Restaurant Date
Schlotzsky's Deli 2003-10-28 B- B B+ B+ A B+
Deli Jack's 2004-01-29 C- D+ A- C- C+ C
Houlihan's 2005-01-25 C+ C+ A A- A B-
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 A- B A- A+ A A-

Schlotzsky's Deli : Creamy, with a good blend of Swiss and sauerkraut. The caraway balances the sweet dressing taste. I thought it would have tasted good with some mustard on it. The sandwich was a little too fatty and sweet in taste for me. The bread was yummy, although not typical German Rye bread. The restaurant was clean, and my first Reuben rating experience was definitely fun!

Deli Jack's : The atmosphere and the service felt loud and rushed, altough I received my order rather quickly, being one of the first guests at 11:15am. The sandwich and drink were over $8.50, which thought to be high for this type of establishment. They did have a lot of good Reuben meat on there, though. It was thinly sliced, non-greasy and non-grizzled lunch meat. Loved the meat, but the rest of the Reuben was bland. The seemingly homemade Thousand Island dressing which came on the side was bland and too sweet for my taste. The Swiss was quite mild. The sandwich was lukewarm by the time I got it to the table and the cheese had hardened. The bread wasn't special and not toasted very well, the sauerkraut was mild. I had to add their cheap mustard for some tang. The good things were the meat and the friends, otherwise I do not recommend this establishment if you are a Reuben connoisseur.

Houlihan's : The meat was wonderful, not too much gristle or fat. The sauerkraut had caraway seeds in it, which was quite complementary. However, the sauerkraut tasted sweet, as if fried with the Thousand Island sauce, since it didn't have its regular consistency. The sandwich actually was a little on the dry side. I tried to compensate for that by adding mustard, which didn't quite satisfy. The pickle tasted like chlorine or some kind of cleaning solution - the first time I couldn't eat the pickle. I did like the side dish selection. I had green beans with my sandwich, a peculiarly healthy choice, I know, but especially delicious because of the savory sauce. The green beans was the favorite part of the meal. I have to say that I still felt hungry after that plate, I wish there was a little more.

Dawson's on Main : Loved the atmosphere, very classy. I loved the meat, only a slight fat trim that easily came off--it wasn't marbled with fat. It seemed like not quite enough, but then I'm pregnant. The cheese seemed more like provolone than Swiss--it tasted good but I prefer a stronger Swiss flavor. I would have liked more meat (only two slices), and more sauerkraut. I loved that the sandwich was warm throughout.