Restaurant Date
Claddagh Irish Pub 2006-12-20 B+ B+ A A B+ B+
Bourbon Street Distillery 2007-04-24 B+ B+ B A+ B+ A
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 B+ B+ A A- B+ A-
Tie Dye Grill 2007-12-11 A A B+ B+ B+ A
Propylaeum Tea Room 2008-01-29
Grindstone Charley's 2008-02-26
The Ram 2008-05-14
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25

Claddagh Irish Pub : I really enjoy the Irish theme of this restaurant. I was especially impressed with the intersting colors and fixtures in the restroom, especialy the sinks. The Reuben was pretty good. The only criticism that I would have is that the ingredients were not balanced within the sandwich. That is, one part had more meat than another. Likewise for the sauerkraut and dressing. This really made very little difference to me.

Bourbon Street Distillery : I enjoyed the atmosphere at this restaurant more than any other so far. We sat outside and it was a beautiful day. The restaurant is located on a busy corner at the intersection of three streets, a great place to enjoy a meal with some friends. The Reuben was a very solid Reuben that I would be willing to go back for.

Dawson's on Main : This is a part of town that I had never been to before. The restaurant was very nice, and the Reuben was very solid. I like the really dark ryes better, but this one was very good. I also like the balance of sauerkraut, corned beef and thousand island.

Tie Dye Grill : This was one of the best Reubens I have had. Given the huge amount of corned beef, it could have used a little more thousand island. The seasoned fries were very good. I really enjoyed the theme of the Tie Dye grill, especially the music theme.

Propylaeum Tea Room :