Restaurant Date
Moon's Kitchen Cafe 2006-11-03 A B+ B A A A+
Arby's 2006-12-05 C B+ C C B B

Moon's Kitchen Cafe : I've known Moon's when it was a gun and tackle shop in the '70s. The diner was in the back. So, the atmosphere is familiar to me. I like that feel though--a hodge-podge of old movie posters, pictures and antiques. They have a gift shop in the front now. We went a little before the lunch hour rush, so we found a table immediately. Becca, our waitress (who was terrific!) brought our menus and we were served our Reubens in about thirteen minutes. The sandwiches came with a choice of soup, salad, crinkle-cut fries or hand-cut fries--nice selection! I had the hand-cut fries. Hey! I live in Idaho!... Obvious choice!! I have to tell you that I've eaten here many times, but the Reubens are so good that I've never ordered anything else... I've never been disappointed! Combine this with their delicious "World Famous" shakes and I think I would take a bullet for this place! The Reubens are the classic Reuben with a twist--the sandwich is a triple-decker with some roast turkey, that they roast in-house themselves. The menu calls it "Moon's Colossal Reuben", which is accurate. This sandwich is huge!!!! You won't leave hungry! So, if you are ever passing through Boise, Idaho and only eat at one place--GO TO MOON'S. The service is great! The people are great and the Reubens are outstanding!! You'll be glad you did!!

Arby's : I would've given an overall grade of "C" but the curly fries and the Jamocha shake raised it a grade. The marbled rye was not toasted, so the sandwich was a bit soggy. This also was available in a wrap instead of rye bread. The taste was average at best, but what do I expect from an Arby's. The service was fast, hence the name "fast food". I doubt if I will eat another.