Restaurant Date
Chicago Brauhaus 2007-02-24 D+ C+ C- B+ B+ C

Chicago Brauhaus : In search of a decent Reuben within Chicago's city limits, I was pleased to see a Reuben on the menu of this German establishment. Surely, an establishment reknowned for its European cuisine would challenge the dearth of decent Chicago Reubens! Only to be utterly disappointed! I was served an open sandwich, no dressing, no sauerkraut (in a German restaurant?!) with almost tastless and stringy pastrami smothered in melted Swiss (I asked, it was not corned beef). I opted for steamed veggies on the side--they were clearly the highlight--but no dill pickle. At $8.95, it's reasonable by Chicago standards, but still no bargain. Order the weinerschnitzel, those who did were happier than I. I'm certain a Reuben is to be found somewhere in this city. Against my doctor's advice I continue my quest, risking early death and gastronmic mediocrity. Before I die, however, I want to sink my teeth into a sandwich like the one I ate at Corky & Lennies in Cleveland many, many years ago.