Reuben Menu Description

Reuben ($15.29): Grilled corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island on grilled marble rye.

Included Side Items: Served with your choice of Northwest Fries, cottage cheese, or creamy coleslaw. Substitute sweet onion rings, a cup of soup or a Yellow Bowl Dinner Salad for an additional charge.

Reuben Sandwich Metadata

Presentation: The sandwich was served on a square ceramic plate with the sandwich cut diagonally and the two halves served back-to-back with a toothpick in each half of the sandwich, next to the side item. The sandwich was constructed with Swiss cheese lining each slice of bread, and Thousand Island dressing applied next to the cheese on both slices. In the middle, there were a number of slices of corned beef topped with sauerkraut.

Reuben Sandwich - Elmer's, Pocatello, ID

Delivery Time: 14 minutes

Dimensions: 770 cm³ (14 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm)

Bulk to Cost Ratio: 50 cm³/dollar

Review Date:



  • Overall: A+ (5/5)
  • Value: A (4.5/5)
  • Atmosphere: A (4.5/5)
  • Service: A+ (5/5)
  • Taste: A+ (5/5)
  • Presentation: A+ (5/5)

The photo of the Reuben in the menu at Elmer's looked awesome. When I ordered my Reuben, I told our server that I wanted mine to look just like the picture, and she assured me that it would. Our server was very nice and accommodating and was a real pleasure.

Elmer's was a cheerful restaurant and the interior reminded me of a Denny's or a Perkins restaurant.

Interior of Elmer's in Pocatello, Idaho.
Interior of Elmer's in Pocatello, Idaho.

When the Reuben arrived, it looked very nice on the plate. The ingredients all seemed to stretch edge-to-edge on the sandwich, and each of the ingredients was clearly visible in the center cut. I tried to count the layers of corned beef on the sandwich, and it reminded me of counting the rings on a tree trunk. I think I counted 12 slices of corned beef altogether. The corned beef was amazing and very tender.

I could also see the melted Swiss fused to the corned beef as it poked out of the edges of the sandwich. This was a good sign because often the Swiss can disappear in a Reuben so that it isn't seen or tasted.

The bread was a dark marbled rye that was grilled just right to give adequate structural support to the sandwich. The Thousand Island dressing was a little sweet, but complemented the sauerkraut. The sauerkraut had a few larger pieces in it and was not uniformly shredded. The sauerkraut itself didn't have a strong flavor.

Chris Rowland at Elmer's, Pocatello, ID

The sandwich all blended perfectly with a deep satisfying taste with just the right amount of messiness. This meant that I had to keep wiping my fingers and my mouth on a napkin as I worked my way thought the sandwich--excellent!

I had ordered the onion rings, and was not impressed. I asked the server whether they were battered instead of breaded, but they actually appeared to be breaded, so after a couple of them, I lost my taste for them.

The Reuben was absolutely delicious, and was a full centimeter taller (at 5 cm) than most Reubens that I have gotten from diner style restaurants, and the workmanship showed. I definitely recommend the Reuben at Elmer's, and apparently they have a number of additional locations throughout the northwest United States.