Restaurant Date
Claude & Annie's 2005-03-22 B- B B D- B+ C
Slaviansky Bazar 2007-01-23 C- B- C+ C- B C

Claude & Annie's : Although it was good to see everyone, and the service was impeccable, the Reuben itself was pretty non-descript. The meat was plentiful but not very flavorful. It needed more kraut and the thousand island was pretty bland. The worse part of the experience however, was not the food. It was the smoking atmosphere. When we were first seated, it was pretty bad, but by the time we left there were people puffing away in small little booths around our table and it left me stinking with a stinking headache included. Overall, not a very pleasant experience except of course for the company.

Slaviansky Bazar : The best thing about this luncheon was to see old friends again and the interesting selection of international wines and beers that I felt compelled to buy. The Reuben was cold. The meat reminded me more of lunch meat. Mine had little to no dressing and needed more sauerkraut. Thanks to Carl for finishing my other half. The ladies were clearly not prepared for a large group but they were very nice and apologetic for the slowness of service. It would have helped if they had more than one sandwich press.