Restaurant Date
Mike's Speedway Lounge 2003-09-16 B A C B C B
Paragon Restaurant 2004-01-13 B A C A A A+
Friendly Tavern 2004-07-20 A B C B B A

Mike's Speedway Lounge : Good sandwich, great value, but she did not refill my water. The atmosphere was "Hoosier" and you just can't beat the 25-cent draft beer.

Paragon Restaurant : The first half of the sandwich was great, the second half had too much kraut and not enough meat. The sauce was sweet and good. The meat was not that spicy. Overall, great experience, atmosphere, and good food. All of this plus they offered me free baklava! This place is now my favorite #1 restaurant!

Friendly Tavern : Excellent sandwich! Good taste. I like the spice of the sauce and there was plenty of meat.