Restaurant Date
Moon's Kitchen Cafe 2006-11-03 A B C B A B
Arby's 2006-12-05 C B C C C C

Moon's Kitchen Cafe : Let's start with the presentation, which was nothing out of the ordinary. So anything standard or normal I give a C, all other ratings, ether up or down, must be earned. The atmosphere was pleasant (B). As you enter, the front half of the building is a quaint little gift shop. Of course the term little is to refer to its comfortable atmosphere but not necessarily the size. In the back, the cafe is of '50s era style and decor. The service was excellent, no better way to describe it. The Reuben along with the usual ingredients had a layer of roasted turkey. We learned the turkey was roasted in house. Nothing on this sandwich tasted like prepackaged and delivered. The bread was of a normal square loaf of dark rye, but very fresh and grilled just right to enhance the flavor. The ingredients where layered in a manner to make the sandwich easy to manage and to merge all of the flavors in a way to earn an A. I had the home cut fries, from fresh Idaho potatoes, which seem to bring everything together for a well planned meal. I found the volume and flavor to be of good value at the price. My overall experience was above standard and I will go there again.

Arby's : The taste was OK, but nothing above average. The bread was marbled rye but not toasted or grilled, therefore making it a little on the soggy side. The overall experience was no more then normal for a fast food restaurant but it was doable for a fast in and out lunch.