Restaurant Date
Bourbon Street Distillery 2007-04-24 A A A A B B+
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 C+ B- B+ A- A- B
Broad Ripple Tavern 2009-07-21 B+ A A A A A-
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 C B B+ C C C

Dawson's on Main : When I got my sandwich, the bread was different, it was a marbled rye, but I didn't have as much marbling. The bread tasted fine. The sauerkraut overwhelmed the sandwich, and didn't seem to have enough liquid removed, so it made it a bit mushy. I can still taste the sauerkraut after 2 hours. For sides, I chose onion rings for my side, and compared to others that chose onion rings, I didn't get the same portion (to me they didn't taste homemade--my boyfriend said they were). I would go back, but I wouldn't get the Reuben.

Broad Ripple Tavern : The sandwich came with sliced pickles--no pickle spears :( The bread held up great! It needed more Thousand Island dressing. I thought the sauerkraut was a bit too sour at times. This would be a great place for friends to meet on a Friday. I would come back!

Marble's Cafe : The cafe is new; six tables--oops, seven--we moved one outside for the twelve people who showed up. The one guy seemed a bit frazzled by the 12 orders of Reubens, when he gave me my drink and told me we will "figure things out" after we eat. My sandwich was okay. Bit too much dressing and not enough corned beef. My one sandwich had all Swiss, my other half had both Swiss and American (I wonder where my original half went?). Fries were potato wedges, which were good. I had _low_ expectations for this place and I was mistaken. The sandwich was okay, better than expected.