Restaurant Date
Jet Rock Bar & Grille 2006-09-12 C+ C C C B- C

Jet Rock Bar & Grille : Not being anything near the connoisseur like others on this site, and in particular since even to an amateur like myself, this report is obviously not worth significant time, I'll just be succinct: This was a plain-Jane encounter at best. It wasn't horrible, nor was it memorable. If you're starving for a Reuben and passing through the Philly airport, have a beer first and this will taste good. If you love Reubens and are in this airport, wait til you get home to go get one. It was served in a red plastic basket lined with wax paper, along with fries and a pickle spear. The meat was a bit gamy (old?) and it has very limited kraut on it. There was a little sauce, which seemed to me to be a lite russian dressing. On the bright side, they have a good array of beer selections to help you forget about the sandwich. Service was pretty fast and efficient, considering the amount of people passing through, and pretty decent given that our waitress still took time to give helpful answers.