Restaurant Date
The Ram 2008-05-14 B+ D+ B+ A A B
Broad Ripple Tavern 2009-07-21 A- A- B+ A A- A-
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 B+ B+ B+ A C B

The Ram : It had a good taste with a little kick, and my ratios were right on for my sandwich. The meat did have a little "pre-packaged" taste to it. The was a little overpriced.

Broad Ripple Tavern : Great atmosphere. I liked the fact that they open the garage door windows to give an outside feel. The sandwich was really good for the most part. I would come for it again.

Marble's Cafe : It was a tasty sandwich with Swiss and American cheese and three pieces of bread. Definitely an interesting configuration for a sandwich. I would definitely come back.