Restaurant Date
Brooklyn Deli 2008-03-27 B+ B C B+ B B
Sunbreak Cafe 2008-04-04 A+ A A- A A A
Performance Grill 2008-04-10 B B B B A B
Oh Ryan! Cafe 2008-04-17 A- A A B+ C B+

Brooklyn Deli : Thinly sliced dark rye--not toasted, and not much of a rye taste. All flavors come through well (although sauerkraut was most prominent). Nice flavor from the corned beef--good amount of saltiness. Had to add our own 1000 Island, which we added on top of the kraut. Bread got a little soggy on the bottom. Presentation was boring, just the sandwich and a small tub of 1000 Island. Some sort of round seed-like things in the bread kept getting stuck in my teeth.

Sunbreak Cafe : HUGE sandwich. The bread is nice and thick, toasty, and chewy with good rye taste. Lots of tender corned beef, nice sauerkraut that isn't overpowering. The swiss cheese could be a little more assertive, but overall good balance of flavors. The cheese is not placed between the bread and kraut, but the bread didn't get soggy. Pleasant atmosphere with a staff that works quickly. Great sandwich!

Performance Grill : Rye was obviously store-bought but was griddled nicely and had a nice rye taste. Was much too thin and had no chewiness. The corned beef was tender, thinly sliced, and had an assertive but not overbearing flavor. The Swiss was pretty strong but tasty. A little too much 1000 was on the sandwich, but it had nice flavor. Good balance of flavors, but the kraut could have been stronger. Ingredients weren't distributed well--the beef seemed to be piled up towards the center of the sandwich. I would order this Reuben again.

Oh Ryan! Cafe : Nicely griddled bread, but a little too greasy and thin. Good crunch and rye taste. Corned beef was thin and tender with good flavor. Swiss was placed on both slices of bread. Good balance of flavors, but would have liked the 1000 to be a little more assertive. The beef tended to be piled toward the center of the sandwich and the edges were a little bare. Overall a good sandwich. Took way too long to get the sandwich. Great presentation!