Restaurant Date
Penn Station 2003-02-25 B+ B B C B B
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 A B+ B+ B B B+
Mr. Gyro's 2003-03-25 B B B C C B-
Aramark Food Service 2003-03-26
Union Jack Pub 2003-04-08 C C C C- C- C-
Max & Erma's 2003-04-29 B C B+ A A B+
Kelly's Pub Too 2003-05-13 B- A A A A+ A
Shapiro's Delicatessen 2003-05-27 A C+ B B A B+
McGilvery's Pub and Eatery 2003-06-10 C- B- B B B B-
Trafford Pub and Eatery 2003-06-24 B+ A B A C+ B
MCL Cafeteria & Deli 2003-07-08 A A+ B+ A B A
Airport Deli 2003-07-22 C B A C+ A+ B
Perkins Family Restaurant 2003-08-19 B A A A B- A-
Appleby's 2003-09-02 A- C+ A B A B+
Mike's Speedway Lounge 2003-09-16 A- A+ B C A+ A-
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2003-09-30 B- B+ B C- B B-
Schlotzsky's Deli 2003-10-28 A+ B B A A+ A
Arni's 2003-11-11 C C+ B B A B
Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort 2003-11-25 A- B A A+ B A-
Jersey Mike's Subs 2003-12-09 B- B C- C A B-
Paragon Restaurant 2004-01-13 B- A+ B+ B A B+
Deli Jack's 2004-01-29 D+ C- C D C- C-
Apple Tree Restaurant 2004-02-10 C- A- C+ C C+ C+
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2004-02-24 B B A A A+ A-
Bench Warmers Sports Bar 2004-03-09 A+ C+ B A+ C B
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2004-03-19 A+ D+ B C B+ B
Mister Robert's Restaurant 2004-04-13 A+ B+ A A A A
Indy's Family Restaurant 2004-05-11 A- A- A- B- A A-
Elegance Restaurant 2004-07-06 D- C- B C+ B C-
Silks & Sulkies 2004-07-30 A B- B+ A+ C B
Green Street Pub & Eatery 2004-08-10 A B B- A- C- B
East Coast Grinders 2004-09-21 D C+ B- D C C-
Waffle House 2004-10-12 C C+ B D C+ C
McAlister's Deli 2004-11-09 A- B+ B A A+ A
Big Apple Bagels 2004-12-07 A- B+ B C A B+
106 St. Grill 2004-12-21 C B- A- B+ A C+
Kazablanka Grill & Bar 2005-01-04 B- B B C B B-
L A Cafe 2005-02-22 A A A A+ A+ A
Sweet Home Chicago 2005-04-05 A+ B+ B- B B+ A-
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 2005-05-03 A- A B+ A A+ A
Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery 2005-09-26 B B- C+ A B B
Joe's Shelby Street Diner 2005-11-01 C- A B+ B- A+ B-
Scholars Inn Bakehouse 2005-12-07 C C- B- B B+ C+
Rock Bottom 2006-01-10 A+ B+ A A B A
Culver's Restaurant 2006-03-14 B+ B+ B A- A A-
Brickers Pub 2006-06-20 C B C+ C B C
Slaviansky Bazar 2007-01-23 C+ B- C C C- C
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 C+ B B- A B B-
Tie Dye Grill 2007-12-11 A+ A B B B+ A
Grindstone Charley's 2008-02-26 B B B- B+ B B
Broad Ripple Tavern 2009-07-21 A- A- B+ A A A

Penn Station : First off, we may need to debate whether or not Penn Station actually serves a Reuben. A Reuben purist would say "no". A Reuben should be served on rye bread. Penn Station does not offer this sandwich staple, thus uses their stock baguette. However the sandwich did have a good flavor. The fact that they grill the sauerkraut keeps the white bread from becoming soggy. The quality of the meat was good, however the amount was not. I ordered a medium, the bread was obviously larger than a small however the amount of meat seemed to be the same as a small (which is not much). The upside of eating here is the fries and lemonade, the best in the business. As you can see, the lowest grade was given to atmosphere. This is due to the noise level--too much concrete just bounces the sound around.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : Good Reuben, the meat was tender and plentiful. The only down side was that it had too much dressing (needed 4 napkins). I will return.

Mr. Gyro's : Better than excpected. It's a gyro place, after all.

Aramark Food Service : Ok, I'm eating at the company cafeteria. People who work at a company large enough to contain a food services department generally only eat at work when the weather is so bad that they fear going out. This is at least my take on corporate fare. However this was not a bad Reuben. Plenty of meat, sauce, kraut & cheese on toasted marbled rye. The sauce was unusually creamy and flavorful. It overpowered the kraut. In this sandwich the kraut existed more for texture rather than flavor. But all in all a good sandwich. The next time we are snowed in I hope the cafeteria is serving Reubens.

Union Jack Pub : Being that most places don't expect a dozen people to order Reuben sandwiches at the same time, I tend to cut the staff a break concerning speed. But over a half hour wait is a bit much. Once the Reuben was received, I was a bit disappointed. It was the most uneven sandwich I had ever had. All the sauce was on the upper left corner, the meat--lower right, and the cheese just across the top. If I could bite all four sides at once it may have been quite good. P.S., the 70s disco music that they were playing sucks.

Max & Erma's : The meat was very good. The sauerkraut, however, was too mild--it was more like plain cabbage.

Kelly's Pub Too : Best service thus far. If you like grilled cheese sandwiches, you will like this Reuben. Mine was mostly cheese and light on the meat, but for the price that is expected.

Shapiro's Delicatessen : I needed to un-hinge my jaw to bite into this Reuben. This was the biggest and best-tasting Reuben I have had; however, at $8.50 a sandwich it better be.

McGilvery's Pub and Eatery : The meat was not very good, it was the processed and pressed "lunchmeat" style. The kraut was good, the bread was overbuttered. I would not come back here.

Trafford Pub and Eatery : Nice place, each TV tuned to a different station. I had to ask for napkins since the only one given to me was with my drink. The bread was the best part of the sandwich.

MCL Cafeteria & Deli : I generally do not care for cafeterias; however, this is the nicest cafeteria I have ever been in. The decor was soothing and the surfaces muffled the noise well. The Reuben was very good. The meat was tender and flavorful, the bread was fresh cut deli style, the kraut and cheese were well-balanced. Just be aware of the gray-hairs in the parking lot.

Airport Deli : Way too much kraut. The kraut should not be a primary ingredient but rather for taste and added texture. The amount of kraut also made it a very soggy sandwich. However, the service is first-rate, although the atmosphere is lacking.

Perkins Family Restaurant : The flavor was good. The meat was not as tender as it should have been. THe fries and pickle were first rate. The dining area was also clean.

Appleby's : Ahh! Now that is kraut! Not that glorified cabbage some places serve, this is the real stuff. This was a good Reuben. It would have been the best if it had twice the meat. All of the ingredients were "top shelf". It simply lacked a generous amount of meat. This is why the value score was a bit low. The atmosphere took a hit due to the room temperature. It was meat locker-cold in the dining area.

Mike's Speedway Lounge : "Don't judge a book by its cover". That is what I will take away from this dining experence. The place looks seedy inside and especialy out, but the service was first rate and the Reuben was great. The meat was some of the best we have had. The kraut was ordinary, but the price was on par with our employer subsidized cafeteria here at work. This is the place to go if you are near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : This was a Reuben for those who dislike Reubens. What I mean by that is this was simply a grilled sandwich. The kraut was tasteless, as was the Swiss. The 1000 Island dressing was bland to the point that it merely served as a lubricant to aid in swallowing. The sandwich did come with some tasty chips. I scored the atmosphere low due to inadequate separation between smoking and non-smoking sections.

Schlotzsky's Deli : The longest wait was for placing the order. No sooner do you fill your drink cup and find a place to sit, then they call your order up. This was a real great Reuben. The dark bread was excellent (kind of a flat bun). The meat was some of the best we have had and the kraut had a kick. There was some unidentified white spread on the bottom slice of bread. It looked like mayo, but could not taste it for the primary ingredents. I purchased a pickle. I would advise against it, it was not very good. Tasted like it had not been in the brine long enough (flavorful skin but cucumber inside).

Arni's : Wow, this place is popular. It was very crowded. Nice decor with bicycles hanging from the ceiling (many of higher quality than the one in my garage). The Reuben was served open face--I am not a big fan of open face sandwiches. If I order a sandwich I don't want to have to use a knife and fork. However that was only one of the problems with this sandwich. It had very poor balance. The bread and the cheese were all that I tasted. I'm not saying that the meat and the kraut were not plentiful, they were simply overpowered. The bread was very good and so was the flavor of the Swiss; they were both very hearty. The corned beef and kraut were simply too mild in this sandwich. Taking into consideration the crowd of people in the restaurant, our waiter was first class, efficient and attentive. So don't be put off by the crowd, they seem to be able to handle it.

Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort : OK, the Reuben was a bit small. It could be considered an appetizer Reuben. It was tasty but needed more of everything. On the bright side you have room left to order a dessert if you choose. The sandwich came with one of the best pickle spears I have had. Very nice. I also ordered the onion rings. Those were good, they were as hefty as the Reuben was small. This is a place you come for the atmosphere. The dining area looks out onto the golf course on two sides of the room. It was very pleasant to look out upon the landscaping.

Jersey Mike's Subs : I have been here before for their common cold subs and did not care for them. I considered it a poor man's Subway. So I did not show up with very high expectations. I was surprised. The sandwich was not that bad. The bread they use does not stand up to the kraut or dressing but this sanwich was not half bad. So if your friends drag you to this place you MUST order the reuben. It's the only thing edible served here.

Paragon Restaurant : You will not leave this place hungry. The Reuben was only slightly above average but the value was very high. Rolls, soup, fries, cola, and sandwich all for $6 simply can not be beat. I would say that $7.80 would have still been a fair price for my meal. I don't reccomend the Reuben (too much kraut and the sauce was rather sweet without the needed tang), or the Gyro (tried this on my last visit and made a trip to hospital for an allergic reaction--not fun) but I do recommend this place. Generally good food at a great price.

Deli Jack's : This is an assembly line style sandwich shop. However this was not a line based on Henry Ford's model. This one was the picture of inefficiency. They were quick to take orders and money but it all sort of bogged down after that. The decor was done in the "We don't care what the place looks like, just eat and get out" style. The sandwich itself was not good either. It had no thousand island on it!! That's like ordering spaghetti and meatballs and not getting any meatballs. One of the other guys in the group went up to ask for some and they sent him back with cups with what seemed to be tartar sauce. Did I mention that the kraut was raw? It was actually cooler than room temperature. I hear that the same guy that owns this place owns the Sushi restaurant a few doors down. If this is how he treats a sandwich I don't want to even see how he does sushi. Scary!!

Apple Tree Restaurant : Apple Tree would seem to be owned by the same people that run Paragon. However one could say that the Paragon is serviced by their varsity squad while this establishment is worked by the B-team. They forgot to put the sauce on the Reuben, and did not refill my drink until we were about to leave. These were all things that would not have happened at the Paragon. The only reason this rates as high as it does is due to the quality of the corned beef and the great price. However you get the same beef and price at the Paragon but without all the chaos of Apple Tree.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : Galahad's now has new management. With the new management comes new ideas and that is reflected in the food and atmosphere. First, I love a place that provides pre-food food! At a Mexican place you can count on corn chips, rolls at a traditional American resturant, but Galahad's has them both beat. They had a snack bar set up on one table with chips/salsa, crackers/cheeseball and my favorite, in-the-shell peanuts. I don't know if this is an everyday thing or just on Tuesdays or what, but it is a very nice touch. The atmosphere is quite improved. It was not as smoky as before and the lighting was dark but warm. Now this was not the best Reuben we have had, but it is better than before. The kraut was grilled and had a nice bite to it. The Swiss cheese was much more potent than before. It was well suited for use in a Reuben. The sauce was average, neither added or detracted to taste. The corned beef is a bit of a different story. It was rather tough. However it came by this toughness honestly--I inspected the meat closely and realized that this was some of the leanest corned beef that we have ever been served. Truly a high quality cut, but perhaps a bit too high end for this use. A bit of fat is needed to keep a meat you intend to grill tender. Meat this lean is perfect for the crock-pot. If you are one of those Atkins people who need protien with limited fat you should consider the Reuben here and just throw away the bread (carbs). I must applaud the new management for keeping the best attribute from the old establishment, which was the chips. Forget the fries, the onion rings or whatever. The default potato chips are the way to go. The service could not be beat. It was spot on, nothing could be improved. Is service always this good or was it just for us? They knew who we were and that they were being rated. I for one am going to take a Christian attitude and believe that you can expect the sevice to be very good. Quite improved over the last time.

Bench Warmers Sports Bar : This sandwich was made by a truly gifted sandwich engineer. The Reuben was built bottom up as follows: bread, corned beef, kraut, corned beef, swiss, dressing and bread. This is precisely how a Reuben should be built. The only down side to this sandwich was its size. This was another one of those appetizer Reubens. You do get fries with it (they are very good), a pickle, some lettuce and a tomato slice. But it still lacks for the price. The cost may be relational to its location adjacent to the airport. All in all not bad.

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : This is a very good Reuben. If a good tasting Reuben is all you care about, this is the place. However this place is a hole, and a small one at that. The dining area is completely inadequate. Not even big enough for Christmas dinner with my family. The price is way too high. $9.00 for sandwich small bag of chips, pickle spear and a soda is too much. I know the money is not going into overhead, so why so much? But like I said it is one of the best tasting Reubens around.

Mister Robert's Restaurant : Yummyrific is the best way to describe this Reuben. The corned beef was the best I have ever had. The bread was thin but since cheese was placed on both ends it did not get soggy. The only drawback to this sandwich is that you will want more, but as good as it was I think you will be left with that feeling regardless of its size. For the choice of side I took the onion rings. They were great, some sort of beer and corn meal batter, very good. Service was good as was the atmostphere. This is the place to go for a Reuben in Avon.

Indy's Family Restaurant : Place looks like a rundown Denny's (inside and out). The food is however rather good. The one strange thing about this Reuben was the kraut. It seemed rather sweet rather than tangy. However it was very good. Price was right, actually very good considering how close it is to the airport.

Elegance Restaurant : The food was provided promptly. That is the only positive thing you will find in this review. First, this place is not elegant as its name would imply. It is not as trashy as, say Reggie's, but is not elegant either. The menu is possibly the most incomprehensible text I have ever attempted to decipher. You need to be John Nash to figure out if a side comes with the sandwich. As I mentioned earlier, the food is provided quickly. Drinks (the waiter forgot to give us straws) then rolls, moments later a wilted salad and soon after, the Reuben arrives. The Reuben is served on a plate with a leaf of lettuce a slice of tomato and a "pickle-like" vegetable. This sandwich was bad. First the bread was over-buttered to the point that it disintegrated after the second bite--forcing me to pick at the rest of it with a fork. The "Swiss cheese" was some sort of white Kraft singles type of cheese food. The kraut had carrot strips in it. Seriously, the sauerkraut had shredded carrots in it!! It is my belief that they may be using day old cole slaw as the kraut. Some diners experenced a burning sensation when they ate the sandwich. There was some sort of rust-colored powder that could have been cayenne pepper. Lord I hope it was cayenne, because any other explanation for why this sanwich caused a burning/tingling sensation will require a booster shot at the local clinic. That pickle-like thing was bad as well. It was nothing more than a shriveled cucumber. If brine can be "water" then maybe this was a pickle. With a name like "Elegance" one might fear that this could be a topless bar. You will wish it was! The food would likely have been better, and the staff more attentive.

Silks & Sulkies : I love the horse track, but like most sporting venues, the food is generally bad. I spent the evening eating and throwing money around on the 3rd floor "Silks & Sulkies" restaurant. It's a nice place "by reservation only" that you can watch the races and where charming young ladies come by and take your wager and also pay out if you're lucky. The Reuben is by far the best thing on the menu. Don't get me wrong. It is far from the best Reuben I have had, but for this place it's on top. The atmosphere was given an "A+" in part because I was winning. A place just feels right when young ladies are paying you. So come on out, eat a Reuben and place some bets.

Green Street Pub & Eatery : Real good Reuben. Nice salty corned beef and powerful kraut. Completely overpowered the cheese. However service is a bit of a miss. It took a very long time to get a check. It took so long that I ended up giving a huge tip simply because I did not wish to wait for change (could that have been their plan?).

East Coast Grinders : Ok so "Reuben" is not listed on the menu, but they do make them. But the really strange part is that krout and thousand island are not used in any of the items that are on the menu. I find that very odd. What type of establishment stocks ingredents for items that they do not place on the menu? Do other resturants do this as well? Can I go to a Chick Fillet and order a ham sandwich? They have nothing with ham on the menu but maybe that doesn't matter. This may open a whole new world of possibilitys for me. Perhaps this reuben was more than a reuben. It may very well be the fruit of a modern tree of knowlege. Can you imagine? I am sure to be cast out of our civilization for having partaken of this sandwich of knowlege. Menus no longer matter! I can order what I wish! Does this work at home as well? When my wife asks if I want green beans or corn with dinner can I say broccoli? I will see. However the sandwich of knowlege was not as tasty as it was enlightening. Sourdough bread is not good for a reuben. The krout was bland and the dressing too sweet. But I would say forcing down one bad sandwich to have the knowlege of the universe opened to you is a fair trade.

Waffle House : This is a place for smokers, and I'm not talking about gentlemen with pipes or power brokers with fine cigars. This is blue collar Camel or Lucky Strike territory here. The only difference between smoking and non here is that non has no ashtrays on the table. But all are forced to breathe the same stale cigarette air. The food was only average. It was the kind of meal that if sometime later on in the day you are asked what you had for lunch you may just not remember. They offer a Reuben Omelette which sounds interesting, but not interesting enough to get me back here.

McAlister's Deli : Very nice place, the menu has a staggering amount of choices. The sandwich is big and comes with at least half a bag of chips. I kid you not, there were probably 5 oz of chips on my plate.

Big Apple Bagels : I'm not a big fan of country music, so the atmosphere takes a hit. But the Reuben on a pumpernickel bagel was very good. The kraut was not grilled, so it was very wet, but a bagel can handle sogginess very well. I would come back again.

106 St. Grill : Very good sauce, bad meat. Maybe the relationship between the high quality sauce and low end meat is not coincidental. Where was the pickle? Is it not the law to provide a pickle spear with a sandwich meal? If not it should be. Not a bad place but not a good Reuben.

Kazablanka Grill & Bar : This place looks like it was decorated by a committee. It has so many clashing themes that it give me a headache. But the Reuben was OK. The beef was OK, the kraut was good, the cheese was too mild. The bread was not quite toasted enough to fight off the sog. The service was good, especially when you see that only one waitress is working.

L A Cafe : Great decor. Has the Harley black and orange look going for it. The added diamond plate accents give it just enough chrome to be perfect. Reuben was great--the onion rings were tops as well. Should have known it was going to be good food when we saw the cops and firemen walk in for lunch. If you are in this area you must eat here.

Sweet Home Chicago : Corned beef was the chipped style and very good. The bread was grilled with a very salty butter and the cheese seemed to be a stronge provalone. This was a very good sandwich. I never thought much about it but a Reuben should be a salty sandwich. And this is the first one I have had that actually was. Everything was well balenced. The only thing that was needed was a pickle spear. All sandwiches should be served with a pickle spear. That was one of the commandments on the tablet Moses dropped.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store : Have you ever noticed that a Cracker Barrel is always packed? It does not matter what day of the week or what time of year, the lot is full. Have you ever wondered why? I have. The food is good but I must ask myself "is it good enough to cause such a high volume of traffic?" I don't think so. So what is it that causes so many people to flock here? It is my belief that there is something that happens at a Cracker Barrel that I am not privy to. There must be a back room somewhere that houses the real attraction. One must know the secret handshake or word to gain access. A code that has been handed down through Templars or the Free Masons or maybe even the Shriners (I just can't trust a man in a little car that wears a fez). I want to know what it is. One of our regular reviewers is a law enforcement officer and investigator but he did not show up for this trip. He could have helped me find this inner sanctum. They must have gotten to him. What lengths won't they go to to keep me out of the inner circle!! You all must go to Cracker Barrel and order the Reuben. It was a good sandwich. However be warned that the pickle chips are of the sweet variety, perhaps if you are a member of their cult you get proper dill slices. I ordered the fries. Don't do that. Order the onion rings. Several at the table ordered the rings and they looked great and they got a ton of them. Oh my! Perhaps some members of my Reuben group are members of the Cracker Barrel "family". I did notice one of my friends was wearing a Free Masons ring and he knew to order the onion rings. They are everywhere. I must go now. I need more foil. My hat does not quite cover my ears.

Loughmiller's Pub & Eatery : Rather nice Reuben, but upon talking to the others I heard comments that made me think that they were inconsistent. Some noted too much sauce, others not enough, same goes for the kraut. Mine was just right. I heard one mention that the meat was a little dry. Well in my experience that is exactly what corned beef is supposed to be like. I thought the meat was of high quality and in abundance. However as a side I ordered the pasta salad. You should pass on that. It was very much like the pasta salad that is found at every "pitch-in" dinner you have ever attended. You know the one that sits untouched until you hear it was made by your boss's wife and then everyone tries to force down a spoonful. Service was a bit slow, it was in the 20 minute territory before we received the sandwiches. But all in all a nice place.

Joe's Shelby Street Diner : Kraut may now be an endangered species. I believe we had more sauerkraut on these sandwiches than one would expect on 10 Reubens. It was crazy. I believe it all stems from their desire to sell "Giant" sandwiches. Since kraut is the cheapest ingredient in a Reuben, that is where they go "big". Keep in mind this was not due to sloppy sandwich making. The guy manning the grill was truly a master. He was fast and all our sandwiches were uniform, this was not a construction flaw but rather one of design. They want this sandwich to crush under a mountan of kraut. I did not like this sandwich, but it was cheap.

Scholars Inn Bakehouse : This corner of Ripple was a furniture store that last time I was down here. Well now it is a lame bake shop. The Reuben was served cold. I just hate a cold Reuben. The only positive thing about this sandwich was the generous amount of meat. The meat was not that good but you were provided a lot of it. So does double bad make a good? I don't really think so. Pass this place by unless you simply want dessert.

Rock Bottom : I tend to avoid brew pubs for lunch durring the work week. It hurts my soul not to be able to order a pint with my meal. However the food here is good enough to overcome the pains. This was a real good Reuben. Plenty of meat with the kraut and cheese folded into the meat so the bread did not get sloppy. The meat, cheese and kraut all seemed to be of high quality. The only thing that could be improved is the sauce. It was on the weak side. I will be coming back here--next time I think I will have that pint.

Culver's Restaurant : Not for the lactose intolerant. I have never had so much cheese on a Reuben before. It's not a bad thing because I like cheese (probably more than I should). Just be warned each bite requires the melted cheese gobbling skills usually reserved for pizza slices. When I come back though I will try somthing else. I had never been to a Culver's before and was amazed by their expansive menu options. I very nearly committed the heresy of ordering their Walleye fish sandwich rather than the Reuben.

Brickers Pub : I hate living in the city. In the country you can take a toddler into a pub and let him play with the garnishes on the bar. But not in the city, too many liberals with their "but think of the children" mantra. So no kids in the Pub. However this place was very accommodating. Thay said we could all sit out on their "patio", which is pretty much the sidewalk with some tables and chairs scattered about. I would pass on this place. The Reuben was fatty and the sauce too sweet. Furthermore it did not come with a pickle spear. The only good thing I can say about the place is the service. The service was spot-on. Fast and friendly, too bad the girl had to serve this sub-par food.

Slaviansky Bazar : This is an authentic Russian deli so the one thing this sandwich had going for it was the sauce. This was by far the best sauce I have ever had on any of my countless Reubens. However the meat was not up to the level of the sauce. It tasted like some prepackaged sliced meat from Oscar Mayer. Not what I would have expected from a deli. They are also not really equipped to make sandwiches efficiently. It takes awhile to get a sandwich here. I would say pass this place up if you want a Reuben, but If you are in the market for "fish Jelly" or "pickled apples" this is your place (I kid you not, they were selling this stuff).

Dawson's on Main : Very nice decor. Very comfortable place. However I did not really like this sandwich. The meat seemed to be processed rather than true corned beef. The bread was a bit thin to contain the kraut juice. The cheese was without flavor and the dressing tasted an awful lot like what one gets in a BigMac. I might come here again but I will not get a Reuben. Come on, it did not even come with a pickle.

Tie Dye Grill : I hate hippies and the '60s in general, but I can look past the decor when the food is this good. Everything about this Reuben was top notch. It was piled high with very high quality meat and cheese. The only ding I can give this Reuben is the meat could be salted more. Corned beef should be salty.

Grindstone Charley's : It was a fair Reuben. There was nothing wrong with it, but at the same time there was nothing really right about it. I'm not sure what it was. I may need to eat another and ponder its flavors again.

Broad Ripple Tavern : Very nice staff, great place, good sandwich. Parking can be a problem.