The restaurant itself was pretty clean and the dining area in good shape (which is to be expected since the restaurant is relatively new), but I was surprised that the straw dispenser was already empty before 11:30 a.m. I've never had the Reuben at Culver's before, since it seems to be a newer offering, and I must admit that for the price, it's not a bad investment.

The Rathskeller : The corned beef was in a nice thick slice that easily falls apart. The sauce was pretty sweet. The sauerkraut didn't have a strong flavor and was rather drippy. The Swiss cheese was nice. The Reuben was a marvelous sandwich, and the best part was the bread, which was grilled to perfection! I loved the free soft pretzels on the table, and the bread to snack on while waiting for the food. I had the spaetzle noodles, not knowing what to expect, and they were delicious, also. The wait staff was friendly, and the atmosphere elegant. I definitely recommend a stop here for their Reuben sandwich.

Brewhouse Pub and Grill : This is a rather modern bar/restaurant. From my seat, I could easily see a half-dozen televisions. The TVs average about 15 feet apart. It's a clean environment, and quite busy during lunch--there were no empty tables in the non-smoking area. When I got my sandwich, it was totally soggified--it had sat in the kitchen on the plate too long because the staff was too busy to deliver the sandwich on time. I'm thinking that for the last 10 minutes of my 30 minute wait, the sandwich was just sitting there in the kitchen letting the steam permeate the bottom slice of bread. The beef was pretty good, and so was the sauerkraut. The sauce was very sweet. The bread had started somewhat thick, but the sogginess compressed it. It was grilled lightly, but it just couldn't hold up. The sauerkraut also probably needed to have been drained more. I didn't notice the cheese at all, other than visually. The coleslaw I had on the side had no dressings on it--it was just a cabbage salad that held no interest. Overall, it's a nice environment, and the service is better when they aren't so crowded. The Reuben is about average and nothing worth making a special stop at the Brewhouse Pub and Grill.

Brickers Pub : The bread was grilled for a long time and got a little crunchy, but it was good with no sogginess whatsoever. The corned beef was also pretty tasty. The sauerkraut and 1000 island was a little light, which made the sandwich rather dry. As we had a minor with us, we had to eat outside at their tables on the sidewalk, which was actually very pleasant. Our waitress provided excellent service and was very friendly.

Jack's Cafe : Jack's Cafe is on the town square in Dahlonega. I ordered their Combo #2, which was the Reuben with onion rings and a fountain drink or tea for $8.25. I'm not sure I'd been anywhere before that had a Reuben combo on the signboard. The thin rye bread was pretty tasty and grilled well--a little buttery, firm but not crunchy. The thin-sliced corned beef was pretty cheap and not noteworthy. The "line the bread with cheese" trick worked well here. The sauerkraut and thousand island were a little light, but they fit well with this "lightweight" Reuben. The Vidalia onion rings were magnificent. The interior of the cafe itself was somewhat rundown, and featured a lot of chipped paint--but the service was friendly.

Bennigan's : This Bennigan's is attached to the front of a Holiday Inn. The sandwich was very soggy on the bottom and I had to flip it immediately. The addition of the white cheddar was an unpleasant thing--it overpowered the sandwich and dominated the taste. It joined with the Swiss and the sauerkraut to create a floating cheese layer that went in and out of the sandwich. The meat was a good quantity, but a little tough and stringy in the thick slices. The bread was tasty--lightly grilled by it was a little too weak for the soggy cheesy ingredients. The sauerkraut and Thousand Island tasted okay, although small in quantity. The sauerkraut was in thick slices and not really shredded well, kind of like big cabbage leaves. The seasoned fries were good. Overall the sandwich wasn't too super. If I were at Bennigan's I'd probably have it again, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

Shari's Restaurant : I had previously had a Reuben at a Shari's in Twin Falls, Idaho which was a special that was not on their menu. I had loved that sandwich, but it had sauerkraut instead of coleslaw. Now I've had several enjoyable Reubens with coleslaw on them instead of kraut, but this was definitely not one of them. First, they put on WAY too much coleslaw. Huge chunks fell out of the sandwich and left enough on the plate that you would have thought it was my ordered side item. But even after that, there was still too much on the sandwich. The slaw was quite creamy and drowned out the taste of the 1000 Island and the unnoticeable aged Swiss. The highlights of the sandwich were the corned beef which was delicious, and the tasty rye bread. Too bad they were overshadowed by the slaw onslaught. The server was quick to refill our beverages but a little sloppy with the coffee. Also, we asked for a banana split to split between my wife and myself which they thoughtfully(?) brought out as two half-portions, but had forgotten to add bananas. Kind of strange to get a banana split sans banana. The restaurant was a pleasant experience overall, but I'd avoid their Reuben. Of course it may just have been whoever was in the kitchen this night was slaw-happy, but I'd avoid it anyway and go for one of their other offerings.

Roosevelt Lodge Dining Room : This unorthodox "Vegetarian Reuben" was very tasty, if not necessarily very Reuben-ly. The bread was spectacular, and the two slices of Swiss cheese were excellent. I enjoyed the mushrooms--unfortunately it was rather light on the spinach. It was kind of a small sandwich and heaviest on the coleslaw, and since I am not a big horseradish fan was a little bit of a turnoff. We had to wait quite a while to get a seat at the dining room, but the Roosevelt Lodge is pretty spacious so we spent a little time browsing the small gift shop corner and resting in the sitting area near the fireplace. This is a decent place to stop and eat while enjoying Yellowstone National Park.

County Seat Grill : This is a cheerful little diner on US Highway 40 in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. The kitchen was out of quite a few menu items, but the server was friendly despite it being her day off and needing to work both the dining room and the bar. The sauerkraut was pretty strong on the Reuben, but the Swiss cheese was hard to taste. The corned beef wasn't anything special, but it wasn't bad. The bread was a marbled rye that was nice and thickly sliced.

Ancient Mariner Tavern : The All Ports Galley and Ancient Mariner Tavern is an old building on the main drag of Manitou Springs. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the outside, and the interior shows its age, but the service was excellent and the food delicious. The corned beef on the Reuben came in little strips that were laid inside the sandwich--which were quite tasty. The sauerkraut was also good. The homemade 1000 Island dressing had a white color, and it tasted good also. The bread was somewhat thin, but it was buttered and grilled to perfection. This Reuben really hit the spot!

Big Dave's Deli & Meats : This sandwich was quite full of delicious corned beef! I always love Thousand Island served on the side so that I can dip my sandwich into it as I like. The sauerkraut tasted good--it was in larger chunks. The bread was thick and flavorful--it was grilled enough that it was firm but still soft. The dining room was busy this day for lunch. The dining area is kind of like a market with shelves lining the walls full of groceries. The staff brought the sandwiches out to us at our tables promptly. I would definitely come back for such a delicious offering.

Blue Ash Chili : Blue Ash Chili is a neighborhood diner--not overly modern but still clean and friendly. I was somewhat disappointed that the Reuben was not a double-decker sandwich like their other deli sandwiches--but I get the feeling they would have made it that way had I asked. The corned beef on this Reuben was the "pre-chewed" style that was already shredded or whatever the actual process was. The corned beef was delicious, though, with a deep delicious flavor. It was the meat's flavor that was dominant, though. The sauerkraut was also pretty good, but the dominance of the beef made the cheese and thousand island unnoticeable. I got the onion rings for a side, which were a little too greasy and teh onion wasn't very flavorful. The Reuben was good, but it's not really their specialty. You should try their various chili and deli sandwich offerings, which are the reason why people return here.

Champps Americana : The meat on this Reuben was very tasty, and the sauerkraut was also delicious. The sandwich was very light on Thousand Island (if it was even there at all), but they kindly brought out small crocks of dressing after we requested some. I really liked their dark Russian rye bread. The restaurant got pretty loud as the lunchtime crowd began to show up, and if you like looking at TV screens, they had plenty of them. The Reuben at Champps certainly didn't disappoint and I would love to return.

Eagle Creek Coffee Company : The quality control was totally lacking. We all came in and ordered Reuben sandwiches--they were served to us relatively promptly, but none of them were grilled. Then another member of our party showed up fifteen minutes later and his was grilled. Had my sandwich been grilled, I'm sure it would have gotten better ratings for taste and service, but as delivered it was quite disappointing. The beef was a little cold but still pretty tasty, and the cheese was hard and not melted. I could hardly taste the thousand island or sauerkraut. The restaurant itself has a dining room that is half cafe and half living room. The counter area seems a little overcluttered, but the employees seemed kind and friendly. It definitely wasn't impressive or flavorful enough to bring me back to try again.

Claddagh Irish Pub : The Claddagh Irish Pub at the Metropolis shopping center is a beautiful building with nicely appointed decor. The ceiling in the dining room was very high and had exposed wood beams; on this cold day the fireplaces were blazing and the wait staff was cordial. The corned beef on this Reuben was excellent--very rich and delicious. The bread was also high quality, and the cole slaw was tasty. The cole slaw they served on the sandwich was a more than adequate substitute for the traditional Reuben ingredients of sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. The only negative comment about the sandwich was that the flavor of the cheese was somewhat hard to find. Although they don't market this sandwich as a Reuben, I highly recommend it to any Reuben lover.

Slaviansky Bazar : The staff had warned us ahead of time that creating so many sandwiches would take a lot of time, and they were correct but we were prepared for that. The sandwich was a little small, but reasonably priced. I could really taste the Emmental cheese on this sandwich, and it was marvelous. The pastrami was very good with peppered edges on it. The bread was a good white rye that didn't have any caraway flavor to it, but the slices were somewhat thin. The sandwiches were grilled in a sandwich press which kept the sandwich from becoming soggy, but took quite a while. I dressing got a little lost among the other flavors, but the sandwich was delicious. With the pastrami and alternate cheese, it didn't really have a strong Reuben taste, but it was pretty close, and a really decent sandwich. If you want to eat here, I recommend calling ahead and picking it up.

Bourbon Street Distillery : The bread on this Reuben was grilled nicely, but got a little soggy on the bottom. There was a lot of sauerkraut on the sandwich, and the meat was sliced thickly and tasted pretty good. We were seated on the street corner, but it was in the shade and made for a pleasant setting. The server accommodated our group well, and overall it was a good Reuben experience.

Noshville New York Delicatessen : The rye bread was grilled, and had a strong caraway flavor. The piles of folded corned beef inside the sandwich were very tasty. The sauerkraut was mild, and blended in with the beef and cheese flavors. Having the thousand island dressing on the side was wonderful. The atmosphere was very much "diner" style with faux formica tabletops and chrome trim. We had to wait a while before being seated--this appears to be a popular place for Sunday lunch. The restaurant was very noisy and full, but friendly--except it was so busy that they were asking people who had finished eating to clear out to make room for others. Overall, I think it was a delicious sandwich and I would love to eat it again.

Island Grill : The mahi was tasty and tasted a lot like chicken. The soudough bread was good, but very lightly toasted. The coleslaw was very mild and not noticeable at all. The thousand island was the only portion of this sandwich that was reminiscent of a Reuben. This Reuben is probably not the best reason to come to the Island Grill here on the Florida key of Islamorada. It was a decent fish sandwich, though, and didn't taste fishy at all. The coleslaw, swiss, and thousand island blended for a decent sandwich, but I'm sure that their other menu options excel it easily. Dining was very pleasant, on a small inlet just off of the Atlantic ocean where boats can come dock and dine. Dining was outdoors with some shade and the wait staff was friendly.

Max & Erma's : This sandwich had a wonderful amount of corned beef! The sauerkraut was also crisp and tangy, and the cheese was not overly noticeable. The restaurant was clean and cheerful. I highly recommend stopping at this Max & Erma's if you are in Lexington, or driving past on I-75.

Isaac's Restaurant & Deli : The corned beef on this sandwich was excellent! I paid extra to have the sandwich on a soft pretzel roll instead of rye bread, and it was delightful! I ate here and had the Reuben three times on our trip. The sandwich has a great sauerkraut flavor which mixed with the sweetness of the pretzel roll to make a delight for the tongue! The Swiss cheese wasn't noticeable but the Thousand Island was noted. I definitely recommend coming to one of Isaac's locations and trying their Reuben. The chips included sweet potato chips which were tantalizing.

Dawson's on Main : The interior of this restaurant is completely remodeled and gorgeous. The wallpaper and paint are in beautiful hues with contemporary fixtures. The service was also friendly and accommodating of our large group. The Reuben had meat in thick slices, springy and pleasant to chew, but a little tough in places. The bread was grilled nicely but was a little thin. The other ingredients didn't stand out because the beef taste was a little overpowering on my sandwich. The sandwich was somewhat messy which attested to the taste being pretty good overall. The restaurant's web site advertised a "Reuben Philly" but apparently they have changed to a more traditional sandwich construction since their web page was published.

Eagle's Nest : The beef on this Reuben was excellent! The sauerkraut had a strong flavor, and was great. The bread was marbled and well-grilled, and the sandwich was great, overall. A side of Thousand Island dressing would have made it perfect. The fries had delicious seasoning on them, and the half-pickle was almost big enough to use for contruction of a dugout canoe. The view from the dining room as the restaurant revolved provided a beautiful view of the Indianapolis downtown on a clear autumn day.

Tie Dye Grill : It was an overcast and foggy day as we entered the Tie Dye Grill. Once inside, however, the vibrant colors and decor were enough to cheer anyone. The staff was friendly and helpful, accommodating our large group. The menu had clever "hippie" names for the selections and the tie-dye theme was quite evident but without pushing it over the top. The Reubens came out relatively quickly, and the corned beef was piled on generously. The beef had a good flavor that complemented the other ingrdients. Some of the sauerkraut was a little crunchy and either the sauerkraut or their homemade Thousand Island offered a nice kick. I would have liked to have had some additional Thousand Island, or had it on the side. The bread they used was flavorful, but may have been just a touch undergrilled--that could be a result of needing to prepare so many for our group. I did catch one bite that was mostly Swiss cheese so that I could taste it--the quality of the Swiss was superb. The one thing that stood out the most about the sandwich was how messy it was. I had to keep napkins close at hand as dressing and sauerkraut tumbled out of the sandwich. I definitely recommend a visit to try their Reuben--I'll be returning with my family and telling my friends.

Cafe Camille : The corned beef that was used on this sandwich was somewhat formed into a patty--it's the type that has a flavor that will stay with you for perhaps longer than you would like. The bread was grilled very nicely and there was a lot of Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut. I paid extra for the onion rings instead of the chips, but they were average at best. The Cafe is French in its atmosphere, but not in its menu. The restaurant was cheerful and the service was friendly. Overall it was a good bargain for $4.89, but it's not good enough to make me want to stop by again.

Propylaeum Tea Room : I thought that the turkey was very tasty. The Reuben was very light on sauerkraut but I could still taste it. Overall, the Reuben had a sweet flavor to it. The pumpernickel bread was thin, but delicious. The dining room was beautiful with charming china and silverware, delicate teacups, and an atmosphere that states "this is a tea room". The service was excellent! Our server brought out our separate checks pre-prepared in less than a minute after we requested them. This is a nice atmosphere for dining, with delicious food. The sandwich was a little small, but the complimentary cinnamon rolls helped round out the meal. I had the vegetable chips for a side and they were good.

Grindstone Charley's : The Thousand Island on the side was nice and tangy. The bread was tasty, too. I thought the corned beef was above average and the sauerkraut was not bad. When we came here for lunch, it was a pretty good sandwich. However, I came here later the same night with another group of friends to order the Reuben a second time. That time, it came out with no dressing, and with lettuce and tomato on the sandwich. Needless to say, the quality control here is somewhat lax. This second Reuben failed big time. So I am hesitant to give this place good scores--but if they do it right, it was a decent sandwich.

The Ram : The Ram has the atmosphere of a chain brew pub restaurant with a large dining area. The service was excellent, with separate checks easily provided. The Reuben had a lot of layered corned beef on it, in thin slices. The meat seemed to me to have quite a 'packaged bologna' flavor, that didn't have any deep overtones--didn't impress me. The sauerkraut was a huge mass, almost as big as the corned beef. It wasn't drained very well, so every time I bit into the sandwich, kraut residue was dripping into my hands--didn't impress me. The sandwich had a little bit of a kick to it, as advertised, but I believe it is due to the enormous sauerkraut onslaught that provided the kick rather than the unnoticeable amounts of Havarti cheese or Thousand Island dressing. It could have used more dressing and less sauerkraut. The bread had a hard time holding up to the sandwich contents. The sandwich would have been better with less sauerkraut and a cheaper price. They delivered a large sandwich, but any value in such a large volume was offset by the outrageous price tag. They were able to provide onion rings as a side for no additional price, even though it was not mentioned on the menu. The onion rings were pretty good. Overall, the sandwich wasn't horrible, it was just overpriced for the quality of beef and imbalance of sauerkraut. If probably would not order the sandwich again.

Broad Ripple Tavern : The tavern had an interesting open-air concept with overhead door/windows along Broad Ripple Avenue that were open to let the gentle July breezes (and flies) pass through the area. This was a good idea, since there was someone smoking at the bar right next to us. When my Reuben came, the bread seemed a little over-toasted and dry, but the beef and sauerkraut tasted good. The corned beef was a very pale color, but very tasty. The sauerkraut had a good tang. What was lacking from the sandwich seemed to be the taste of the Swiss cheese and dressing. I know there were slices of cheese on there, but for some reason, they did not stand out enough to be noticed. The only atmospheric negative besides the smoke was that the bathroom floor was awfully sticky for only 11:30 a.m. The wait staff was excellent, though, and accommodated separate checks for our party of about a dozen people. Service was friendly and attentive.

Old Mohawk Grill : This restaurant is on a charming brick street in the German Village area of Columbus with a very residential neighborhood feel. The building feels like it was built in the early 1900s and has exposed brick walls inside and a tin ceiling. There is an old bar in the middle of the room, and the restaurant has a great atmosphere. We had very quick service when we arrived, with a Reuben delivered in 6 minutes. The rye bread was thin, but quite tasty. I liked the dressing on the side so I could apply as much as I wanted. The corned beef was a nice tasty mass in the middle of the sandwich. The sauerkraut was okay. I upgraded to the kettle chips, which was a good choice. While there was nothing remarkable about the sandwich's taste in general, it is a solid offering and I recommend stopping to sample one at the Old Mohawk when you are in Columbus.

Erika's Emerald Diner : Erika's Emerald Diner is a beautifully restored diner that is clean, bright and inviting. The corned beef on this Reuben tasted like real beef brisket: like the fork-separated texture that falls apart easily like pot roast. The corned beef was so wonderful! The bread had a caraway flavor and was grilled expertly. The sauerkraut was okay and the bread was a little thinner than I would have liked. Overall, the beef more than made up for any other ingredients and is enough to recommend this Reuben.

Water Gap Diner : The presentation of the "sandwich" was telling--it was delivered with a knife. I tried to assemble it into a sandwich, but it seemed futile. The bread was really soft--it seemed like wheat bread and not rye: it was very mild. I had to eat the sandwich with a fork and knife. There were loads of kraut on this concoction and the beef was pretty tasty. The Swiss taste got lost in the mounds of kraut. It is served with a big plate of fries. While the taste wasn't off-putting, it was sloppy and didn't taste much like a classic Reuben. I probably wouldn't stop here for their Reuben, but if I were already here I might eat another.

Exton Diner : This was a super-tasty sandwich. The Swiss was delicious! The sandwich was light on the quantity of Russian dressing. The rye was thin but flavorful. The sauerkraut was a little sweet. The beef was delicious. The fries were also marvelous, with some kind of coating on them. The Exton Diner had a Denny's-like interior feel to it.

Marble's Cafe : The restaurant opens at 11 a.m., so we were somewhat surprised to arrive at 11:25 to find one of our party waiting in the restaurant for ten minutes without seeing any patrons or employees. He called out into the kitchen, but no response. Just as we were determining where to go next, a car turned into the parking lot and a voice called out "be there in a minute". It turned out to be perfect timing because the delay was worth the wait. We placed a general order for Reubens and were given drinks from the cooler. It was a beautiful day and there are two tables on the sidewalk outside of the cafe. We brought another table and chairs outside and waited for our sandwiches. The interior of the restaurant is very sparse--in fact before the employee/waiter/cook/chef returned, it looked like the place might not even be in business. After a reasonable wait for our size group, we were cheerily presented plates of Reubens for our enjoyment. The sandwich had three slices of toasty rye, and very yummy corned beef. The Swiss cheese was very flavorful (I didn't notice any non-Swiss on mine, but perhaps later sandwiches had to be stretched with a different cheese). The sandwich was extremely juicy and flavorful without being drippy or runny. The sauerkraut blended in but didn't specifically stand out. The fries were those 'steak fries', which I don't usually like, but they were seasoned just enough for me to enjoy. Our server brought out an extra, lucky 13th sandwich and a plate of pickle spears for us to divide among ourselves. I highly recommend giving Marble's a chance--we certainly did, and were highly pleased with the result. We are already planning a return visit for those who couldn't join us.

John's Famous Stew : John's Famous Stew is definitely a tavern with no minors allowed and no windows. There is a bar along one wall and booths on the opposite wall with tables in the middle. As we each placed our orders for Reuben sandwiches, our server kept saying, "That is just like so wrong...", referring to the fact that we were not ordering their stew. The bread was nicely grilled and served on a delicious marbled rye. The sauerkraut tasted a little canned, but was good. There was not a lot of corned beef on the sandwich, but it tasted good. The sandwich doesn't include any sides, but at $6.25, that is okay. The cheese tasted a little too-processed, but could definitely be tasted. The experience was good enough that I would come back for a Reuben. I had never heard of eating stew at a restaurant before, so I was a little wary. After eyeing some of the bowls of stew in the restaurant, I think I will come back to try the stew sometime. With free parking, being close to downtown Indianapolis and offering food at reasonable prices, there is no reason not to stop by for lunch or dinner.

The Golden Jersey Inn : This was a very good Reuben, albeit a little small for the price. However, when you factor in the extras that come with the meal (applesauce, cole slaw and little pieces of sweet potato bread), it wasn't bad at all. The corned beef was in large, good quality slices, folded in half. The cheese (I am assuming from the dairy on site) was very good, but two slices would have been better. The kraut and Thousand Island was tangy and blended well. The bread was a little too thin and was grilled about right--mine arrived with a hole in the top, through which dressing was escaping. The restaurant is very popular, and has a finished barn motif. There is a large painting of a pastoral scene on the north end of the dining area complete with a barn and cattle. The other end of the dining room had shelves of toy tractors. I ordered the onion rings with my Reuben, and they were my favorite kind! My wife and I also ordered a strawberry milkshake, which was delicious. This is definitely a place to come back to and is worth a visit.