Restaurant Date
SunShinE Cafe' 2003-02-11 A- A- C+ B+ A- B+
Penn Station 2003-02-25 B B B C+ B B
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 A B B+ C+ B B+
Mr. Gyro's 2003-03-25 B B B B B B
McGilvery's Pub and Eatery 2003-06-10 B B- B C+ B+ B
Trafford Pub and Eatery 2003-06-24 A A- A- A A A
Eagle Creek Coffee Company 2006-11-16
Propylaeum Tea Room 2008-01-29

SunShinE Cafe' : The atmosphere was pretty good; it was not very busy, and had a homey kind of feel. The Reuben was very good overall, with a few critiques: 1) it was a thin sandwich; 2) the corned beef was good--however I had to trim the fat off of a few pieces which caused me to deduct from the presentation score; 3) the bread was just a little too soggy--but not too bad.

Penn Station : A lot of bread, a lot of kraut, but the lack of meat makes me want to shout "Where's the beef?", corned beef, that is. It was a pretty good sandwich overall; except for the paltry/wimpy portion of corned beef. I imagine that the bulk/cost ratio will be low for this one.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : Overall, this was an excellent Reuben. Very good corned beef, and I enjoyed the generous amount of kraut and sauce. I think we were too large of a group for Reggie's to handle during the peak lunch time hour--we had 17 people all come at once. To their credit, they proactively wrote our orders down on a ticket in advance; however since they had a single ordering queue, it did not help much. This hurt their service score. They were definitely friendly and courteous. I like the small atmosphere of Reggie's; however, it was not optimal that I had to stand outside for about 10 minutes due to the large crowd. Overall, Reggie's is always good! Excellent taste and good portions.

Mr. Gyro's : Overall, this was an acceptable but not spectacular Reuben. They could benefit from some coaching on how to properly drain the Kraut before placing on the sandwich. My sandwich had an unattractive "sogginess".

McGilvery's Pub and Eatery : Overall this was a pretty good Reuben-seeking experience. The sandwich was good, but not great. The corned beef was kind of tough and the portions were not very large. The french fries were good and this accentuated the overall dining experience.

Trafford Pub and Eatery : Good Reuben. The rye bread was toasted well and the Swiss cheese was good. Overall, it was a very good lunch. I would eat here again.

Propylaeum Tea Room :