"Reubens on the Road"

Planning to go somewhere to eat a Reuben sandwich? If so, be sure to print out one of our official "Reubens on the Road" review forms so that you can capture all of the relevant data that we need to post your review on the Reuben Realm web site. If you can get pictures of the establishment exterior and the sandwich itself, that would be a plus.

"Reubens on the Road" form: PDF formatWord format
Note: if printing the PDF document, do not select the "Fit to Page" option, otherwise the Reuben Ruler may not be correctly sized for sandwich measurement.

Reuben Tuesdays

Planning to participate in a "Reuben Tuesday" event or other organized Reuben-reviewing activity? Print out one of the official "Reuben Tuesday"review forms to submit to the event organizer.

"Reuben Tuesday" individual form: PDF formatWord format