Restaurant Date
Schlotzsky's Deli 2003-10-28 A+ A- B+ B B B+
Arni's 2003-11-11 F+ C- B B B- C-
Deli Jack's 2004-01-29 B- B B B- B+ B
Galahad's Cafe and Spirits 2004-02-24 A A A B A A-
Reggie's Bakery & Catering 2004-03-19 A A A B B A-
Champps Americana 2004-03-30 A- C- B- A- C- B-
Brix - a Zionsville bistro 2004-04-27 A- B- B B B B
Kahn's Delicatessen 2004-05-25 A B+ B+ A- B+ A-
McAlister's Deli 2004-06-22 B+ A- B+ A- A- B+
Sunrise Cafe 2004-08-24 A A- A- B+ A A-
East Coast Grinders 2004-09-21 B- B B B- B B-

Schlotzsky's Deli : The sandwich was tangy with good flavor, but it needed pickles. A fun experience.

Arni's : The Reuben at Arnis' was a bland, tasteless mess. It had chopped TOMATOES on it! Which made it the type of food that you feed prisoners of war! I could not taste anything on the Reuben but the tomatoes. It was so bad that I swore off Reubens forever! Ok, it was not that bad but it was not good!

Deli Jack's : The service was friendly and fast but the Reuben was just adequate at best. The kraut was a little bland and had made the bread very moist.

Galahad's Cafe and Spirits : It was very tasty. The service staff was friendly and fast. The only bad things were the fries were just warm not hot, and smoke from the bar. But, a very tasty sandwich!

Reggie's Bakery & Catering : This was one of the better Reubens that I have ever had. The bread was great. The meat had good flavor and was tender. Just the right amount of sauerkraut and dressing. The only bad thing was the fries. They were COLD!!

Champps Americana : The experience was strangely disappointing. I loved the taste and texture of the Reuben even without the 1000 Island dressing that they forgot, but the bad parts outweighed the good parts. We had to wait. We waited 10 minutes to be seated. We waited 10 more minutes for the order to be taken. We waited 15 minutes or so for the waiter to bring the check. I waited on the side order of fries that they forgot. I waited on them to fix the check from where they charged me double from the menu price, for the fries that they forgot. With the spotty service and the low food to price ratio, this is not a place to go for lunch. Unless you like paying $14.00 for a sandwich that takes 2 hours. Could have used a pickle also.

Brix - a Zionsville bistro : This was a different experience. The restaurant was different and the potato salad was good but very different. As for the sandwich it also was very good, but it was not a Reuben. Unless it was a different type of Reuben!

Kahn's Delicatessen : I first thought that Kahn's was missing the boat by not toasting the bread. After I had eaten most of the sandwich I decided that toasting the bread (with the Russian dressing) would have subtracted from the overall sandwich. I really enjoyed the sandwich.

McAlister's Deli : There was nothing wrong with my sandwich, it's just that there was nothing great about it. Sitting out on the patio made it very hard to go back to work.

Sunrise Cafe : The Reuben was quite nice and the weirdest thing about it was that I could taste the cheese! All of the flavors blended together nicely yet you could still taste each item. My fries were just a little bit cooler then they should have been.

East Coast Grinders : Strange. More of a Grinder then a Reuben. Where's the rye??