Restaurant Date
Gatsby's Bar and Grill 2003-12-23 B A A- A- A A
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2004-03-19 A- B C B B B+
Champps Americana 2004-03-30 B B B+ A A A-
McAlister's Deli 2004-06-22 B A- A- A+ A A-
Friendly Tavern 2004-07-20 A A A A- A A-
Sunrise Cafe 2004-08-24 B+ A- A A A A-
East Coast Grinders 2004-09-21 A- A- A- B A A-
Dooley O'Toole's 2004-11-23 B+ A- A A A A-
106 St. Grill 2004-12-21 B A- B B- A B+
Houlihan's 2005-01-25 B A- A A A A-
L A Cafe 2005-02-22 A A A A A A
Gisela's Kaffeekr�nzchen 2005-04-20 B+ A- B+ A A B+
Arby's Restaurant 2005-05-17 B B B B A- A-
Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery 2005-09-26 B+ B A A- A A-
Scholars Inn Bakehouse 2005-12-07 C- B B+ A A B
Rock Bottom 2006-01-10 A- A- A A A A

Gatsby's Bar and Grill : This was my first time. The Reuben tasted good. I used three napkins (a good thing). The onion rings were excellent.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : Great tasting bread with a little sweet twang to it. Good beef and kraut. Good and messy and held together well. It was a busy place so it must be good.

Champps Americana : Good sandwich. Excellent sauerkraut. A little light on the dressing, but management responded with all the dressing we could eat. Excellent onion rings.

McAlister's Deli : Good bread with great texture made a very durable sandwich. The corned beef was a bit bland but it was good quality meat, thinly sliced and lots of it. I needed to add mustard to spice it up. The cole slaw and lemonade were great. The outdoor patio and pleasant weather provided a great atmosphere.

Friendly Tavern : Well, This was one of the BEST sandwiches I've had...and a pretty darn good Reuben too. The meat was succulent and full of flavor. The bread was obviously grilled to perfection in a slab of butter. There was a bit of kraut, cheese and dressing too. I found myself repeatedly poking the meat back into the sandwich (a generous portion of meat). I've been involved with Reuben Tuesdays for 7 months now. This was the first sandwich I did not add salt, pepper, mustard or dressing to (even though it was provided on the side). I had the fries as a side-dish, and they were so fresh they were too hot to eat until I finished both halves of the sandwich. The atmosphere was good and as expected from the Friendly Tavern (a BUSY lunch crowd and noisy. And with all the patrons inside, it was a bit hard for the air conditioner to stay cool in our back corner). None of that is bad, it is what makes the Friendly, a friendly place to eat. This was GOOD. PS: I've been coming here for many Saturdays for 4 years to order a Reuben for lunch. Not-too-bad.

Sunrise Cafe : Great atmosphere and service. Super quick food preparation and delivery to the table. Nice looking sandwich and fries. Good textured bread with a strong rye flavor. Good portion of meat, kraut and cheese. The Thousand Island was on the side.

East Coast Grinders : This was a tasty sandwich put together on a deli roll which held up very well for easy eating. I ordered the "whole" sized sandwich, which turned out to be about twice as big as the half sandwich. Plenty of tasty corned beef smothered in a 1000 Island type sauce and some Swiss and American cheese and tangy sauerkraut made this a sandwich hard to put down. PS: As leaving East Coast Grinders I noticed their cooler. There was an entire raw corn beef brisket in there. No wonder the meat tasted so good. No lunch meat here.

Dooley O'Toole's : This was a good sandwich, delivered in pretty good time. The Reuben had a bit of a "sweet" taste, which after much dissection, I attribute to saut�ing the sauerkraut. It was good, I ate the whole thing and was very satisfied. I had the plain fries from the many selections of sides. They were plain, but fresh and hot. I only had one napkin, but the bread was firm enough that I got by with that. The service was very good for a pretty large crowd and the atmosphere was very nice, quiet, well decorated and lots of room. A good place to hang out. Great treats as you walk out the door (Andes mints, etc). I'll come back.

106 St. Grill : Being one of the first ones here, the hostess was very accommodating. I've been here before, and this is a busy place. They arranged the tables and got our beverage orders immediately. It's a sports bar atmosphere, so it is a bit smoky and noisy. As the rest of the crew arrived, the waitress collected the orders and wasn't fazed a bit that we all ordered Reubens. My order came up quickly, toasty hot, and was put together nicely. The entire sandwich was grilled and piping hot. The bread was good, Swiss cheese was melted into the bread, the sauerkraut was tangy, the meat was sort of a lunch meat affair, but it was grilled up, and tasted ok. Dressing was on the side and good. I ordered fries over the standard chips, and they were fresh and ok. Overall, it was a good lunch and kept me going the rest of the day.

Houlihan's : This was a good and satisfying sandwich in an A+ atmosphere. I ordered my Reuben with the onion straws (onion rings which are not round). I was hungry, and it seemed to get here quickly enough. The sandwich was very well put together and tasty. The corned beef was thin cut lunchmeat rather than sliced corned beef, but it was piled high and folded up neatly in the bread. The onion straws were very good and not too greasy. Once we got to the table, the service was attentive and good.

L A Cafe : L A Cafe is one of my favorite "out-of-the-way" places to eat. The food is almost always beyond expectations leading to a good experience. Upon arriving, we were set up quickly, and served our beverages. The atmosphere is unique and there is always something new to look at. After our orders were taken the food arrived in reasonable time (this is not a "fast food" place, but it comes up quick enough). The Reubens were presented sliced on the bias (as discussed at the table, this would be called a "compound miter cut" in woodworking terms). The presentation showed-off the contents of the sandwich. It was chock full of thinly sliced corn beef (lunch meat style...urghh), sauerkraut (the best tasting I've had), cheese, etc. The bread was a showy marble rye grilled to perfection. The bread held up well while eating. My sandwich basically tasted perfect and very satisfying. I ordered onion rings as a side, and most of them were great, a few got a little over cooked, but I cleaned my plate anyway. The service was attentive and included a visit from the manager (as is normal here and appreciated).

Gisela's Kaffeekr�nzchen : I got there a bit early and the delightful waitress patiently educated me about various German beverages. This is a German restaurant in an authentic "old style" atmosphere. As the rest of the group gathered, it became apparent that a bunch of grilled sandwiches would be a struggle for their kitchen. But the cook got the Reubens out in good time, and I compliment them for their effort. The sandwich was well above average, very satisfying, and hit the spot. The grilled bread was average, with some great corned beef, and sauerkraut. The sauce had a curious tang to it. The hot potato salad was awesome!!!!!!!!! All and all, it was a very relaxing eating experience in an authentic German restaurant atmosphere. I've been there before, and will return again.

Arby's Restaurant : This is Arby's. What can I say? But, you know what? It was a pretty darn good Reuben. My service was excellent with a great smile and prompt service. After the sandwich was unwrapped it looked really good, and tasted even better. I put a little Arby Sauce on it, and it was very tasteful and satisfying. The bread was a bit homogenous, but held up well. The internal ingredients seemed to work well. This may be the best thing on the menu. It's what I'll order next time at Arby's. FYI: the sandwich still had 27 grams of fat in it, which seems a bit high, but on target with the other premium sandwiches offered. Oh well, just don't eat too many of them a day.

Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery : Loughmiller's is a neat little downtown bar. The lunch food service was pretty quick with great service. The Reuben looked perfectly put together. The meat (real meat--not lunchmeat) was plentiful, but a bit over-grilled and dry on my sandwich. Otherwise it was very good.

Scholars Inn Bakehouse : The sandwich had all the basic stuff on it, and they were all of good quality. Mine was cold inside and all the flavors were just fighting each other for dominance. Unfortunately it wasn't that good tasting. I loved the decor, high quality menu and service.

Rock Bottom : This was a good sandwich! Everything about it worked good. The meat was thinly sliced lunchmeat style, but tasted good anyway. The coleslaw was special with the little bits of apple in it--super good. I had a cup of chili on the side, and it was great. Amy, our waitress did a great job with our orders and service. Nice place for lunch, or just to kick back for a while.