Restaurant Date
Penn Station 2003-02-25 B B C C B B
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 A D C C C C+
Mr. Gyro's 2003-03-25 B B C C C C+
Union Jack Pub 2003-04-08 C D C D C C-
Trafford Pub and Eatery 2003-06-24 B C A A C B
MCL Cafeteria & Deli 2003-07-08 B C B B B B
Indy's Family Restaurant 2004-05-11 B+ B- B- C+ B- B-

Penn Station : This was not a true Reuben. It was not served on rye bread, although the toasted french-like bread was acceptable in lieu of the "real thing". The corned beef was a bit mild for my taste. However, the service was quick and efficient, a tribute to mass production line Americana. The high ceilings tended to make the area much too loud. I preferred the grilled sauerkraut as it was not "drippy" and cold. There was no smoking area, a plus to some, an inconsiderate inconvenience to me. This cost me extra time which is what a "fast food" service is attempting to save, thus defeating the point of patronage. Would I return? Yes, but most likely only for carry-out.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : The actual sandwich makes all the other negatives worth it. The location is small and cramped. Although billed as dark rye, I suspect the bread was actually pumpernickel. Consistency between sandwiches seemed to be a problem with some having large quantities of meat and/or cheese, while others did not. I find their prices extremely high for the portions received.

Mr. Gyro's : Wow! A decent Reuben at a Gyro place.

Union Jack Pub : 70s music?!?!... and I would stick with the pizza.

Indy's Family Restaurant : Nice amount of cheese. Kraut was not overly piled but the meat had a strange texture. The fries were mediocre. Airport prices with airline portions.