Restaurant Date
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2003-03-11 A- B+ B+ B- A B+
Shapiro's Delicatessen 2003-05-27 A+ A A+ A A A+

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : Reggie's adds an interesting twist to the Reuben by serving it on Texas Toast and I rather enjoyed it. The corned beef was delicious, yet on the light side in quantity. The thousand island dressing was good yet not as tangy as I like. Now for the added benefit, Reggie's has some of the greatest pastries in town. This place is a close second to Long's Bakery. I had the cream chess pastry and it was out-of-this-world. If you're a dessert/breakfast pastry person, then Reggie's is a must-try.

Shapiro's Delicatessen : Now that was a Reuben! I have yet to find the quality of corned beef that Shapiro's uses anywhere in town. The proportions of corned beef to sauerkraut were just right, massive amounts of each. As is the norm at Shapiro's, everything but a pickle is extra. I opted for the German potato salad for a side. To tell you the truth, with the amount of meat provided, I really didn't need the side. Oh, Shapiro's desserts are to die for, though I passed this time around. Hands down the greatest Reuben in Indy.