Restaurant Date
Brooklyn Deli 2008-03-27 B+ B+ B B- C B
Sunbreak Cafe 2008-04-04 A+ A- A A A- A+
Performance Grill 2008-04-10 B+ C+ C+ B- B B-
Oh Ryan! Cafe 2008-04-17 A B+ A+ B C+ B+

Brooklyn Deli : Good proportion of ingredients. Corned beef had good flavor but too thinly sliced. Flavorful bread, but also too thinly sliced. 1000 came on the side, so we had to put it on ourselves.

Sunbreak Cafe : Excellent, thick fresh-baked marbled rye, toasted then steamed. Loaded with mounds of tender, thin-sliced corned beef. Sauerkraut is flavorful yet not overpowering. Order your sandwich at the counter and they make it right there. This is exactly the kind of place you would go for a Reuben. They even bus your table for you.

Performance Grill : Bread was OK, decent flavor, well toasted, but too thinly sliced. Corned beef had a great flavor and good quantity, but slightly overcooked. Swiss cheese was a little strong and the kraut was a little weak. 1000 was nice and tangy. Overall a decent Reuben.

Oh Ryan! Cafe : Great little restaurant, just the kind of place you would find a toasty Reuben. The service was a little underwhelming, though. Took quite a while to get our food and our beverage refills took much too long (only got one the whole time). Reuben was very good. Piled with flavorful corned beef, but not evenly distributed. Good bread, well toasted. Kraut was flavorful and not overpowering. Couldn't really taste the cheese. Used a good bit of tangy 1000.